Grid game - Charlemagne of Holy Rome

Dec 15, 2005
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
A grid game - Charlemagne of Holy Rome

6000 BC - The beginning, where it all began.
1144 BC - City placement regrets
0192 BC - War games
0458 AD - Darkness falls
0689 AD - Of quests and departed enemies
0819 AD - Consolidation and settlement
1034 AD - Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war
1176 AD –Anatomy and Dissection of a Freeonch Empire
1323 AD - The dark ages
1407 AD - War gaming in the sand pit
1460 AD - Islam and its golden age
1559 AD - The sands of time.
1627 AD - Continental settlement
1727 AD - “So you wanna have a revolution...”
1771 AD - The growing unrest of the Holy Roman lands
Final report

Nb: Just a note, I've replayed the start to this game, I moved 1 tile west to settle on coast still, losing the river. OMF'nG WHAT a difference.
  1. I have had deer pop up on BFC of city, from an event.
  2. I've had a pasture built upon the horses twice, by industrious villager, once destroyed by termites.
  3. I've had a Herbs event, and had a healers hut built
  4. I received the poison arrows event.
  5. I still received the meteor event, that wiped out my horse PASTURE. :cry:, created hills.
  6. I moved the Tundra coastal city to the river, still on coast.
  7. My grid cities, in 1st ring, mostly have river by them (levies)
  8. I received no gold from huts, but a map and 2nd scout, lost both to auto explore. One tech.
  9. Still received the health event, now capped at 3 pop, all happy, :mad: is now gone.

    I'm going to just play this, in parallel, and see what else happens. No reporting, just for myself.
Further post on alternative game
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6000 BC The beginning, where it all began

I generated a random map, and random leader, on a ROM-continents script. I decided to settle in place, as it was Coastal (Not ideal in a grid game, but back to the sea), 2 sea food resources, 1 in cities 2nd expansion of FISH!!!, but coastal, so pirate pillaging. River for fresh water and hydro plants later, along with the levy.
Spoiler :

Protective and Imperialistic, means, defense and cheap settlers. Along with the Rathasus for 50% reduction in maintenance @ code of laws.

I choose to settle upon the spot

I plan to play this as a ‘use every tile’ game, with my cities set out in a grid based upon the starting position. The only change to this grid settlement, is coastal cities and the 2nd city from the coast, which may be varied along the horizontal axis to suit, but still must use every tile, so not so much lee way as you’d think

Also with the tech tree, I may only research on the vertical line, with tech from capture that are ~ 85% complete, may be also researched to completion.

Starting techs were Hunting and Ritualism, I choose to research 1st Weaving, for the protective 2:strength: slingers, then Stone tools, for the 3:strength: Javelineers. Both of which are resourceless units

Starting with a Warrior and a Scout. I explored slightly north with the warrior, finding tundra, sent him back to Aachen to garrison, the scout continued to explore, popping 4 huts for 628:gold: and a map. General Chilawin Cadield (Random name generation) of the 1st Army group, has already subdued a lion in his 1st battle, and mapped out 7 beginning city sites for the Holy Roman Empire.

Spoiler :

This will make for cramped coastal and 2nd out from the coast cities, but such is the fun of a ‘use every tile' game.

Aachen, production begins with a fire pit, for culture expansion, followed up with an elder council for :science:

So far @ 5420 BC, playing at Eternity speed, I’ve met Pacal of the Mayan’s and Ramesses II of the Egyptian tribes. Starting as Minors, I can’t interact with them.

Pacal smack’l :cringe: :spank:moved his scout into my city culture, I attacked with the 1st Squad, Alpha company of the Aachen regiment and WON a great victory
Spoiler :

The victorious squad was immediately given a unit citation, granting them a combat 1 promotion.

5340 BC

I now meet my 3rd fellow inhabitant of this continental domain, Napoleon of France.
Spoiler :
Wounded and healing upon a hill top. Hmm it would seem, upon further exploration, that the French captured a CAVE LION 3:strength: from a 2:strength: scout. Bon chance mon ami !!


Having finished my Elder council, I begin the Lascaux caves, to brighten up the decor of my settlement. Really, its only for the failure :gold:, as I have nothing else to build.

General Chilawin Cadield, is Victorious again, defeating a Cheetah while surveying the grounds of the Western coast, subduing the animal. I’ve paralleled the captured elephant South West, to try find the Egyptian home lands, but lost it 1 turn ago, so they must be slightly to the North West of my current position.

5140 BC

I just had something strange happen, I researched Weaving, for the slingers, and I immediately received stone tools as well. I didn’t pop a hut, and I had put NO RESEARCH into the technology. The only thing I can think of is tech diffusion, which I have active.

Any way, I played a few turns and found the Egyptian capital.
Spoiler :

They would seem to have Animal husbandry, as they have settled the captured Elephant, I’d seen previously. It was moving on a parallel diagonal course to me, South West, when I lost sight of it. Not a bad starting lot they have, no workers, 3 Archers, coastal and along a river.

4920 BC

General Chalawin Cadield, while scouting along the Northern arctic boundary, ran into a Polar bear, with the expected result of being made into a meal for the hungry animal. At least the Fishing tech has come in, I can build a fish trap for +1:food: Pearls were also discovered one tile to the North of the capital.


Ramesses II has build the Lascaux caves, hardly surprising that, with a settled Elephant tile of 5:food: and 3:hammers:, and immortal bonuses, I was only after failure gold. Kemetism has been founded in Thebes as well, that I must say is extremely apt in happening, may Osiris, plague this crops, and Set gathers all Egyptian troops to his bosom.

Nothing of great note has happened, Weaving, for Slingers, Story telling and Woodworking technology, for the palisade, have all come in. I’ve killed a French scout and a boar was also killed in an attempt to capture it. I have captured a lion and a Cheetah, so running above the odds, but they were with a scout.

One slinger has been built, as is on garrison duties, with my warrior, who has combat II through field promotions, and another in reserve, is garrisoned upon a forested hill, awaiting more prey.

I’ve decided not to butcher the captured Lion and Cheetah, in my capital, but to butcher them both in my 2nd city, to give it a boost. 12:hammers: and 6:food:, would be a nice boost to a starting city site.

4456 BC

My Warrior, on garrison duties, has to be promoted to Woodsman 1, as a barbarian Elephant has appeared on the next tile. With 50% tile defense, 25% fortify and 20% strength, he should win the battle.
Spoiler :

here’s hoping I can CAPTURE the Elephant, and then I can settle in the capitals BFC.

VICTORY!!! and I gained enough experience to promote to Woodsman II, 3 :hammers: and 5 :food: went to Aachen for the effort.


Animal husbandry technology is in, and I have HORSES :deadhorse:IN THE BFC!!!

Now I just have to hope for some industrious villagers to build a pasture for me. Size 2 is too small to build a 71 turn worker, I’ll wait till I reach my population cap. Best to build defense in Palisade and Slingers.

4348 BC

S.o.a.B.’ch, A METEOR STRIKE, happens right next to my Horses tile, in my BFC. What happens,
Spoiler :
My horses are wiped out, and a lake and hill are created, S.o.a.f’n.B.’ch

The random number gods give’th, the random number gods take’th away. The only good point, if there is one, Aachen, will now be a coastal production powerhouse. With 5 hills in its BFC, 1 Fish, a fresh water lake and 1 Pearl tile, it will struggle to produce the food required. Its the ole’ equation of :hammers: v’s :food:.

4318 BC

Slavery is in, I now change civics to;
Spoiler :

Removes the -33% for :science: and :gold: and +1 :food: from farms and :hammers: from mines. 12 turns of anarchy. I made an error, I should have waited for the palisade to be completed, 123/140 hammers, then changed civics. Shouldn’t be attacked this early, I hope.

4246 BC

Just as I come out of anarchy, with 5 turns to build the palisade, a barbarian javelineer appears out of the fog of war, and beelines my Aachen regiment, 1st Squad, 1st Company of warriors, fortified upon a wooded hill, with woodsman II. Victory, with only 5% damage to my warrior.

Hmm, @ size 3, my city has 1 unhappy, I now require to move the storytellers circle up to remove that demerit, and stagnate the city at size 3 now. I need sailing, in the 3rd column of techs, to gain +1 :) from pearls, but I need to research column 2 1st.

4144 BC

Prophets is researched, changing to that civic, doesn’t make sense, as I have no religion, why endure 8 turns of anarchy for no result. Another 6 years, another barbarian archer is destroyed, coming out from the Northern Arctic.

4084 BC

I’ve researched stargazing, and have now mapped out the technology research up to Bronze working for the Spear-men.
Spoiler :

With Stargazing, I could build a standing stone, but what for, I need scriptures to enable divine cult for the +2:), and by then I should have a religion anyway, which offsets the standing stone anyway.

3910 BC

Sure enough, a barbarian archer, 3 times declines to attack my combat II, woodsman II warrior on a wooded hill top, but moves around to attack the city across a river. They are soundly defeated by the 1st Defense of Aachen a (Slinger)
Spoiler :

3880 BC

Herbalism is in and I have OLIVES in the BFC, in the 1st ring no less.
Spoiler :
As I’m building my 2nd slinger, and have fully researched the 2nd column of techs, I move onto Archery, for better defense. I’ll build the 2nd slinger, and upgrade them both, I have sufficient gold on hand. Another 6 years, another barbarian archer is destroyed. A barbarian javelineer, bypasses my warrior, and attacks the city of Aachen. 1st Defense of Aachen defeats the barbarian, with back up of the warrior squad, moved back, just in case, as I don’t have the 2nd slinger as yet.

3778 BC

Archery technology has been researched. No longer do my stout defenders have to endure the slings and arrows of barbarians, they can now respond with arrows of righteousness themselves now. Both defending slingers are upgraded to archers. 23 turns for sailing, 23 turns for a carpenter to be built, lucks of fortune.

3526 BC

Health is the bedrock, upon which world domination is built
Spoiler :

For my troubles, I gain 2 unhappy for 160 turns, and lose 2 :food:, but build a work boat in 33, to offset that loss. I do gain +2:health: for the game though, a good trade off.

3508 BC

The citizens of Aachen, are agitating for a change in leadership, I choose to bribe them for 54 gold, as they were getting restless with revolution as well.
Spoiler :
I don’t want to lose the city to revolts, I just need to build, to gain +1 :), and offset most of the unrest.

3442 BC

I get the mercenaries event, the 2nd choice, pay 100 :gold: and have 2 TURNS OF HAPPINESS?? :) seems grossly UNDER POWERED. The other 2 are receive 2 warriors for 200 gold or do nothing. I do nothing, but move the warrior back to the city, as the 3 barbarian warriors are moving next to the warrior on way to city, why take a change that I get 3x piled and defeated. The 1st Defense of Aachen, take care of them all, with out getting so much as a bruise.

I’ve had to change the tech research, moving trade above bronze working, to gain the bead maker to utilize the pearls resource.

3262 BC

Another request to secede power to Charles Vth, I reject the offer this time. I’ve no time for the stupid AI messing up my city, with its incessant unit spamming. I made a mistake, I should have bribed them, as I now have +3 :mad:, up from +2:mad:

3166 BC

I received the mercenaries event again, choose to do nothing, and the 1st Defense of Aachen was able to gain experience to gain city garrison 3 promotion.

3040 BC

I have discovered trade, and I was the 1st one to do so, receiving a trade caravan.

I mulled over my city, with 2 population and only +1 happy, I decide to build a slave market for the 5 :hammers:, for +1:mad:. With the production going from 2 to 7, I’ll build a bead makers next, to offset the slave market, with +1 :) from pearls, and resume building a village hall to gain a further 3 :hammers:, for a production base of 10:hammer: in total. Happy cap, I’m limited as to growth, for the moment, so its all about the hammers economy. I have adopted slavery, so I should exploit it for all its worth.

2902 BC

Bronze working technology has been researched.
Spoiler :

The only bronze I have is in a 3rd ring of planned cities, ho hum. I’m more worried about building a bead maker, and getting my city back up to production and growth.


Priesthood is in,
Spoiler :
and I choose writing as the next tech, as it seems the cheapest, and I can build +3:science: schools of scribes, and adjust the science slider.

2500 BC

Writing technology has been achieved,
Spoiler :

now its onto Warfare for +1 :strength: to the archers and its the cheapest tech on offer as well. Build that +3 :science: school of scribes after the village hall is FINALLY FINISHED. I moved a 3rd archer above the school of scribes, really should have 4:strength: archers as base defense, without spears.

I FINALLY realize, after gaining writing, that I can raise the science slider, to 85%, to offset 2 :mad: about “No taxation, with out representation”, didn’t a :queen: lose a colony over a similar event?? But I’m a chief, and not a :queen:, so I’m ok.

Duh!! another revelation, I can build a work boat as quickly as a worker, and it’ll give me an instant +3 :food: from the fish. A worker has to develop its tiles, only to lose it to a locust plague, tornado or a meteor strike. I have to re-grow Aachen back to its full potential.

Double Duh!!, I’ve just realized I can make :c5faith:, AFTER a great mediator came forth and offered to make :c5faith: with France. I do the same for Egypt, but stay at war with Maya, as they are directly below me, and have built one city on a gird spot, on the coast no less.

2392 BC

Warfare is in,
Spoiler :
and I select Fermentation as the next tech, as its the cheapest. One error I’ve noticed, is that warfare says it allows drill 1, it should read, “Allows drill promotions”, being protective, I can gain drill II for my 2nd Defense of Aachen, who just defeated a barbarian horseman attacking the city. City garrison II is the promotion taken.

Next turn, both Napoleon
Spoiler :
and Ramesses come on by asking for an embassy. I agree, as Napoleon has Pacal as worst enemy, and Ramesses isn’t bothered by my small empire of one city. Napoleon and Ramesses are both located on the West coast of the continent, with Pacal directly below me.

Quite frankly, I’d rush over and kill me outright. I’ve crippled the city, by growing into 4 pop, when I had – 2 :mad:, then I rejected a request of the citizens, or make -3 :mad:, starving my city back to 2 population. I’ve only just removed all the unhappy citizens, built a work boat to work the fish for 7 :food:, and are only NOW beginning to grow my city, to its FULL POTENTIAL. I’ll need galley’s to guard the coastal sea tiles, then workers to build the mines and farms.

Only then, can I begin to spam out settling groups to found my cites I’ve planned. Thebes is size 7!!!! that’s the size I should really be by now, not 3, but 7!!!!

2308 BC

Fermentation is in
Spoiler :
I choose ship building as the next technology, as I need the galley for defense of my sea food tiles, and the light house wouldn’t go astray either. Fisherman’s hut is +1 :food:, and I have that queued to build as well.

2230 BC

Ship building is completed,
Spoiler :
and I choose to research Sculpture and Ethics as the next two technologies, completing the column and then moving onto Metal casting, for the Forge and axe-men units.

Ich ein bin dienst, “I am a service” Ich nein spretchen deutche, what ever, serve my needs my little proletariat of a worker.


Sculpture has been researched,
Spoiler :
onto Ethics. I’ve just built my 1st galley, to watch over my seafood resources, as I’m guarded to the south by Pacal’s cities, I only need to guard the northern passages.

2062 BC

Ethics is researched,
Spoiler :
nothing to recommend it as a tech, only that it completes that column of research, opening up Metal casting to be queued next.

I have 2 barbarian horsemen, who seem to be stuck in some attack logic loop, they keep moving 2 tiles SW, then move 2 NE, continuously. Ahh that’s why, Pacal is stuck in his own logic loop, of moving out 3 archers to counter the barbarians.

Metal casting is in, and the Classical age had begun
Spoiler :

Monarchy :queen: is chosen as the next technology, as it allows roads for +1 :hammers: on mines and 50% movement along the same said roads.

A forge only gives +1 :hammers:, doesn’t seem that much of a boon, not for the production cost at moment, I’d rather build up happiness and population in Aachen 1st.

1750 BC

Monarchy is in:queen:,
Spoiler :
and I decide to do a BIG civics switch of 3 at once.
Monarchy - for the no unhappy in the capital.
Charity – for the +1 health from a granary
Warlords – for the military production boost.

Going to change, make it a big one. I effectively got 3 single switches out of 2 singular switches of 8 turns each, for 16 turns of Anarchy. My three workers are busy building mines and roads now, so no matter. Oh yes, I got the Earthquake event, it wiped out my mine, my orchard and my Pearling boats as well. I f’n knew it would happen, but it didn’t destroy the cart paths linking up 2 of the resources.

1273 BC

Spoiler :
has been researched, 50% :hammers: more from chopping forests, and I can build siege, not that I’ll bother.

The next tech selected is Seafaring, for the 4:strength: War Galley. It would seem that the barbarian galley that pillaged my 2 sea tiles and destroyed my galley at 27%, spawned in the fog of war, off loading an Axe-man and an Archer, both of whom were dealt with by my 2nd Defense of Aachen with City garrison 2.

From 1243 BC to 1231 BC, I’ve managed to chop out a worker, and a settler. Total of 4 workers, 3 archers, and 1 warrior, with combat III, woodsman II, Guerrilla I and formation I promotions.

1210 BC

Its all happening this turn, I research Seafaring
Spoiler :

I settle my 2nd city, FINALLY!!!,
I select Alphabet as the next tech, for the spies, I must have one in each city.

I know see, upon reviewing the post, that if I'd settled 1 tile W, I'd still have been coastal, but picked up the river tile, that was a HUGE strategic mistake. I must settle coastal cities 1st, then the 2nd inland is a filler, the 3rd is a set grid position. I have lee way on the position of the 2nd city only.

I could have settled the coastal city right along the river, and gained more land tiles for it. That would crush the 2nd greatly, and the 3rd to some extent, but powerful coastal cities are a must.

The 2nd city, is a coastal city in the Arctic north, best of a bad lot. I don’t have metals, so can’t take out the barbarian city, or Pacal for that matter, without large troop losses. I’ll just have to build a few average cities to boost my production, and hope for an opportunity to strike.

Napoleon also just declared war upon Ramesses, so they are both occupied now. Pacal, has only 4 :strength: archers and resourceless Holkan’s (5:strength: spearmen), so taking him out won’t be fun.

1144 BC

Alphabet is in
Spoiler :

With this tech, I know build spies in my two cities, with the capital pushing out traders to help the second city of Prague.

Just to cap off the night, as soon as I built a woodcutter, for the 2nd city, it was destroyed by an earthquake, on the adjacent hill, The very turn it was completed no less.
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1144 BC – City placement regrets

I resume the game, I survey my planned city sites and the lands about. I decide to build a settling group of 3 Archers, 1 Javelineer and a settler for the 2nd ring of settlement that encompasses the copper resource.
Spoiler :

1108 BC

I’ve just popped Stone in my capitals BFC.
Spoiler :

Not as good as a metal, but +3:hammers: with a quarry, it will make an 8 production tile. I have moved my two workers groups of two workers each, back to the capital, to build a plantation upon the 2nd Olive tile. A barbarian mounted infantry was threatening the 2nd city, and I’ll use them to build the quarry next.

The Capital has FINALLY reached size 7, when I emphasised hammer production to produce the;
  1. Archery range – for extra promotions to Archers, x3
  2. Barracks – promotion to the Javelineers x 1
  3. Trade carts – rapid production of city infrastructure.
I’ve fought back from worse positions, not worried so much. Pacal seems to be non aggressive in the extreme. I’ve remained at war with him, yet I haven’t seen a single troopers come my way?? He’s willing to make peace as well. I’ll build the Copper city, build a cart path from it towards my 2nd city of Prague, and spam out Axe’s and Ballista's, to take a few cities down.

Something else of note, the Aztec rebels have just spawned from Pacal, immediately south of my capital city. It would seem this is why Pacal isn’t being aggressive towards me. Too much trouble at home with the populace. As Montezuma's a newly spawned leader, he’ll have a bigger army then me!!!!! AAAARRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!

I establish an embassy with him, he has an empire, the same size as me, 2 cities, but capital is only size 3.
Spoiler :

Within the capital is a Spear man with an attached great General, an archer and a javelineer along with a settler and two workers. It has both Potatoes, with a worker is building a farm upon the tile, and a sheep pasture, upon which industrious villagers built a pasture, not long ago.

1042 BC

I’ve traded with Montezuma, Seafaring for Scriptures that I was researching. This brings me into the next column of technologies, from which I select Calendar.
Spoiler :

937 BC

I decide to build the pyramids in my capital, not for the building, but for the failure gold attached. I have stone, double production = double :gold:. 35 Turns, I’d be lucky to make it to 20. I need more gold, as I’ve had to reduce the slider to compensate for losses, and that’s created an upset citizen in Prague.

Further, I’ve decided to build the city closest to Prague 1st, as copper won't help me that much, Montezuma has Jaguars all ready, I’ve seen one with Woodman's III promotion. He has 4 workers, same as me, Jaguars and a Balista. I won’t fight my way out any time soon. Best to build up the economy 1st, and hope I gain Iron with Iron working.

The only good thing, is Montezuma’s two cities, have both starved down to size 1 now. He did adopt a slew of civics, so can’t have much production coming out of them.

886 BC

Calendar is in, I choose Aesthetics as my next tech, as it allows Jewelry's, with Pearls, which I have in the capitals BFC. I’ve also chosen to grow Aachen, and lessen the production, I have Ramesses the wonder hog on my continent. I don’t expect to gain either the Pyramids or the Great Wall, both of which are boosted by stone.

My capital is only ½ the size of Ramesses capital, so bigger is better. A road is being constructed to the 3rd city site, as Prague starved down to population 1, with building a slave market. I have to rebuild that city with population, and happiness. I still haven’t received a religion as yet, it would seem Kemetism is the only one on offer. Napoleon has adopted it as well, even though both him and Ramesses were at war.

779 BC

S.o.a.B. I’ve built the PYRAMIDS next turn???
Spoiler :

Do I really want the building?? Free graveyard in every city for +1:), +1:culture: +1:health: expires at Education. Hang the failure gold, I’m taking the wonder, plus its great Engineer points, which I have started in capital with an engineer specialist.
Spoiler :

I was going to try to build a fort on the city tile, next to the copper resource in my 3rd ring, but I decided it was too much to walk archers through the tundra tiles, past a barbarian city to build a fort, while guarding the workers. Moving south, through the grasslands, I had to pass a mounted infantry unit, who has 50% v’s archers, and +25% on Grassland attacks, where I’d have been.

A great idea, but I can’t execute it at all. I’d then need to build the cart paths to link it up, through the tundra, just above the barbarian city as well. Too much, losing 30% per turn due to terrain damage, you have to play to the map and accept the situation.

I play with such features, as I like the challenge, and the required planning and strategy. I’m now building the Great Wall in Aachen, 36 turns. I didn’t think I’d get the Pyramids, so why not try for this as well??, keeps barbarians out of my lands.

739 BC

Aesthetics is in, and I choose Glass blowing as the next technology to research.

I can build Ishtar’s gate with stone bonus, if it seems I’m the only civ with stone, why not exploit that fact. I gain Great Merchant great people points, and contact with all other civ’s on this continent (ho hum), plus +2:gold: from walls/high walls.

640 BC

Double S.o.a.B. I’ve now built the Great Wall??? what gives.
Spoiler :

I’ve seen the Great Library go, the Colosseum, Theatre of Dionysus, all AFTER the I built the pyramids and now the Point du Gard this very turn. :dunno: more wonders for me, great spy points pollution in capital, but NO BARBARIAN INCURSIONS into my empire now.

628 BC

Glass blowing is in
Spoiler :

Next tech to be selected is Naval warfare, I gain Trireme's and that only leaves the one tech remaining in this column after that. Montezuma is just sitting so fat and juicy,

With size one city, a 5:strength: archer, a 4:strength: spear man and a 7:strength: jaguar as only defense, with a 6:strength: catapult, running between city and NE border. Trouble is I only have 4:strength: archers and 3:strength: Javelineer’s to attack with. My promoted warrior is only 2:strength:, and his 2nd city has walls around it too boot.

616 BC

I finally see Pacal smack’l :cringe: attack.
Spoiler :

One lone Mayan Holkan, sees fit to enter my lands, and attack a newly produced archer I place upon an adjacent mined hill. That is the sum total of my eternal war with Pacal.

472 BC

I FINALLY settle my 3rd city of Vienna.
Spoiler :

A marginal city in the tundra, along a river, with 1 grassland riverside tile. The only reason for this city, is that the only other grid city readily available, is in the icy northern section, with a whale in the 2nd ring, needing optics. Vienna, is just a stepping stone to reach the copper, with one fort built along the way there. Next turn Naval warfare is in
Spoiler :

Next is City planning to complete the column of technologies, then its onto IRON WORKING.

Doing a review of my cities, I’ve realised that I should have moved Prague 1W to settle upon the river and coast, along the grid line of settlement. This would have pushed my 3rd city, Vienna, 1 West to settle upon the marsh by the river. Granted I couldn’t settle it until I research Canals in a column, two away from my current column of research. BUT BOTH cities would have enabled a levy, for the production. I have to think long term, and not have a slew of marginal production cities, causing a financial drain upon my economy. We are all wise after the fact aren’t we.

415 BC

Pacal, would seem to have opened up borders with his rebel of Montezuma, and he’s sending an assault group my way.
Spoiler :

I notice this group in Montezuma’s lands, as I was pillaging 2 cottages I picked up with a border expansion into Uxmal’s lands. I used 2 of my defenders to pillage a cottage each. 1 Pikeman and 1 catapult is the sum total of his assault forces, against a city garrison 3, 2 and 1 defenders, with walls. Great wall for extra GG points as well.

382 BC

Nothing came of Pacal’s assault group, they just tried to pick of the lone warrior, garrisoned upon the wooded hill. I worked out, it wouldn’t survive a dual attack from a catapult and Pike. After I moved it away, the attacking group, swung north, then back into Montezuma’s lands and back home.

City planning is in
Spoiler :

The main benefit of this is the civic of public works

I decide to do a 3 civics switch, to;
  1. Raiders, for construction of horde, with currency tech.
  2. Divine cult, for the +2 from a standing stone.
  3. Public works, for +25% worker building, 25% improvement growth, 25% hammers and stability bonuses.
I wait 5 turns to complete the trader in the capital 1st, to help with Vienna’s walls, then switch civics.

16 turns of anarchy now,

360 BC

I enquire with Montezuma, about a trade deal for Naval warfare, he won’t agree, I ask, “what will make this deal work”, he adds Fish and Olives. I then decide to remove the olives, and ask, “what will you give me for this”, expecting only Iron working.
Spoiler :

The next tech I select is Construction, for the Igloo’s, Ice store house (for the 2 tundra cities), Paved roads and bridge building.

Did I pop Iron?,
Spoiler :
Yes I did, in the 3rd city of Vienna’s 1st ring, but under a Swamp/Marsh tile. The position of the city, if I had moved Prague 1 tile West, that still retained a sea port.

272 BC

I cancel the fish trade deal with Montezuma, and decide to check out Pacal, and see if he’ll make peace
Spoiler :

I picked up Code of Laws into the bargain as well, what a boon. I was deciding on researching that or construction, I went with construction in the end. As so ends the Mayan eternal war!!!

I decided to check out the barbarian city, and see if I can possibly take it out.
Spoiler :

It would seem, even the barbarian’s are better off in tech then I am.

238 BC

I’ve researched construction
Spoiler :

I’ve mapped out the rest of this column of research and the next tech in the following column, of

This will allow the building of the Iron mine in Vienna’s 1st ring. I’ll finally have Iron, and will build swords/Balista’s to take out that Barbarian city, and possibly swing down onto Montezuma and Pacal after that.

I also decide to build a Menagerie in Vienna, to gain the +1:) and the +1:culture:, it has no expiring date/tech.
Spoiler :

216 BC

Pacal comes on by, asking to open up an embassy. I actually agree, why not I get to look at his capital,
Spoiler :

I also see if further trades are available to me??

No I can’t make a deal.

Previously, I had a barbarian galley, come up from the South, that ended up pillaging my 2 seafood tiles, as I didn’t build a trireme to defend them, and sending the galley down from fog busting in the North, only got it sunk.

As well, Aachen’s borders expanded, so I can now encompass the clam tile in the 3rd ring, means another work boat to build. I have the Trireme South of all my tiles in neutral land to guard the southern coast, I’ll send a 2nd one North later.

194 BC

I don’t believe this, I’ve been able to build Ishtar gate in Prague,
Spoiler :

I was only going for the failure gold, but why not gain a wonder in a very marginal city its built, but its built all the same.

I play on for one more turn, to see the benefits of it, nothing happens, so I assume that we 5 are all that’s on this continent at all;
  1. Charlemagne of the Holy Roman Empire
  2. Napoleon of France
  3. Montezuma of Aztec.
  4. Pacal of Maya
  5. Ramesses of Egypt
That puts me at the photo posting limit, so I’ll end this here.
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192 BC – WAR GAMES!!!!

I resume the game, my 3 worker groups of 2 workers each, are busy building paved roads between my 3 cities and over the mines. All I can really do is await canals tech to be researched.

Thebes has shrunk down to size 10 now??
Spoiler :

and Montezuma seemed to be very interested in gaining fish resource for himself, so are they suffering health problems? :dunno:

Just in case, I’m going to build 2 national wonders, in Vienna, a lessor city, of;
  1. A pottery. For the +1 :health:
  2. A Glass blower. For the +1 :)
170 BC

Pacal come on by, asking for a trade deal, Sea faring for currency. I delete currency, and add fish to my side of the deal, remembering what Montezuma was willing to give up.
Spoiler :




Nice little haul for a measly fish resource.

I choose Mechanics as the next tech to research, for the Catapults, siege rams and all techs are the same at 54 turns research.

With canals researched/traded for, I begin the Iron mine upon the tundra swamp Iron tile, in Vienna’s 1st ring. 19 turns for 4 workers to build the mine.

150 BC

I just received the Famine event for Uxmal, in Montezuma’s lands. I thought about it, and decided in the end, that I would send all the food stores of the capital, it wasn’t growing, capped out at size 12, and I get +3:) from Montezuma. Even though I’m planning on destroying him, burning down one city, his capital, and keeping the 2nd of Uxmal. Never know what boons I may receive in the meanwhile.

Pacal also came on by, demanding Naval warfare, from me. I tried to trade him for the tech, and found out he has 5 surplus catapults, but no deal could be reached. Though he did threaten to send in his pikes to skewer me to the city walls.

142 BC

Montezuma has just send out an attacking force of;
Spoiler :

Might be worth my while to send a few troops to watch events, I could snatch the city from under Montezuma, or from him even. Good enough reason to declare war if I must.

:think: he seems a tad indecisive in attacking. Maybe its the Barbarian Elephant rider with a Mounted infantry positioned on the Tundra hill top outside the city, he’d wish to occupy.

122 BC

Some one on my continent has founded Carpenters guild. I only noticed, when it stopped doing business in Aachen.

102 BC

I just took out the Elephant rider :strength:6, as it attacked my workers, guarded by a spear, so that should embolden Montezuma to attack the city now.

I’m building a Paved road to the copper city site, also to allow the movement of my troops to attack the barbarian city. Darn it, next turn, the barbarian horse rider, took out the one worker, building the next line of the road way. I killed it with my spear, Montezuma SHOULD attack the city now.

78 BC

Mechanics is now researched
Spoiler :

Politics is the next tech to be selected, for the Republic civic and its production/:science: boosts.

I am building a fort upon the Tundra hill, that is on the line between Vienna and the copper city, directly above the barbarian city. So I can;
  1. Keep an eye upon the city.
  2. Guard my troops.
  3. Complete a route to the copper resource.
Montezuma seems to be still vacillating about attacking Bantu.

26 BC

Pacal come over for a trade visit, and offers me
Spoiler :

I add Clam and remove the gold from the original offer, and gained 10:gold: in return. I accept his deal, and immediately switch to republic. I have;

  1. One Light swordsman.
  2. One Axe
  3. One Catapult
All built to one turn, and building a Battering ram, for the assault upon Montezuma’s city of Uxmal sitting there with;

  1. 2 Longbows
  2. 1 Woodsman III promoted Swordsman
  3. 1 Treasure.

I do a 20 turns of Anarchy switch to;
Spoiler :

  1. Republic - This is for the 25% :hammers: and 25%:gold:
  2. Senate - The Agora and stability per turn
  3. Imperialism - The 33% from foreign city income

Once I come out of Anarchy, all 3 cities build an Agora, for the;
  1. +1:), :hammers:, :science:, :culture:,
  2. 10% great people production.
  3. 20% Military production boosts.
68 AD

Drama has been researched.
Spoiler :

This allows the building of the Theatre, for extra happiness, and adjustment of the Culture slider. I like to set a min 20% culture rate post Drama, so I do so.

Currently I have Vienna and Prague both building a Rathus, for the reduced maintenance costs, with Aachen building a Market. With the raising of the :culture: slider, I’ve had to drop the science rate down, making a 5:gold: loss at 35% :science: and 20% :culture:

128 AD

Ancient medicine has been researched in full
Spoiler :

The only real benefit of this is the Apothecary building, for +1:health:

170 AD

Montezuma has gone and declared​
Spoiler :


All I did was build up my forces to burn down his cities, looks like I get to do it earlier than I planned. I have numerous troops, at 1 turn stage, let loose the dogs of war.

184 AD

Philosophy is researched
Spoiler :

I’d usually adopt Pacifism, but not this game. I’m going to play a bit different. I’ve sent my raiding party of;
  1. 3 Light swordsman.
  2. 1 Axeman.
  3. 1 Catapult.
  4. 1 Battering ram.
To Assail the city of Uxmal. It has a culture rating of 125 % and will take some battering to bring down to zero.

Dumb Montezuma, just attacked my stack with his Trebuchets only. Leaving one in the field, easy pickings for my swordsman, who’s now guarded by a full strength trebuchet. One extra siege to me, thanks Montezuma.

I finally attack the city in 230 AD;

  1. First up is the captured Trebuchet, it wins.
  2. Next are the two catapults, both of which are victorious in assaulting the city.
  3. Finally come the turns of the Swordsmen, all four of the swords are victorious.
  4. The city fell, with only the loss of a battering ram, to collateral damage.
Spoiler :

I was able to capture 1 work boat from the city, going some way to compensate me for the 2 work boats that were pillaged by an Aztec galley. My one Trireme, in the south, was sunk by a sudden storm, as soon as it blockaded the city of Uxmal.

248 AD

My Generals, in their infinite wisdom,
Spoiler :

One war at a time my general staff.

250 AD

Smithing is researched,
Spoiler :

allowing the upgrade of light swords to swordsman of 9:strength:

Unfortunately, my army is in Aztec territory, looking to take another city, I’ll move them back over the border, promote them and then move forward to Mayapan, the Aztec capital. I catch one longbow out in the open, and destroy it with a newly promoted Swordsman.

Ik ben in dienst - I’m of service. Its seems its actually a dialect of Lower Saxony/Platterdutsch. I tried to translate directly as German, my bad. Translations and languages of all worker sayings
P.S. They all say the same phrase. Swinehunds.

272 AD

I capture the Aztec capital, such as it is, of Mayapan. Its NOT a grid city, and as such its fate is sealed. A turn of two before, the city of Uxmal, which I had just taken via force of arms, revolted to the Mayans @ 74% Mayan, who received 2 longbows to garrison the city.

Spoiler :

302 BC

The City of Bantu, a barbarian stronghold, till now, is bombarded by the forces of Holy Roman Empire.
  1. First the Catapult’s range bombard the defenders.
  2. Secondly, the Trebuchet’s, attack the city, @ 98%+
  3. Then its the turn of the Swordsmen to attack, and raise the city.
All the remaining troops are moved into Bantu, to help raise the city next turn.

304 AD

Bantu has to die, its not on the grid, its been a thorn in my side for thousands of years.
Spoiler :

That same turn, Vassalage is fully researched.

Oh joy of joy’s, another grid city is settled, with its garrison of 3 Archers, 1 Axeman and 1 Spear. Along with a trade cart, one great general to settle and a captured Cheetah, to build the Menagerie.
Spoiler :

The trade cart, is used to rush 105:food: into the city, as the quicker it grows, the more productive a city it is.
  1. A pastured sheep, is available for use.
  2. An un-farmed potatoes is in the 2nd ring.
  3. Un-pastured horses are in the 2nd ring as well.
The city automatically expands to its 2nd ring upon settlement, due to the successful battles conducted around the city, and Charlemagne’s traits.

382 AD

I make peace with Montezuma, as I can’t readily reach his cities, as I have no idea where they actually are.
Spoiler :

I then declare war upon Pacal, I have a quest to forfill, and I want Uxmal back, as well as Chichen Itza to be burnt to the ground to allow another grid city. Wonders or not, its going to be raised.

394 AD - The Death of Chichen Itza

In the year 394 AD, Chichen Itza stood as a proud Mayan city of intellect and commerce. Then came the Holy Roman scourge, gouging out the lands they roamed across. Never leaving a cottage standing, or a Mayan city untouched.

The assault of Chichen Itza began with;
  1. A bombardment of Catapult’s, reducing the defenses of the city of Nothing.
  2. Trebuchets then assailed the city, reducing the 3 valiant defending squads of Longbows to quivering wrecks of men.
  3. Finally the Swords squads of the Holy Roman Empire, climbed over the rubble of the walls and building of Chichen Itza, putting to the sword all that they found.
  4. Three squads of Swordsmen entered the city, and pillaged it of all valuables, leaving only the ruins of the once great city.
Spoiler :

Raised to the ground, with the Aztecs claiming cultural dominance of the ruins.

408 AD

The mighty Holy Roman Armed forces are back at the Wall of Uxmal.
  1. First the catapult’s bombard the defense to rubble.
  2. In go the Trebuchet’s, reducing the defending squads of units, to shattered shadows of their former selves.
  3. Finally the Swordsmen storm the ramparts, climbing over the broken walls, to slaughter the broken defenders.
  4. Vercingetorix, the champion of the Mayan forces, was no match for the rabid Holy Roman soldiery.
Spoiler :

A grid city, to be garrisoned by conquering troops and the previously expelled garrison forces.

434 AD

A day, like any other day in Khoisan. Three workers went about their business, unaware of the danger lurking in the darkened Northern lands. Stories had been told of the Fall of Uxmal, twice it had fallen, both times to the Holy Roman barbarians.

Today, it was those three workers turn to feel the whips of the Holy Roman overseer’s. Marching down the paved road, across the desert lands, they come upon the workers, clapping them in Irons, and marching them back north, to face a fate too terrifying to behold.

The city of Khoisan, now lay open before the Holy Roman forces, the order of battle went as routinely as before.
  1. First the Catapults bombarded the defenses of the city.
  2. Impatient commanders of the Trebuchet squads, couldn’t wait for the final 2% of defenses to be raised, they attacked then and there, with the unfortunate loss of the most experienced squad of Trebuchet’s in the Holy Roman Armed forces.
  3. Eager for revenge, for their fallen comrades, the Swords squads, lined up to assail the city, and put to the sword, every one they came across. Not one stone would be left to signal this cities existence.
  4. All out lying settlements were raised to the ground as well.
Spoiler :

The very next turn, Sanitation has been fully researched.

Troops from the raising of Khoisan, return to the city of Uxmal, to garrison and guard against a rebellion to their former Aztec masters.
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458 AD Darkness falls

Spoiler :

Due to the eruptions of a Volcano.

No farmed paddock, can produce more then 3 food, hunger and despair are a constant companion. Starvation of the cities can only be imminent.

I offer a cease fire to Pacal
Spoiler :

As I can’t reach his remaining lands, and Montezuma is going on a settlement binge, of dropping cities all over. In eight turns, Montezuma will know what happens to poorly guarded cities, placed upon the lands claimed by the Holy Roman Empire.

With a completed settlement group awaiting the release of more lands to occupy, having a force of 13 Swordsmen, 2 Trebuchets, 4 Catapults, one Spear and one Axe to evict the squatting AI’s. Time is on my side.

471 AD

The peace treaty with Montezuma has ended,
Spoiler :

and he launches a surprise attack upon ME!!!

I lose 3 workers, who were building a farm along the common border. Montezuma seems to have been planning this war, ever since we made peace.

But he stupidly, breaks apart his stack, and sends them into my lands to attack cities one at a time. One crossbow, attacks Nuremberg, which doesn’t have walls as yet, but is defeated by the 1st Defense of Nuremberg a (archer). Other attacks comprise of darting over the border and back with a few units, which I take the opportunity to pick them off.

I lose a couple of Swords and one catapult, but nothing that isn’t already in the build queue’s of the cities. They all have just completed the High walls, a Quern for 1 :food:, and now are building traders to help the two new cities build high wall in Nuremberg and Uxmal.

474 AD

I've made contact with a civ from the continent directly below ours, and bought contact with all the other civ’s on that land mass. They are in order of top to bottom of scores;
  1. Deganawida of the Iroquois
  2. Jayavarman VII of Khmer
  3. Alexander of Greece
  4. Ashurbanipal of Assyria
I was able to make some trades
Spoiler :



I also traded for Machinery for Naval warfare.

After having picked off 4 Maces and a trebuchet, that were range bombarded by my sentry siege the turn before, I move attacking stack into Montezuma’s lands, to begin the city destruction. He does have some crossbows, which are formidable, and heavy swordsmen, but I should win through.

486 AD

After some heavy losses in the field, the City of Xochicalco has been
Spoiler :

taken and raised to the ground.

My army is lessened now, but so should Montezuma’s defenders. I decide to fall back to the city of Uxmal, and heal up my troops, build some needed barracks, Knights stables and further unit diversification. I can no longer just run rampant over my fellow civ's.

504 AD

Both Uxmal and Nuremberg have completed their high walls for defense. Out of an empire of 5 cities, I only have 3 on troops production, and two of those cities are margin/tundra fillers. Uxmal is only a coastal filler, with Nuremberg being ear marked as a future production centre, with two settled Great generals already.

536 AD

Upon resuming the game, I so a survey of my lands. One worker group of 3 workers, moves to the newly gained potato tile on a hill, in the South East of Nuremberg’s lands. Food is what I need, and not a 36 turn to build a Watermill upon a river swamp.

My 1st Bludgeon of Uxmal, seeing 2 barbarian swordsmen stuck out side of its borders, by the great wall, decides to pick one of them off at 99%
Spoiler :

Nearly lost at 99%

Next turn, that slimy picking off B’turd Montezuma, kills ANOTHER SWORDSMAN at 5% odds, so far I’ve lost 3 swordsmen, all at odds of 5%, 13%, 29.6% to the attacking longbows. I’m fortified upon a hill, bombarding Calixlahuaca, I’ve only won 1 out of 4 battles.

545 AD

The final assault on Calixlahuaca has begun;
  1. Catapults all attack the city
  2. Swordsmen squads are sent to capture the city.
  3. A squad of Axes is the final unit to take the city, with a horse archer squad moving in to pillage it to dust.
Spoiler :

546 AD

Theology has been researched
Spoiler :

I choose crop rotation as the next tech, if only for the Grocers and the 10% :food: they provide. I’m in a desperate need of :food: with the darkness that has fallen, from the Volcano eruption.

All my assaulting troops move into Calixlahuaca, if only to rest together for 1 turn, as its pillaged to 1 population now, with only 2 turns of anarchy remaining, its NOT a grid city.

I build the Heroic epic in Aachen, as its my only real military production city, having just settled another Great General from the war, it can produce level 4 units out of the gate.

The 1st Bludgeon of Uxmal, having healed up, attacks the remaining barbarian swordsman at 96% and wins, but is reduced to 2 health, awaiting orders upon a desert tile.

548 AD

The sunlight returns the very next turn.
Spoiler :

I still will build the Grocers empire wide, this now means I gain more :hammers: and :food:, but so do my opponents. The 1st Bludgeon of Uxmal, reduced to 1 health, moves back to Uxmal to recuperate to full health.

556 AD

I take the opportunity to upgrade the 1st defense of four cities from archers to longbows, for a cost of $440:gold:, leaving me with 18:gold: in the treasury. Also, a volcano erupted and destroyed the fort I had built long ago to watch Bantu, I move the archers and axe back into Vienna, from whence they came.

The fort had out lived its usefulness, and was really only a strategic liability.

I check trades with Pacal, he only has 3 cities, and Mutal is near by and on my quest list. I think I’ll take Tlacopan from Montezuma 1st, as its a small, grass land city, and make a truce, then declare war on Pacal, with the aim of wiping him out completely.

575 AD

Over two consecutive turns, the Aachen regiment, 1st Squad, Alpha company has attacked the city of Tlacopan and destroyed a longbow each time. Leaving only a 12:strength: heavy swordsman as the remaining defender. The remaining Swordsmen, having only a 63% chance of victory, I hold off on the final assault, as I can’t afford losses, and my catapult’s may find opportunity fire on the Heavy swordsman.

579 AD

I take Tlacopan, with the loss of one swordsman and 73%, but I also was able to destroy a reinforcing longbow Montezuma was sending at 75%, with my mounted infantry to the north of the city on a hill, so ¾ battles won at 73%+ is about the odds.
Spoiler :

Resting my troops while in anarchy, I’ll make a peace treaty with Montezuma, and attack Pacal with reinforcing troops being produced, and sent to gather at Uxmal just to the North.

The next turn, I receive Crop rotation, and pillage the city of Tlacopan to dust, moving my troops back into Uxmal to reduce costs and heal.

The next tech I select is Heraldry, as its the cheapest of the selection, and I gain 9:strength: Man at arms.

590 AD

Smallpox breaks out in the city of Aachen. As I only have 2:gold: in the treasury, I have to choose the 2nd option, lose 2 population and just suck it up. I really need to build up the treasury more.
Spoiler :

Smallpox strikes both Prague and Uxmal, for a loss of 1 population each.

597 AD

I receive the General treason event/Senate?
Spoiler :

I choose the 1st option, and lose a unit.

Still building up my forces in Uxmal, for the assault upon the Aztec empire. I’ll take out the remaining two cities, then swing down on Mutal. I’m not too worried about the quest, meh!!! probably only get a couple swords for my trouble, with no promotions.

All cities go onto wealth production, for a couple of turns, I was 80:gold: in the red, due to Aachen being 1 turn in anarchy, I NEED MORE GOLD IN THE TREASURY. 6 turns of :gold: production at 179:gold: per turn.

After 6 turns of :gold: production, I have over 1K:gold: in the treasury, I resume 20% culture, and take all cities off of gold production. Shintoism, also spread to my land, I don’t convert, as it would mean 4 turns of anarchy, and I plan to burn down the holy city anyway.

Nb: This mod, really could do with the migration of the Holy cities, and having the Inquisitions work correctly, when they root out a holy cities religion. Hint Hint 45 deg (P.S. Thanks for all you’ve done, greatly appreciated, as are all other modders)

I finally remember to build an explorer, with 10 experience out of the gate, I can promote it to Medic II with combat 1. THAT can be my medical unit, I haven’t had one since I lost the battering ram to collateral damage from trebuchet’s.

626 AD

Having moved my forces into Aztec lands to attack the city of Tenochtitlan, Montezuma attacks my forces across a river with;
Spoiler :

Of course a Longbow wins the last battle, against my Horse archer unit @ 22.7% offence odds

I move up to the walls of Tenochtitlan, upon an iron mine, and pillage the tile, stopping production of any further Heavy swordsman by Montezuma. Hopefully he’s now restricted to Longbows only.

Here’s a handy hint for using opportunity fire, your siege, MUST reside one full turn on Land sentry (shift-L) BEFORE they will start getting opportunity fire on the enemy.
  1. Turn 1 you move to tile.
  2. Turn 2 set to land sentry (shift-L)
  3. Turn 3, you should have opportunity fire now
  4. Turn 4 onwards, keeping putting on shift-L to retain opportunity firing. You’ll wear down the opponent much faster.
Spoiler :

647 AD The assault of Tenochtitlan
  1. After having gained opportunity fire for a couple of rounds, the catapult’s bombard the defenders with Collateral damage.
  2. Swordsmen squads, promoted to city raider III, now climb over the rubble of the walls, and put to the sword, any and all defenders they come across.
  3. 1st to attack is the is the Vienna regiment, 1st Squad, Alpha company. They attack at 68.3% odds and WIN
  4. 2nd to attack is the Aachen regiment, 1st Squad, Alpha company. They attack at 98.7%, winning.
  5. Last to attack, is the Aachen regiment, 4th Squad, Alpha company, attacking at 93.1%, as they didn’t want any unit citations for city raider to interfere with the assault, winning easily.
  6. The city is now occupied and raised, as its a NON GRID CITY.
Spoiler :

Learning the bedeviling secrets of rudder.

Pillaging commences immediately, with the city being reduced to 1 population, while still in 3 turns of anarchy, so troops may be allowed some R & R. (Rampage and Ruination)

657 AD

Moving my attacking army south, through Aztec culture, I come across the city of Tlaxcala, and capture 4 workers with my horse archer unit.
Spoiler :

I settle in to bombard the city, as I have to heal from moving across a -30%:health: desert tile in Aztec lands.

Capturing the 4 workers, necessitate the building up of 4 worker groups, as Aachen is busy building 2 Mace’s for stack protection, and a settling group immediately after that, other cities have to build the required two workers, if I don’t capture the 5th Aztec worker close by.

Taking advantage of Tlaxcala’s 1 turn of unrest, I launch an attack on the city across a river.
  1. 1st up, the Catapult’s bombard the defenders
  2. Then a mounted infantry attacks across the river, into a full strength Longbow, losing and not retreating at all.
  3. Aachen regiment, 3rd Squad, Alpha company, City raider III, is selected next for battle @ 66.4%. Winning a victory and gaining a field promotion for the squad.
  4. Vienna regiment, 1st Squad, 1st company, with city raider III and combat 1 is next. Attacking the second and last defender @ 99.2%, they occupy the city.
  5. The remainder of the army, moves into the city for some R & R. I learn some of the secrets of Alchemy.
Spoiler :

660 AD

I do a quick diplomacy check on both Montezuma and Pacal. They both have techs on me, but both only have 3 cities.
Spoiler :

Montezuma, I know where 2 of them are, roughly.

Pacal, I can only see his capital position, one other is a holy city in the north, the 3rd I’m yet to find.

I resolve to prosecute the war with the Aztecs, to the extermination of Montezuma, unless he’ll give me all outstanding techs, when he has only one city left.

Next turn, Montezuma, attacks the city with 2 heavy swordsmen, one is defeated by my Longbow, city garrison III, stack defender. The 2nd defeats my sole longbow unit. I pillage the city, and attack the surviving heavy swordsman with my horse archer unit. Only to have the ruins of the city, immediately revert to the cultural domination of Pacal, and have my army spirited out of his lands, 3 tiles away from the horse archer.

665 AD

I come across one of the cities, his new capital of Tlatelolco.
Spoiler :

Completely surrounded by mountain, and only accessible Via three roadways; North east, South east and South west, with the North to West being blocked by mountains.

672 AD

The assault on Tlatelolco begins.
  1. 1st the catapult’s all gain two turns of opportunity fire on the defenders.
  2. Now the Aachen regiment, 3rd Squad, Alpha company attacks at 72%, on a heavy swordsman and wins.
  3. Vienna’s regiment, 1st Squad, Alpha company attacks a longbow at 75%, and is defeated by the terrain. The surrounding mountains, amplified the bolts sent forth, by the defender.
  4. Aachen regiment, 4th Squad, Alpha company, is next, attacking @98.8%, having been promoted to city raider IV, winning easily.
  5. Aachen regiment, 5th Squad, Alpha company of swordsman, is next, spurning any unit promotions, it attacks @ 79.7% and promptly shows the worth of promotions, losing.
  6. Aachen regiment, 6th Squad, Alpha company, not learning the lessons of promotion, from Aachen’s 4th squad, of Alpha company, attacks as well @ 99.6% and wins easily.
  7. Aachen regiment, 2nd Squad, Alpha company of Horse archers, is given the task of cleaning out the remaining defender of the city of Tlatelolco.
  8. The city is now occupied for R & R purposes, and raised to the ground at the expiring of revolts.
Even though the city contains a settled great general, its burnt to the ground anyway.
Spoiler :

Not on the grid, not kept. Pacal’s culture, expands to surround Eastern exit from the city, spiriting my army back to the hill tile, they assaulted the city of Tlaxcala from. Where they meet up with reinforcements of a city garrison 3 Longbow, and a newly recruited swordsman squad.

The only way out is through Pacal. War starts a bit earlier then I planned, but it was going to start anyway.

Montezuma is down to 2 cities now.

Next turn, Montezuma went and vassalled to Napoleon. I promote the archers in Nuremberg, the closest city to Napoleon, to Longbows, as I feels this would be the only city he would threaten. I was building a settling group, I may sent them as a flying defense force in between Nuremberg and Vienna. Both of which faces Napoleon’s lands, but couple of barbarian cities and about 20 tiles of open land between Napoleon and I.

Next turn, I declare war on Pacal, and send my offensive army, (they absolutely stink, after being in the field for so long) directly to Mutal, and my Quest.

Within two turns, my army is bivouacked upon a hill, overlooking the city of Mutal. The catapult’s begin the destruction of that Grid city!!!!, yes
Spoiler :

As the city has no walls, I reduce the defenses to nothing, and begin the assault.
  1. Aachen regiment, 1st Squad, Alpha company of Mace men, attacks @ 86.2%, WINNER.
  2. Aachen regiment, 1st Squad, Alpha company, of Swordsmen, attacks @ 34.4 %, WINNER!
  3. Aachen regiment, 3rd Squad, Alpha company, of Swordsmen, attacks @ 75.1 %, nil damage winner.
  4. Aachen regiment, 2nd Squad, Alpha company, of Mace men, attacks the remaining heavy swordsman defender @ 97.4 % and occupies the city for the Holy Roman Empire.
Spoiler :

From this final battle for Mutal, I received another Great General, whom I merged into Nuremberg, as its has been ear marked as my 2nd military city. With production of 8 experience units out of the gates of Nuremberg.

Atzcapotzalco, has just revolted for 11 turns, giving me a rebel heavy horseman and a Longbow. Both of which, I move to the newly captured city of Mutal.

687 AD

The Grid city of Ausburg, is settled.
Spoiler :

I have this presently marked as the new capital city site. To reduce the maintenance costs from city distance. I may just have to move out of Republic and into Monarchy.

689 AD

The assault of Atzcapotzalco begins;
  1. All the catapult’s bar one, range bombard the defenders, with the remaining attacking, and being defeated.
  2. The swords are next, learning the folly of not taking promotions, they attack at 95% or greater and all win though.
  3. Aachen regiment, 2nd Squad, Alpha company of Horse archers takes the city and begins R & R
Spoiler :

Atzcapotzalco is raised to the ground, non grid city, not kept. Learning some of the secrets of Rudder, from the Aztec fool, Montezuma.
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689 AD – Of quests and departed enemies

689 AD

I start by doing a review of my empire
Spoiler :

I find that I have two unused tiles, to the North East of Mutal, and have to put in a coastal filler city to use those TWO TILES I must do, what the rules say and use every land tile available.

I also upgrade a settling group of a Mace man, Pike, and three archers (promoted to Longbows with city garrison III) I sent them out to occupy a grid position, 1 tile below the previous Aztec city of Tenochtitlan. It will;
  1. Founded upon a sugar resource.
  2. Get the Iron in its 2nd ring.
  3. A 2nd Sugar in the 2nd ring.
  4. A Gold mine in the 2nd ring.
  5. 4 Mined hills, 3 farms, and other improved tiles.
An excellent city site. I also think why the AI was so keen on that coastal tile site, that I’ve captured and burnt to the ground twice. It encompasses a fish, pearl and a spice resource tile.

All cities, bar Aachen, are put onto gold generation, to enable the promotion of ALL archers to Longbows, I’ll need 990 :gold: to achieve this aim.

Aachen is building 1 more longbow, for Augsburg, then a Caravan and settler after that, to boost the starting cities food stocks.

Vienna will build a caravan at the same time.

My army of destruction, is being moved back to Mutal, to continue the assault upon the Mayan empire, and to fore-fill the quest requirements, by culturally capturing that copper tile.

692 AD

I’ve had to reload, as I was having a problem with the game hanging, and also I’d pillaged an ex-Mayan city to Zero population. I’ve reloaded with the Chipotle cheat, and raised the city using Cntl-A. I’ll try to play the rest as before.

701 AD

The Aztec civilization DIDN’T give up independence to the French, and Pacal hasn’t vassalled to them either. That is THE ONE difference to before.

705 AD

Heraldry is in
Spoiler :

I’ve begun the bombardment of Lakamha, down to 25% culture.

Next tech to research is Rudder for 2 turns, then its onto Alchemy for the Alchemist labs.

707 AD

Rudder has been researched, usually the AI’s won’t research the sea tech’s, but for some reason, they have researched rudder
Spoiler :

Its on to Alchemy now for the Alchemist, and its the cheapest tech on offer.

713 AD

The final assault begins upon the city of Lakamba. With 3 turns of opportunity fire from the catapults, the defenders have been whittled down in strength and numbers. A squad of Swords attacks @ 99.1 % and
Spoiler :
Spoiler :
WINS!!! :lol: what else did you expect :mischief:

With only a half strength trebuchet to defend the city, Its taken, with the prize being the trebuchet itself. As Lakamba isn’t a grid city, and the only grid location upon the coast is 1 tile SOUTH WEST. The city is raised to the ground, by the conquering troops. R & R indeed (Rampage and Ruination)
Spoiler :

In the mean time, Mutal has gone and revolted to the Mayans, which means, I need to re-conquer the city to receive my reward from the quest. But 1st Lakamba, will be burnt to the ground.

One specialist was relocated to Aachen with the raising of this city.

719 AD

The Grid city of Mainz is settled, right in the face of barbarians, who seem to be assaulting the city of Mutal.
Spoiler :

I don’t know what happened to my 3 defending longbows in Mutal, along with a Mace-man and a pike?? but only two Mayan longbows are its defense.

720 AD

I bombard the defenses down to Zero, and Immediately begin the assault.

  1. Aachen regiment, 1st Squad, Alpha company of Mace-men, attacks at 95% and
    Spoiler :

    Promptly loses badly
  2. Aachen regiment, 4th Squad, Alpha company of Swords, attacks at 98% and wins.
  3. Prague regiment, 3rd Squad, Alpha company of Swords, cleans up the remaining defender.
  4. The City of Mutal is occupied once again.
This time my Army remains till newly built Defenders are garrisoned here. Only the Holy city of Oxhuitza remains to the North West of my lands. A non grid city that needs to be raised to the ground.

Two barbarian units of a swordsman and a axeman were destroyed by my horse archer and heavy horse units. Great wall or not, they had to be removed from my zoned settlement area.

725 AD

Having fore-filled the quest requirements, I receive my reward
Spoiler :

Nine Men-at-arms, who immediately put my economy into the red, with unit maintenance.

746 AD

My army arrives at the walls of Oxhuitza, and immediately raises the defenses to zero. The remaining catapult’s all range bombard the defenders to no effect. They now all go on Sentry duty to gain opportunity fire on the defenders.

The city is located on a grassland copper hill tile with;
  1. No walls,
  2. 2 Longbows, with no promotions.
  3. 1 Mace-man, with no promotions.
  4. 1 settler, with no settling group to accompany it.

750 AD

Pacal, has gone and vassalled to the French, and given up his independence to them. Suddenly an Arquebusier appears in the doomed city, with half strength Longbows, it won’t be long till it falls.

In the spirit of what I believe to be, for religions, I will use world builder to MOVE the Shinto religion, to my city of 14 population, that also has that religion. But only once I have raised the city, then only the turn after.

752 AD

The assault upon Oxhuitza begins.
  1. Aachen regiment, 1st Squad, Alpha company swordsman attacks at 82.8% and defeats the mace-man.
  2. Aachen regiment, 7th Squad, Alpha company of swordsman attacks at 96% and defeats the Arquebusier.
  3. Aachen regiment, 6th Squad, Alpha company of swordsman attacks at 100% and defeats the newly promoted Arquebusier of Napoleon’s defenders.
  4. One horse archer and 2 Men-at-arms enter the city and raise it to the ground.
Next turn I will move the Holy city to Nuremberg, that already contains the religion. With Pacal giving up his independence, the city of Mutal is now over 95% Holy roman, up from the 14% from before, that saw it revolt and massacre the three longbows, one pike and one mace-men and the Medical general garrisoned in the city.

With the taking of Oxhuitza, I learnt the remaining secrets of Alchemy. Lead into gold, base metals transformed into precious metals. Wealth shall be mine MUAH HAHAHAHHA
Spoiler :

With the raising of Oxhuitza, I entered world builder and moved the holy city of Shintoism to the city of Nuremberg. It only had a 1% spread about the world, so this would be the biggest city, if not the only city with this religion.

Bit of a cheat/(lot of a cheat), yes, but I feel its true to what the bug options say they should do, but don’t. As such I convert to Shintoism, and endure 4 turns of anarchy for the privilege.

761 AD

The very turn, I come out of anarchy, I’m notified that the Aztec Civilization has ceased to exist. They must have given up independence to Napoleon. I think this would be a great time to end the war, with the former master, and develop my own cities and lands.
Spoiler :


Time to develop my lands and build up my armies.

I decide now is the time to launch a golden age,
Spoiler :

I change civics too;
  1. Rule - Bureaucracy, to gain +10% :gold: and :hammers:
  2. Economy - Coinage, removes the tribute -ve for tax rates, but loses 15% hammers.
  3. Military – Pacifism, to gain the +50%, great people birth rate.
  4. Religion – Profits, to produce missionaries faster.

768 AD

I do a RIDICULOUS trade for 3 x workers.
Spoiler :

I’ve also spent time, buying contact with the 3rd continent’s civ's, and selling contact of the 1st and 2nd to the 3rd and vise versa.


I failed in the quest of the warships, like I even really care about it. All buildings go onto building a stone mason, for the 30% building bonus for buildings, 1 citizen turned into an engineer and 50% faster building of the castle.

792 AD

Just upgraded all Swordsmen to Heavy [pimp] Swordsmen, and realised I can’t upgrade the pikes to a Landsknecht. Reported the bug, its a TXT_KEY_RESTRICTED_UNIT been somehow omitted.

819 AD

Mansa Musa comes on by offering me a trade deal, small amount of gold for naval warfare. I renegotiate it for
Spoiler :

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819 AD Consolidation and settlement

Upon resuming the game, which I didn’t save, from an auto save, I received the same offer from Mansa Musa, but it was for Naval warfare, instead of Sanitation.

I was able to sell a couple of contacts, but nothing notable. Open an embassy with Sitting Bull, who hates Basil.

Doing a review of my empire, I raise the :science: rate to 15%, along with a flat set 20% :culture:, with the treasury to be built in my capital, next turn, for 14:gold: Theatres are the build of choice for my cities, as most are at happy cap limits, and over half are still on building forges, spies and other basic infrastructure, builds. Theatres give me 2:), I have other national wonder happy building of a glass smith going up, and brewery is already built, so a tavern will give another :), where required.
Spoiler :

Completion of the settlement of my immediate homelands, will be completed by the founding of two more cities.
Spoiler :

This will consume my available coastal land, in my heart lands, gather up the resources, that the AI seems to be so keen to gather for itself.

Workers have already built two mines upon the desert hills, outside of the main city, with an existing quarry upon the stone resource and Obsidian, with a plantation required for the spice resource to be developed. The two sea food resources, both require fishing boats to be built, with my settling group, being constructed in the capital, upon completion of the Treasury building.

821 AD

The treasury building has been built in the capital, immediately putting the income receipts 4:gold: into the green.
Spoiler :

Yay, I can build a Landsknecht, I’ve loaded WITHOUT FORMATIONS and I like to play with Formations, but I like Landsknecht even more.

I now take the opportunity to upgrade ALL my PIKES to Landsknecht units.
Spoiler :

Needing to upgrade my siege to Trebuchets, and they all have at least 3 promotions, so I won’t scrap them and build new ones, will cost $1,216:gold:

I set :science: to zero, gaining 66/turn, so will take at least 18 turns, as I wish to keep a base balance of gold in my treasury. All cities are on infrastructure builds, I don’t wish to make gold from them either. Cost of the Pike’s or Catapults upgrade, but Landsknecht are much more diverse in effectiveness.
Spoiler :

848 AD

Aachen has grown to 14 pop, I switch the build to a settler, for the new coastal grid city. I have 2 work boats waiting, with a Longbow and a Landsknecht upon the city site. Two other cities are building the caravans to bolster the cities growth. My golden age is about to run out in 6 turns, so I also to a review of my civics to make sure, they are what I want long term. They are;

  1. Republic – I’m thinking switch to Monarchy, to remove the 250% maintenance cost’s.
  2. Bureaucracy – Best civic I could have for 10% :gold: and :hammers:
  3. Slavery – I’ve got to :whipped: it, :whipped: it good.
  4. Tribute – :hammers:, 15%, and building of Horde building :gold:
  5. Pacifism - :culture:, :) , and great people birth rates.
  6. Profits – Great people birth rates, missionary builds, spreading of religion.
  7. Public works - :hammers: and improvement growth.
  8. Imperium – best of the lot, I’m powerful, why not exploit it.
They all have -4 “Your civic policies harm us”, so I’m stronger them then, except for Ragnar, who only has -1.

Further I decide to switch;

  1. Rule to Monarchy, away from Republic, as I can’t handle 230:gold: city maintenance now.
  2. Religion to Divine cult, -50% :mad: from population, to offset the +25% :mad: from slavery.
  3. Welfare to Private, to gain +1:), and 10% :science:

I want to play different, I always run Public works, and welfare isn’t as strong, but lets be different for a change.

Now my cities have a lot of head room for growth, where as before, they were capped. Much better result, enabling further growth and production, with many more cities able to be settled.

I’m now the Pacifist Holy Roman Kingdom, little do they know of the truth of matters. :evil:

New longbows, come out of Aachen, with City garrison III, and drill II promotions available, due to my traits of being protective.

857 AD

I come out of my golden age, I can immediately raise the science rate to 25% at break even, and upgrade the Catapult’s to Trebuchet’s, for 1,216:gold: reducing my treasury balance down to 761 @ 1 per turn credit.

I have settled my 9th city in Ulm now
Spoiler :

upon a designated grid position. Building a work boat upon the clams, puts the city into cash flow positive territory. 5 of my 9 cities are still on base builds, to get them up and running, I’m really only running my empire on 4 cities, for settler groups, caravans and troops.

My next grid city site, is contained within a barbarian city, of which, I’m currently pillaging all the cottages and windmills about the city, as I won’t suffer to have those improvements. Four workers are building a road way to the city on the horizontal axis, from the city of Augsburg, with my army guarding the workers in their construction of the road network.

870 AD

Once I have a full settling group, of
  1. 3 Longbows, with city garrison III, and drill II promotions.
  2. 1 Landsknecht, with combat II, and formation I
  3. 1 Mace-man, with Combat III
  4. 1 Crossbow with drill IV, or Melee I and drill III.

Along with rushing in caravans to rush build the Stonemason, Granary, forge, I’ll build the new cities as they become available.

As I’ve moved my army up to the walls of Vandal, I find my heavy :trouble:swordsman have 98.3% odds of winning, so I immediately attack and raise the city, occupying the grid city site with my army group.
Spoiler :

A very nice start to a city, pity its not a grid city site, and has to be raised to the ground.

OMG Augsburg is size 11, and it STILL hasn’t built a granary. A basic infrastructure building for the city. Just to add flavour to the mix, the slaves decide to hold a revolt in that city as well.

888 AD

The Grid city of Florence is settled.
Spoiler :

I’ve also earmarked this as my future capital city site. As I plan to expand to the West from here, and also North and south. This will place it central to my empire, current and in the future.

The city is initially garrisoned by my army, awaiting the settlement groups to be built in Aachen, with 3 other cities building the caravans to rush the basics of the city.

The barbarian city to the north, will be attacked and raised, as the garrison troops arrive in Florence.

890 AD

The assault of Assyrian begins.

  1. Aachen regiment, 3rd Squad, Alpha company of catapults (Trebuchets) fails in attacking, but causes collateral damage to 3 units.
  2. Aachen regiment, 4th Squad, Alpha company of catapults (Trebuchets) succeeds, damaging 3 units as well.
  3. Aachen regiment, 7th Squad, Alpha company of swordsman’s (Heavy Swordsmen) attacks the city, across the river and wins, killing a defending longbow.
  4. Aachen regiment, 4th Squad, Alpha company of swordsman’s (Heavy Swordsmen) attacks and defeats the opposing barbarian longbow.
  5. Aachen regiment, 6th Squad, Alpha company of swordsman’s (Heavy Swordsman) attacks and defeats the barbarian longbow, leaving only 1 defender remaining.

891 AD

I capture the city of Assyrian, with a heavy swordsman,
Spoiler :

The real prize was the capture of the EIGHT WORKERS

I’ve been chasing them, since their escape from the doomed city of Vandal. Surrounded by French culture to the West, mountain to the East, Mounted infantry to the North East and South East, there was no escape possible. The city is raised on the turn of capture.

As I had to reload the game, due to not having formations enabled?? I immediately received 3 technologies, 1 from research as it was only 1 turn away, and 2 more from the recalculation of modifiers?? I think.
Spoiler :

And I learn some of the bedevilling secrets of Invention, from the capture of Assyrian.

I also notice that Napoleon has a settling group of 3 Arquebusier’s and a settler moving to the area I’ve just vacated. I have one lone settler on hand in Nuremberg, and try race it to the grid site upon the wine tile, bordered by French culture. I don’t know what tile Napoleon is aiming for, and if I gain it, I’ll have to garrison it with my army of destruction, halved over the city of Florence and this new site.

Better to gain a site without war, then to engage in war, against superior troops in Arquebusier’s.

896 AD

Did I win the race to the city site???
Spoiler :

That I did, with Napoleons settling group, 1 tile away from the site, maybe he’s aiming further north?? maybe not, time will tell.

I’ve had to reload, as I didn’t have dynamic great wall active, and with Formations, I couldn’t build landsknecht units.

899 AD

Paper has been researched, no more using animal hides, or clay tablets to write upon.
Spoiler :

Jayavarman VII was also the 1st to discover liberalism the same turn, from the Republic of Khmer.

902 AD

I continue my mad settlement rush, with the city of
Spoiler :

A city with copper in its inner ring, but a lot of tundra and ice. A grid city is a grid city, and I MUST settle them. Places my economy 18:gold: into deficit.

905 AD

Deganawida, comes on by, offering me a deal
Spoiler :

He is the score leader, but trading with him, is a boon.

I just did a round of trade negotiations, it would seem I have Sanitation and Naval warfare on most of them, but they won’t trade any tech’s. I did do some resource trades
Spoiler :

Made up some of my gold losses/turn.

I’m currently building a Jewellery then a paper mill in my southern city of Mainz, along a river. The paper will speed up the building of Libraries empire wide.

926 AD

Invention has been researched.
Spoiler :

I selected Education as my next tech, 30 turns, I should have Libraries out in the major cities by then with paper.

OMG, Mutal only just built its Granary, and its size 10.

954 AD

Lord McCauley, has just completed his ranking of the largest Civs, where do I rank?
Spoiler :

Why No 1, what Else

The turn before, I completed the paper mill, and now I’m building libraries all over the empire, except in the developing cities, where it takes over 20 turns to build.

966 AD

Education technology has given up its frustrating secrets.
Spoiler :

All cities having built a Library, will now immediately build a University. I really only have 7 cities in a position to do this now, or in the next 5 turns. 4 can build a University immediately, and 3 other within 5 turns. The ones that can, will build an Alchemist lab next turn, as its quicker, and gives 3:science: , then the University can give its +25% :science: after.

The next technology selected is Banking, for the 30% :gold: generated. :gold: and :hammers: is what’s its all about.

990 AD

Jayavarman VIIth , comes on over for a cup of :coffee: and a chat, asks,
‘how about a trade deal for your surplus sheep’
I ask, “what will make this deal work?”

Jayavarman VIIth reply is
Spoiler :

They have been trying to sell me contact with Mongut for last 30 turns, I know he’s only a rebel, and so why pay for contact with him. Price has been falling though, but every turn.

“You want to buy contact with Mongut, price now, 105:gold: special price 4 YOU, over half price, down from 260:gold:

HA!! The very next turn, Mongut gives up his independence, and is assimilated into the Byzantine empire of Basil.

1004 AD

Banking technology has been researched, funding no longer comes from the royal treasury, but can be raised from the merchant classes.
Spoiler :

Every city, as it builds its University, two only at moment, will immediately go onto to building a Bank.

Cartography, was selected as the next tech, as its top of the tech tree. I only have Four developing cities now, two of them are building a Spy, one is building a Granary, and the other a Slave market. All of these are in the first 5 builds.
Spoiler :


Dido, has gone and done a rather foolish thing
Spoiler :

No Troops, last on score board, and has a domain on 3rd continent, I wouldn’t declare war and take the city would I?? :think::hmm::nope::dunno::backstab::hmm::think:

Alexander has gone and done the same thing, right where I need to build my coastal filler, to stop this very thing from happening, another declaration of war, once I research Cartography tech 1st, in 3 turns.

1034 AD

Cartography has been researched. The surrounding lands can now be recorded upon our paper, and displayed to the general staffs eyes. Logistics of war can now be much easier calculated.
Spoiler :

As Dido, who now has 2 ‘sacred bands’ as defenders in her city, and Alexander, who only has 1 mounted infantry unit, have settled cities upon my lands. Must I go to war?.

But as this report was purely one of settlement and development. I must call an end to it now, least the dogs of war slip their leads and let cry, To WAR .

Nb: Barbarians don't count, they aren't a civilization to interact with.
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1034 AD Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war

The dogs are talking :rockon:, Let 'em talk, talk. :evil:

R.I.P. Doc

As always upon resumption, I do a review of my empire, and its cities. Looking good, troops produced, to free garrison duties of my stack of doom
  1. Luxemburg, is Lax, a grid city. Needs an Aquaduct to irrigate lands, or cultural expansion.
  2. Pisa is a Pisa of **** city, great food, needs to produce.
  3. Florence is flourishing, nearly capped out on happy.
  4. Ulm is Umm making excuses for its slow growth, like a 5 yr old child.
  5. Mutal has mutilated all its land tiles, needs a town hall, grocer (5:food:) and a bank.
  6. Mainz, has become a main production city, caravan here.
  7. Augsburg, AAArrrggghhh, bank and caravan in queue
  8. Uxmal, is rated as such
  9. Nuremberg, Neurotic, :food: and :hammers:, a great core city, 2nd Military city.
  10. Vienna, Via completing the 2nd paper mill thence a caravan.
  11. Prague, A plague on this city, has to build Moai statues, as other coastal cities didn’t get a myth of the sea in time.
  12. Aachen, Is just itchen to be my city of doom.
Spoiler :

The dogs of war are baying, louder and louder

I block my ears, but they come to me in my sleep, in my waking day’s, they haunt my every move, war...WAR…..WAR!!!! What am I to do??

What makes it worse, is that Dido, has settled a grid city site, and its SIZE 3 so she has colonist’s. The dogs of war are baying for WAR. Ooooowwwwwllllllll…... OOOOOWWWWWLLLLLL…. OOOOOOWWWWWLLLLLLL will the noise never cease. The dogs of war are baying for WAR

SHUT UP RUTGER HAUGER, its only a role in a film.

Prague has started to be come a nest of hawks, I move troops into the city to quell the desire for war, but will it be enough.

1041 AD

General Eoweabard Legiracred of the 2nd Army (Explorer) has gone and done the unthinkable.
Spoiler :

HE’S CRIED ‘HAVOC’ and let loose the dogs of war. With the beasts off their leash, I can’t control them anymore.
  1. General Eoweabard Legiracred (Explorer)
  2. 4 Heavy :trouble: Swordsmen
  3. 1 Man at Arms unit
  4. 1 Landsknecht from Vienna, sent to control the blood lust
Are at the borders of Carthage, across the river Rubicon, encamped in the tundra wastes of the north. Can I recall them in time to avert bloodshed.

I try one last diplomatic effort, to avert war
Spoiler :

Alas, she won’t listen to me, allied with Kangxi, in a defence pact

Iacta ālea est, let them fall where they may.

My army of doom, such as it is, moves onto a tundra/swamp tile for 25% defense, such as it is, with 15% damage received. Defenders facing them are only 2 Sacred bands (heavy swords replacements for Carthage)

Kangxi, has Arquebusier's, and heavy swords in capital, along with a Brigantine, with 1 cargo space. Ohh I’m really scared of him, away on 3rd continent.

1044 AD
  1. Aachen regiment, 3rd Squad, Alpha company of heavy :trouble: swords, attacks at 96.3% and wins
  2. Aachen regiment, 8th Squad, Alpha company of heavy :trouble: swords, taking 3 promotions, attacks @ 77.4%, and captures the city for the Holy Roman Empire.
Spoiler :

A nice little bolt on addition to my empire.

1049 AD

I just received the wedding event, I choose option 3, and had a lavish celebration. That incensed Napoleon SSSOOOOO much, that he’s gone and declared war upon ME!!!!!.
Well, I calculated, that after the Greeks, who I may or may not attack now, he was next regardless. The dogs of war, will be well fed today.

1056 AD

The Gods of war, aren’t with me, they are displeased
Spoiler :

one cheap and one expensive building are destroyed

1059 AD

Mountaineering is in, the peaks shall be explored, riches mined from the summits of the alps. No longer shall they impede the progress of the Holy Roman Empire.
Spoiler :

1065 AD

I make peace with Dido
Spoiler :

And Kangxi, who I also was able to do a trade deal with, for 8:gold: per turn for sugar. I did hit up Sitting Bull for 9:gold: per turn over 2 trade deals, a bit more wheeling and dealing, nothing dramatic.

My army of doom is encamped in Pisa, awaiting the completion of High walls in 2 turns. I haven’t seen a single Freeonch soldier as yet, why declare war if your not going to fight???

I have;
  1. 2 heavy :trouble: swordsmen
  2. 3 Trebuchets
  3. 2 Men at arms
  4. 1 Pike
Encamped in Florence, to guard against an Egyptian sneak attack. Once I build up more defensive reserves in Florence, they’ll move back to the main army group.

Next turn, I finally see a Freeonch unit
Spoiler :

The next turn, following a suicidal order to advance across the grasslands of Pisa,
My 1st prize of the war, and I haven’t even left my lands as yet.

1074 AD

Clockworks, that sorcery of small time pieces is now mine. Attacks can now be coordinated. Appointments made and kept.
Spoiler :

Freeonch troops, brave and strong, but lead by fools. Vainly attack my landsknecht upon a wooded hill, with the expected results. Here I await further reinforcements and healing of my troops. one turn later, another Freeonch unit, a Bombardier Elephant, who foolishly attacks my woodsman II Landsknecht upon a forested hill.

I now see the walls of Abydos, an Egyptian name if I’m correct, a burnt ruin once I have my way.
Spoiler :

As well, the defenders of Abydos are scouted out, 4 Dragoons as defenders, 4 more victims of the Holy Roman war machine. A 2nd Freeonch Elephant bombardier sighted.


Chivalry has been researched. My lone rider is upgraded to a knight of the Holy Roman Empire.
Spoiler :

I’m still building more landsknecht’s, and knights now as well. Compass was the next selected tech, as it gives +1:food: to sea resources.

I was also bombarded, by a Freeonch bombard no less, I was able to capture it from the Freeonch. My offence into the Freeonch lands has ground to a halt. Fortified upon a wooded hill top, with a river on my northern flank facing the city.

Troops required are;
  1. Elephant cavalry, to guard against the flanking dragoons x 4
  2. Landsknecht, general stack defence, and city raising.
  3. Knights, for attacking the bombards and general pillaging in the country side.
These troops need to be produced, along with a knights stable, in only 3 cities I have marked for troop production. Two of them can produce level 4 out of stable/barracks, the 3rd is numbers only.

1097 AD

I make a trade deal with Deganawida
Spoiler :

Gaining beakers in my favour of

All cities go onto building a printing press, for the :science:, the slowest cities, @ 64 turns, goes to the end of queue.

Elephant bombardiers are now able to be constructed.

I came out over 3K in beakers and gold the better. As well, I gained :science: production and deadlier units.

Nice trading with you Deganawida. He’s only one of two Civ’s who will actually trade technologies with me.
Spoiler :

As it will cost $2,964:gold: to upgrade my Trebuchets to bombards, I set :science: to Zero, along with :culture: to gain 297:gold: per turn, for ten turns to gain the upgrade cost. I also want to keep a substantial treasury balance, just in case of events, good and bad. Its 491:gold: each to upgrade them, one every 2 turns, I’ll do.

Royal tournament, I need to construct six knights stables, to enable this building. Ultimately, I plan to set up a 3rd city producing mounted units from a knights stable and Royal tournament, giving 7 points experience. Combined with my other two troop production centres of 11 experience points each (with one more Great general settlement).

1103 AD

Rioting in the city of Pisa, has destroyed my; High wall, and three other improvements about the city. Egypt has been identified as the culprit responsible for the cities woe’s. I need a Theatre there 1st, to offset the unhappy due to no :culture:, then high walls. The city is on my border lands facing directly off against the dastardly Freeonch !!!!

Once I have destroyed the Freeonch, to my immediate west, I’m thinking of turning on the Egyptian dogs, as their capital city is quite close to the borders, and my army is there.

Another day, another captured Freeonch bombard, that makes three, as they didn’t retake the one I captured outside the walls of Abydos. I don’t understand the reasoning of the AI, it has three dragoons per city, on average, yet it won’t recapture a lost bombard??? Free siege units to me. Some games I play with rules;
  1. No workers to be built.
  2. No siege allowed to be built, except for up to 4 battering rams.
  3. I can only build the base improvements.
  4. I add other rules as I see fit
I end up with HUGE armies of siege, that much I don’t know what to do with them all. Workers coming out empires borders in groups of eight, and way way in front, due to land/science.

The walls of Abydos are in sight of my armed forces. Camped out on a wooded hill for defence, they can’t reach the 2 tiles distance across the open farm lands, with the bombards. Awaiting the reinforcements of Elephant bombards, nothing else can be done. All upgrades have been completed upon the siege units of the Holy Roman Pacifist Empire, the treasury balance now needs to be restored to 1K:gold: holding balance, with income receipts cash flow positive.

Printing presses have been constructed in the main cities of the Empire, with those cities now going back to war production.

1118 AD

The high walls and theatre have been constructed in Pisa, reassuring the citizens of that city, of the might and right of the Holy Roman Pacifist Empire. Production now moves to the printing press, to educate and placate the masses.

Freeonch troops continue to assail my fortified position upon the hill, but are soundly beaten by my landsknecht, with
  1. Woodsman II
  2. Guerilla I
  3. Combat III
  4. March
Spoiler :

1136 AD

Compass has been researched, no longer are we reliant upon clear nights and the stars for guidance.
Spoiler :

Algebra is selected as next technology to be researched, followed by Divine right, to complete that row of research. The next column will be started by Astronomy, to enable the observatories for greater research potential.

Elephant bombardiers are starting to trickle into the encampment of the Holy Roman Army. With the addition of three of those units, the offence shall be recommenced against Abydos.

1149 AD

I received the ‘Leadership random event’, asking to either change government to Republic, or hold a national celebration in my honour.

As I moved to Monarchy, to give my cities head room to grow, and grow the treasury, I choose the celebration. Why endure the anarchy of a change for a lessor civic.
Spoiler :

As well, I’ve now built six knights stables, and am able to construct the Royal tournament national wonder in my 3rd Military city of Mainz.

Next turn, I receive the Philosopher random event.
Spoiler :

I choose the 200 :gold: for an academy in Aachen, for -2:mad: . As such, I decide to build Oxford university national wonder in Aachen as well, for another 17:science: on top of the 10:science: I received from the Academy. I’ve queued movement of the Palace to go to the city of Florence, as its grown sufficiently to build it in 19 turns, and I need to centralise my administration. Aachen will become a military/science/industrial complex.

1160 AD

With the arrival of my 3rd Elephant bombardier, I have my stack of doom completed. The city of Abydos needs to be burnt to the ground. I also require a Settler build, along with the settling complement to found the new city that will be freed up, and a 2nd for the city near Rheims, No 2 on my list of destruction. I have the Egyptian capital not far from those two cities, and you just know Ramesses, has a settler or three awaiting the freeing of land.
Spoiler :

Also, Ramesses, YOU were responsible for the riots experience in the city of Pisa, just recently. Don’t EVER think I’ve forgotten or forgiven you for those events.

Moving my stack of doom out, into Freeonch lands, causes my economy to go 71:gold: into the Red, and draws out Freeonch Dragoons from the city of Abydos to attack my stack.

The brave Freeonch troops, seeing that offense was the only possible means of defense of the city, sallied forth to attack the opposing forces. Some were able to be successful, the destruction of one War Elephant, and the loss of a heavy horseman, but the majority were destroyed in the offense.
Spoiler :

Of the successful troops, they returned to a city, wracked with fear and despair. Little damage was done to the attacking forces, who with the dawn of the next day, immediately commenced their offense on the city.


One turn of Bombardment, and Abydos’s culture is no more, its walls have been levelled to the ground, its troops, all stand bewildered and injured in the streets, easy prey for my Heavy :trouble: swordsmen. One after the other, they storm the broken walls of Abydos, slaughtering all defenders they come across, the general staff has decreed that the city is to be raised to the ground, its people slaughtered or enslaved, the riches to be distributed amongst the army.

Abydos is captured for the glory of the Holy Roman Pacifist Empire.
Spoiler :

so :sad:, too :evil:, I raise a city containing a world wonder. 10:gold: at that as well

A Freeonch bombard was caught out in the open, on the new borders, immediately captured by my rider unit. All besieging troops enter Abydos to under go some R & R (Rampage and Ruination).

The next day, a Freeonch relief column is spotted to the North West of Abydos, encamped upon a hill, too little too late mon ami. They provide only light relief to the forces of Holy Rome, with their late arrival and comically gestures to the occupying forces.

With the raising of Abydos, my stack of doom moves North West, to uncover the next victim of the Holy Roman forces, coming upon the city of Marseilles :rockon: 2 tiles to the North North West.
Spoiler :

Upon arrival at the walls of Marseilles, the assault begins immediately upon the dawn of the next day, to allow the positioning of the siege and construction of defenses for the army group.

Bombardment of the city on the dawn of the day, is followed up by range bombarding the defenders, and thence the assault on the doomed city begins.
Spoiler :

Non grid city site, to be raised to the ground.

Nuremberg’s regiment, 1st Squad, Alpha company of Elephant bombardiers, upon seeing two Freeonch Dragoons, within a forest in the Tundra to the East of Marseilles, takes it upon itself to attack the units, to gain glory for the Squad
Spoiler :

:eek: What else do you expect to happen at 99.5% offense :dunno:
Spoiler :

:mad: Really you had to look didn’t you!!

what else would you expect??, two Landsknecht’s cleaned up the mess left behind.

All my troops move into the city of Marseilles, to heal and receive some much needed R & R.


Divine right, by the grace of god and god alone, I have been given the right to rule this land and its peoples.
Spoiler :

1173 AD

Marseilles is raised to the ground, and I’m immediately surrounded by 5 squads of Arquebusier militia from the citizenry of that former Freeonch city. Two of them are defeated, for the loss of one knight @ 66%, with the heavy swordsman, winning, by having to survive upon a tundra bed for the night. A Freeonch Arquebusier, to the North West.

Having sighted the siege, in the ruins of Marseilles, upon the surrounding landscape, to provide defense for the healing troops, they all gained opportunity fire upon the Freeonch troops, who all then suicided upon the bivouacked troops.

With my troops healing, and having destroyed the Northern Freeonch lands, it seems an opportune time to end this report. Thirty pictures and other icons is the posting limit, or close to it.
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1176 AD – Dissection and Anatomy of a Freeonch Empire

As always, I begin this round with a review of my cities, I adjust a few builds to reflect what I need to aim for empire wide; Growth, Commerce and Production.

6 Turns till the Palace is built in its new city of Florence.
Spoiler :

Troops are being produced in Three cities, to form Settling groups of;
  1. 3 Longbows, for city defence.
  2. 1 Crossbow, Anti Melee unit.
  3. 1 Landsknecht, Anti horse/melee.
  4. 1 Maceman, Anti Melee. Combat promotions.
Spoiler :

In moving in to attack Rheims, I’ve decided against a full frontal attack, but take a more circumvent route through the marshes and woods to the North East, moving into the Mountain ranges to East, and assaulting the city from there. This will give time for troops production and building of the settlement groups required
Spoiler :

In the frozen Northern Arctic, one worker group is building a fort upon the icy city site. To be garrisoned by a city defender III longbow, while two more groups of workers, build a paved road south to my empire and north from my empire to the fortification. Gaining a Stone and a Fur tiles in within the fortification culture, both of which are to be improved.

1200 AD

The assault upon Rheims begins.
  1. Aachen Regiment, 1st Squad Alpha company of Elephant Bombardiers, attacks at 91.54% into a Dragoon, and wins.
  2. Every one else is attacking at over 98%, they all win.

Rheims is captured, with FOUR wonders intact;
  1. Cheomseongdae – for 20% longer golden ages.
  2. Glassmith – Production of glassware, I already have three, not working but has access to stone??
  3. Pottery – Production of pottery, I have six available now.
  4. Sistine Chapel – 2:culture: per specialist, and 5:culture: per Shinto building.
Spoiler :

The city is captured and occupied, the workers group of five, seems to have escaped the patrols about the city, no matter, they’ll be found eventually.


Most of my stack of doom, moves into the city, R & R (Rampage and Ruination) immediately begins upon the city next day. A newly recruited Elephant Bombardier is moving to the city of Rheims to join the group, with another Freeonch city’s culture sighted near the previous city of Abydos.

Standing atop the highest point in Rheims, the city of Tours
Spoiler :

Can been seen, a short distance away.

1203 AD

Astronomy has been devised, gazing deeply into the star’s, I begin to devise the divine intent of this world. Observatories are constructed, to fathom the secrets of the stars.
Spoiler :

1206 AD

Rheims is raise to the ground, partisan units, fleeing the city, form up around the city. They are quickly eliminated by my armed forces. Fortified in the city, they launch opportunity fire down upon the besieging Arquebusier’s.

A reinforcement Squad of Elephant Bombardier’s, defeats one of the partisan units, in battle upon the open plains, on its way to join the stack of doom. Aachen’s regiment, 1st Squad, Alpha company of Elephant Bombardier’s, joins the squad to safely guide it back to the Holy Roman Armed forces.

Two nights running, have the Freeonch forces assailed the Holy Roman Pacifist encampment, both nights they were beaten off with heavy losses to the attacking forces, and none to the defenders. In total, seven Arquebusier’s squads have been killed.
Spoiler :

1214 AD

The Grid city of Strassburg has been founded.
Spoiler :

With two caravans accompanying the settlement group, a Stonemason and most of a Granary was immediately rushed. This was given preference over the high walls, due to the city being founded upon a hill, and growth is the surest way to production. Using a 5:food: tile, and surrounded by four mountains, this city will be a production monster. Best to keep Ramesses at bay from settling in on my lands, and defending my cities when I turn on him SOON!!!

The stack of doom, on its way to Tours, pillaging a village along the path, into nothing more then an open field, then moving on to the wall of Tours and its fate.

1215 AD

The siege of Tours begins, the first day’s bombardment, ends with the defences of Tours reduced to 85%. Strong are the defences of Tours, this won’t be a quick or easy battle.

The hard pressed defenders of Tours, seeing no hope in passive defence, sallied forth, from the city to engage the Holy Roman scourge in the fields, to no avail.

As well, three Dragoons have been sighted inside the borders of Strassburg, with a worker group of four workers, beating a hasty retreat, from the construction of a paved road to that city. With no wall and only
  1. Two longbows defending the city, with City garrison III,
  2. A Landsknecht, with combat II,
  3. A crossbowman with drill IV,
  4. All overseen by the combat II maceman.

The following day, the defences of Tours were reduced to nothing. Holy Roman Heavy :trouble: swordsmen, scrambled over the fallen walls and engaged the defenders, after a round of collateral damage bombardment from the available bombards.
Spoiler :

Tours was captured, with three wonders contained within the city
  1. Edinburgh Castle – Reduces maintenance in near by cities.
  2. Glassmith – Production of glassware, I have three.
  3. Hanseatic league – 2:gold: from Port, Seaport and 1:gold: from market.

So :sad: too :evil:, non grid city, and treated as such. I learnt some of the secrets of Leadership from the sacking of the city. A group of four workers was also captured in the city, with a relief column of three squads of Dragoons, sighted to the North East of the city, too far away to aid in its defence.

The next day, that same group of Dragoons, was sighted South West of the city of Strassburg, fleeing southward, through the lands of Egypt, towards the remaining four cities of Francia.

Ramesses giving passage to the Freeonch forces, is tantamount to a full declaration of war upon the Holy Roman Pacifist Empire, and won’t be tolerated.

1221 AD

The grid city of Lubeck is founded.
Spoiler :

A city with Four mined hills about it, farmed potatoes and a mined Iron tile as well in its BFC. Freeonch culture may be the dominate one, but I plan to eliminate the Freeonch completely from this continent, and encompassing those citizens into the Holy Roman Pacifist Empire.

Tours was raised, and a specialist was sent to Prague, to aid in that cities production.

All cities, that are capable of building an Observatory, in a reasonable time, are put onto such, unless the have a builds of under five turns.
Spoiler :

My stack of doom, having raised Tours, commences the march to the mountain pass on the border to the remaining Freeonch city of Texcoco. But first, will recuperate and gather forces in the city of Lubeck first, to forestall any rebellions to Francia and allowing the building up of defenders for that city.

With another city contained in its culture to the North, as well as Paris, isolated by Egyptian culture, making up the four remaining cities of the Freeonch empire.
  1. Chartres. - Settled on an old Aztec city site.
  2. Texcoco. - Coastal city, an ex Aztec city, liberated to the Freeonch.
  3. Paris – Capital of the Freeonch, trapped behind Egyptian culture.
  4. The mystery 4th city, to the North of Paris, at a guess :dunno:.
Spoiler :

1227 AD

Upon resumption, I thought to checkout the technologies, to see what I had obtained through conquest. I find I have 1 turn on Leadership and 2 on Metallurgy, as such I research both under my rules of less then 15% can be researched to completion. I’ll then resume the research of;
  1. Prospective
  2. Humanism
  3. Anatomy
Spoiler :

1229 AD

Metallurgy has been discovered, allowing the building of Foundries.
Spoiler :

I also received the Great spy event this turn, choosing to pay $200:gold: I gained a Great Spy, combined with my existing Great Engineer, I have a 2nd golden age now available

As I now have Foundries available, ALL cities, bar the slowest and newest, immediately begin the construction of a foundry. Leaving the top two builds in most cities at; A Foundry then onto an Observatory.

Deganawida, came on by as well, cancelling our 16:gold: per turn deal, for I forget what. I negotiated a deal for potatoes, thinking I may have short changed myself by 2:gold:
Spoiler :

Two caravans arrived in Lubeck, my newly settled city. They immediately rushed the Stonemason and then the Granary to within 64:hammers: of completion, or 11 turns of production.

1241 AD

Perspective has been discovered. No more will painting be done in two dimensions, depth and a eye for the landscape, shadows and light.
Spoiler :

1250 AD

OMG!!! Napoleon has actually GONE ON THE OFFENSIVE. He’s attacked my core city of Mainz, with a lonely Arquebusier. Of course my defender of Mainz, easily accounted for it. Usually I will mass build Star Forts, with Metallurgy, but I’ve decided not to this time, as I only have a small continent, 3 opponents upon it.

I do a bit of Wheeling and dealing, on the international trade front, and drag my economy from in the red to 44:gold: in the green. Selling Sugar, mainly, of which I seem to have a monopoly upon.

A merciful gesture by my troops, towards the Freeonch opponents, had opened the door to peace, I decide to check out what Napoleon would give to have peace.
Spoiler :

Nah, war it is.

The war seems to have ground to a halt in the blink of an eye, but needing troops and culture in Lubeck, they have to stay put until the situation is put on a more equitable basis for the Holy Roman Empire. Sending a Galleass about the point of Paris, I’ve uncovered the 4th Mystery city of Lyon, exactly where I thought it’d be.

1274 AD

I’ve now researched Humanism
Spoiler :

With this I can enable the civic of reformation, from a -20% great person birth rate to a +30% birth rate. It will cut out the -50% from population unrest, but give +2 :) to my cities.

That change of civics, put me 230:gold: in the green in anarchy, and once I came out, I went down to 145:gold: in the green, allowing the raising of the science slider to 45%:science: with 20%:culture: Science has now hit over 500:science: for the 1st time.

With the Freeonch empire effectively split in two now, I can take my time it dismantling it completely. Ramesses, really should take advantage of the perceived weakness of the French and attack them. He only has
  1. Longbows for defence.
  2. Heavy swordsman of offence.
  3. Men at Arms for mounted.
  4. Fluyts for ships.
  5. 1 Elephant resource for units,
Spoiler :

Though I’m yet to see an Elephant unit, in the two cities I have vision into.

As well, a barbarian frigate and a privateer has appeared, off of Asyut. At 18:strength: they out gun my 10:strength: Galleass’s and Fluyt’s. Discretion is the better part of Valour, and I’ll retreat my naval forces to my cities as they pass on by. Most likely they’ve are Freeonch freebooters.

1304 AD

Anatomy has been fully researched, new techniques are being taught in the medical schools about the empire, field dressings are improved as is the sanitation. General Eoweabard Legiracred is promoted to Medic II, to reflect the improved surgical techniques.
Spoiler :

After this technology, I select Navigation then Gunpowder as my next two technologies, as I need better shipping to combat the barbarian menace, and that privateer, and Arquebusier’s with gunpowder for better troops. I’ll build a garrison, once I start on gunpowder, so I’m ready to produce from day one in my three main troop production cities of;
  1. Aachen
  2. Nuremberg
  3. Mainz

1314 AD

I resume the offensive against the Freeonch empire, by moving my stack of doom onto a mountain tile, on the Freeonch borders, with orders to move to the walls of Chartres the next turn. Only five siege are attached to the stack, as the other five siege are on duties at Aachen, trying to gain opportunity fire upon the Privateer and the barbarian Frigate (Pirate vessel).

My stack of doom has reached the walls of Chartres, and 3 squads of Men at Arms, break off to pillage a village sighted to the North West of the city, raising the structure, and putting all citizens they could find to the sword. Task completed, they rejoin the stack of doom, and besiege the city of Chartres.

1323 AD

The assault on Chartres begins;
  1. A Heavy sword attacks at 70%, and wins. (Great General, Norman Schwarzkopf is born in Nuremberg)
  2. A 2nd Heavy sword, at 66%, is a winner.
  3. Three war Elephant’s attack, consecutively, and ALL win.
  4. Then a landsknecht and a Heavy swordsman both attack in unison, both victorious.
  5. Two maces, seeing only heavy swords remaining, storm the broken walls, victory again.
The last Mace, captures the city, by destroying the one remaining squad of heavy swords, opening the gates wide for the entry of the victorious Stack of doom of the Holy Roman Pacifist Empire and the commencement of R & R upon the city.
Spoiler :

With the cities capture, a victory parade is held in the city of Nuremberg, to quell the citizens unrest, and desire for independence.

Now two cities of the Holy Roman Pacifist Empire, are able to produce units of the 4th level of experience, with the settling of Great General Norman Schwartzkopf into the city. The next city to be developed as such, will be the city of Mainz.

The Holy Roman Pacifist Empire’s stack of doom, resting up in the city of Chartres, healing and re-equipping its forces, the war against the Freeonch empire is entering its final stages now, Three cities remain, two of them behind the Egyptian culture.
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I have a slight amendment on the opportunity fire trick.

Turn 1 - You move into position.
Turn 2 - You set to Land sentry
Turn 3 - You should have gained opportunity fire, now you can range bombard, or bombard the city, as you still retain opportunity firing, you can't move to attack the city with your siege though, as this will break 'opportunity firing'.

Oh, more on that 'Alternative start' to this grid game, its 114 AD, I have 4 cities with over 11 population, all are now 'core' cities. I'm in full blown war mode against Napoleon, who took Pacal as a vassal, just as I was going to attack him.
Montezuma never appeared.
Pacal stagnated his capital AGAIN!! @ size 1.
I've 5 cities with Mutal, that I just captured.
I'm rolling over Napoleon, he has; Longbows, Maces, pikes.
I have; Axes, archers, spears, catapults, horse archers and mounted infantry

Made a HUGE DIFFERENCE, altering the starting city, by 1 West. C'est la vie

Further posting on alternative game
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1323 AD The dark ages

1323 AD

As I do every time I resume my games, I do a full review of; my empire, its builds and aims.
Spoiler :

I’ve updated the version to SVN 1076, and its associated changes.

All my core cities are building a doctors office, to enable the socialist universal health care, that my empire has adopted. I decide to put the school of medicine to the end of the queue in Luxemburg, as this city will take 34 turns to build it, for only a 25% reduction in production times. All core cities would have this building constructed by then, with the best city of Mainz building it in 25 turns.

As its a national wonder for future builds in cities, as they come online, similar to the school of law.

Score wise, I’m in 4th position, and climbing the ladder. On the demographics, I’m actually 2nd in crop production and military strength, but 1st in :hammers: production and Land area. These are the 2 really important measures, along with military and gold to a lessor extent.
Spoiler :

Next turn, I’ll go through again, and adjust builds for the most urgent, gold producing.

As per my rules, I have to go back and research community for 2 turns, to complete that column of techs, then I can go back to free artistry for the 2:) from the Art gallery building. A bit of wheeling and dealing to garner some extra resources and gold, was conducted. I gained dye for +1:) and Tea for the +1:health:. A couple of cities, picked up a tailor as the most urgent build, for the +1:) from the dye resource.

1329 AD
  1. 0 in 2 in battles at 96.5% and above attacking odds.
  2. 1 in 2 in battles at 76.6% odds both attack and defense.
  3. 1 in 4 in battles at 76.6 % odds or higher I’ve WON.
And it continues in the same vein, losing at 86%

1334 AD

Dido :drool: came on by and renegotiates our trade deal for wine :drool:
Spoiler :

I add alcohol to the deal, to get her in a compliant mood for later :groucho:

As well, I picked up another treasure, making two I now have. I use them both to rush the school of medicine in Luxemburg, to speed up the doctors offices production.

2 reasons I did this.
  1. To reduce the production of the school of medicine to only 4 turns, thus giving 25% boost to my cities building this +2:health: building.
  2. Napoleon has FIVE treasures located in Texcoco, the next city on my list, I’m only 2 tiles away from it.
1340 AD

Texcoco has fallen, 3 Arquebusier’s and 2 Dragoons were the only defense of that city, over come for the loss of 1 Heavy :trouble: Swordsman at 70% attack. 5 treasures was the real prize of the city, as well as some of the secrets of Scientific Method.
Spoiler :

Troops fan out all across the now vacant lands of Texcoco prefecture, and pillage all villages they come across. Most urgent are those along the borders of the Egyptian culture, as they have a high probability of defecting to that empire.

With the taking of Texcoco, 3 turns of anarchy follows as the armed forces of the Pacifist Kingdom of Holy Roman impose their will. The city is opened up for R and R of the armed forces. (Rampage and Ruination)

With the loss of Texcoco, the two remaining Freeonch cities, are both located BEHIND the cultural walls of the Egyptian empire. Cleansing of the lands needs to be conducted 1st, before the war can be finalised.

I now have 2 choices,
  1. Sail my army around the Egyptian empire lands and assault Paris from a beach head.
  2. Declare war upon Egypt, and destroy/march through his lands.
I’m moving one settling group I’ve managed to complete, in a southerly direction, to below the city of Mainz. From here, I’ll settle a grid city on the coast to prevent opportunistic AI landings and march through to the cities of;
  1. Asyut, an Egyptian city, blocking my coastal grid city position.
  2. Orleans, an ex-Freeonch city, taken by the Egyptians.
  3. Paris, the Capital of the Freeonch Empire.
  4. Lyons, the only remaining Freeonch city.

From here, I’ll assess the war, as I’m on par with Egypt, with troops classification, but I grossly outnumber him by 1.9x:strength:. I also have 2 workers groups working on Tobacco plantations, close to the Egyptian borders, and they’ll have to be moved to safety.

1350 AD Darkness falls

Rut Roh, I’ve been ‘lucky’ so far, in a sense. I was wondering when and if this would happen AGAIN!!!
Spoiler :

I have prepared as best I could for such an event, all or most mature cities, have a grocer already. I build farms 1 to 1 against all other improvements. Health is a pressing issue, but building the doctors offices, has offset that, by 2:health:

Upon resuming, I adjust my cities as best I can, most are starving, some will build 1 or 2 food saving buildings, but most are losing 8-12:food: per turn, too much to recover, Most of my cities are starving.

My settling group is in place, to the south of Mainz, my stack of doom has healed up on a hill, outside of the culture of Egypt and the city of Asyut. Time to raise some hell :evil:, and Egyptian cities.

My declaration of war upon Egypt, has caused the loss of 21:gold: per turn in trade, so I vacuum up the remaining :gold: per turn on offer, and actually sell 2 lots of Tobacco for 2:gold: per turn, to 2 different civ’s. Dragging my economy back to a 3 loss.

My troops enter the culture of Asyut, and are at the walls of the city immediately, with one turn to establish range and organise troops for the assault. Of course entering the Egyptian lands, puts my economy 29 in the red.

One bombard, reduces the cultural defenses of Asyut to Zero, Time for experience farming.
  1. 3 other bombards, all attack the city, and all are victorious at 83% and above.
  2. A Mace attacks at 99.9%, wins.
  3. A Heavy :trouble: sword attacks, and captures the city.
Spoiler :

I learn some of the secrets of Political Philosophy and R & R now commences.

1356 AD

With the raising of Asyut, Brandenburg was founded, in the face of the fleeing militia raised from the refugees of Asyut.
Spoiler :

Those foolhardy guerrilla factions, were quickly eliminated by my army of conquest, and the defenders of Brandenburg.

Moving Northwards from the ruins of Asyut, my army of conquest, passes through the newly settled city of Brandenburg, receiving the cheers and adulation of the population of that newly established settlement. Joining up with the detachment of five bombards, that were on pirate duty around Aachen, and the 2 Landsknecht's cleaning up the remaining guerilla’s from Asyut’s destruction.

Parthian to the North East, of the army of conquests current position, is the next target for capture and R & R of the army. For too long, has this city of Egyptian’s stood in the way of the expansion of the Holy Roman Empire. The Lush green lands, bountiful hills of minerals and pristine woods have been long coverted by the rapacious Holy Roman Empire.
Spoiler :

This will also remove an enclave of Egyptian settlement into the Holy Roman Empire, and straighten out the South Eastern borders of our lands. This potential invasion point, thrust into the heart of the Holy Roman Empire, needs to be removed and eliminated completely.

1362 AD - Parthian’s destruction

Aachen’s Regiment, 1st Squad, Alpha company of Warriors (landsknecht), upon receiving the fanatic promotion, and having woodsman II and Guerrilla I, was able to launch an attack upon the POORLY DEFENDED city of Parthian @ 95.8% upon a longbow.

Leaving only a Heavy :trouble: swordsman as the sole defense of the city. A longbow and another heavy :trouble: swordsman, choose instead to attack my advancing army, upon a forest, grassland hill, being soundly defeated.

The city of Parthian, lying immediately to the South East of my capital of Florence, was always going to be a prime target of my aggression. Advancing upon the city, has also revealed the city of Hieraconpolis, further to the South East, and directly upon my line of advance towards the coastal city of Orleans and Paris.

1364 AD

I take the assault upon Parthian as an opportunity to do some more experience farming.
  1. Bombards reduce the cultural defenses of Parthian to zero.
  2. A prize Mayan Trebuchet (Bombard), then assails the city.
  3. Finally, the Prague Regiment, 3rd Squad, Alpha company of Heavy :trouble: swordsman, @ 100% takes the city.
R & R may now commence.

Seizing the opportunity for experience farming from pillaging the towns about Parthian, defenders from both Florence and Strassburg, move into the former lands of Parthian to pillage the defenseless towns. The only Egyptian troops sighted are a squad of heavy swords to the South of Strassburg.

Parthian is destroyed the following turn, with the militia formed by the citizens, fleeing to the capital city. Having seen the fate of the refugees of Asyut, choose wisely, to flee the immediate battlegrounds, and seek refuge in the capital.

From the capture of Parthian, the secrets of Political Philosophy are extracted.
Spoiler :

Advancing South East, towards the city of Hieraconpolis, my army comes across a town, and immediately pillages it, putting to the sword the population unable to flee. Moving across the river, the assault upon Hieraconpolis can begin next turn.

1376 AD - Hieraconpolis

The Assault upon Hieraconpolis begins
  1. A bombard, reduces the culture of the city to zero, as this had to been done across the river
  2. The remaining 9 Bombards, rain collateral damage down upon the city.
  3. A squad of Elephant bombardier's, attacks the city @ 74.6% and wins.
  4. Aachen’s regiment, 7th Squad, Alpha company of maces, destroys a heavy sword defender.
  5. Aachen’s regiment, 2nd Squad, Alpha company of maces, destroys a heavy sword, and receives a unit citation of city raider IV.
  6. Aachen’s regiment, 7th Squad, Alpha company of heavy swords, captures the city.
From the city with the remaining secrets of Free Artistry divulged.
Spoiler :

1378 AD

Free Artistry is researched in full
Spoiler :

2:) from the Art Gallery, opening up the Globe theatre national wonder with 5 Art Galleries. Taking the opportunity from the pillaging of Hieraconpolis, three units were able to achieve the next level of experience for a further promotion, with other low experienced units gaining from the pillaging opportunity.

Groups of 3 or 4 bombards fanned out about the city, to pillage the various villages and towns that surrounded Hieraconpolis, with;
  1. 1 Rebel heavy horse.
  2. 2 Quest granted Men at Arms.
Racing up from the city of Mutal, to join the army of conquest, spending one turn pillaging a village in their path.

All the while, Ramesses, is bombarding the Northern border city of Lubeck, with a lone bombard. 5 Quest Men at Arms, race to the city to capture the bombard, and to provide further reinforcements to my army of conquest.

1380 AD

Navigation secrets have been fully deciphered. No longer are we restricted to coastal trading and exploration, the open sea’s are ours to be explored.
Spoiler :

As well, the Egyptian bombard, pushed Northwards into my lands, and was captured by one of the Quest Men at Arms, North East of Lubeck.

This opened up trade with Ashurbanipal, who provided this deal
Spoiler :

Summer 1383 AD

Hieraconpolis is destroyed, the population put to the sword or fleeing the vengeance of the Holy Roman army, forms up into partisan units about the city. Armed with only crude maces, and with no military training, they are easy pickings for the encamped army of conquest.

Orleans is the next target of acquisition of the Holy Roman army of conquest. 3 turns will be spent traveling southward to assail that city.

Meanwhile, in the middle of losing 2 mature cities, Ramesses has sent out a settling party, directly south of Strassburg, close to Orleans, and my army of conquest. No garrisoning of cities, no sustained attacks upon my army. Only 2 squads of heavy swords have attacked, twice, causing no casualties at all.

Instead, he wastes resources on founding cities, that CAN’T BE DEFENDED, diluting his city defenses. Giving more easy targets to be consumed by the ravenous and voracious beast, that is the Holy Roman Pacifist Empire.

Having seen the foolishness of his way’s, Ramesses retreats his settlement stack to Orleans. With the settler racing ahead to the city, leaving the escort of a mace and longbow, exposed to the assault of a Man at Arms. While Four others, pillage a town to dust, along the road to Orleans.

Summer 1389 AD - Orleans

The assault of Orleans begins.
Spoiler :

From the battle for Orleans, a Great General was generated, to be settled in Mainz, my 3rd Military city, that contains the Royal tournament already.

It seems that Napoleon has lost his 2nd city of Lyon to the Egyptian empire, leaving Paris as his only remaining city. The way to Paris through the Arden forest, and across the river Marne is open to the Holy Roman Pacifist empire. Napoleon will offer Colonialism, capitulation and gold as peace terms, but I want him DEAD and Paris;
  1. Isn't a grid city.
  2. Even though upon the coast, non grid city, as leaves tiles unused.
  3. Capital city of an opponent, but still not a grid city.
Napoleon has 5 workers, 11 Dragoons, 5 Arquebusier’s, 3 Heavy:trouble:Swordsmen, and 1 Heavy Pikeman as his empire wide armed forces. I encamp upon a wooded hill, next to the Dragoons, claim the tile as my own, and await the nights entertainment.

Of the two battles I lost;
  1. One came though unscathed at 8.3% odds.
  2. The 2nd won at 13.8%, receiving 3 hits, v’s the 7 I was dealt.
Spoiler :

Remaining encamped upon the hill for a day of medical attendence, the army of conquest, is attacked again the next night with no casualties, and one field promotion granted to a squad of Warriors (Landsknecht's) to formation II.

3rd night of encampment, 2 Arquebusier’s attacked and were soundly defeated. The city of Paris is now wide open, only defended by 1 Arquebusier and 3 heavy:trouble: swords and a heavy pikeman.

Too little, too late, in attacking my army of conquest.

Summer 1407 AD - Paris

Paris has been taken, the 2 surrounding villages have been destroyed, 5 workers were captured and 1 treasure.
Spoiler :

The Freeonch empire is no more, vassaling to Ramesses, was a pointless exercise, as he can’t even defend himself, let alone a vassal.

From the city, I learn some of Jurisprudence.
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1407 War gaming in the sand pit

1407 AD

Upon resuming the game, I do a review of my cities, the trade positions of my fellow civ's, and look over the general strategic situation.
Spoiler :

I have two forts built upon grid city positions, garrisoned with some troops, the 3rd Grid city position, to the North East of Paris, is behind the Egyptian culture. Necessitating the removal of the city of Orleans. First I must cleanse the lands around Paris.

Healing up for 2 turns, I take advantage of the experience farming from pillaging the city, to enable promotions for three units. The treasure and the five workers, are all moved out of the city, to the centrally located capital city of Florence.

Fredrick also came on by, asking for open borders, which I provided, as the other 4 AI’s I opened borders with, dragged my economy back into 1:gold: in the green.

1413 AD

Paris is sacked, leaving only one line of tiles for settlement by other AI’s, and a tile with pearls and a fishing boat upon it. That is Prime real estate for the settlement spamming AI’s. My army of conquest moves north, towards the city of Lyons.
Spoiler :

1418 AD

My army of conquest arrives at the walls of Lyons, situated upon a grassland hill, affording an excellent vantage point for my bombards to do their name sake. One turn is spend to fully remove the cultural defenses of the city, with my Heavy:trouble: swords lining up to assail the city.
Spoiler :

Order of battle is as follows;
  1. Prague’s regiment, 3rd Squad, Alpha company, Heavy swordsman, attacks @ 85.7% defeating a longbow.
  2. Aachen regiment, 6th Squad, Alpha company, Heavy swordsman, takes city raider IV, @ 98,1%, kills a longbow.
  3. Aachen regiment , 6th Squad, Alpha company, Heavy Pikeman, attacks into the sole remaining defender of a Man at Arms, and wins @ 99.1%.
Opening the city gates for the victorious army of conquest of the Holy Roman Pacifist Empire.
Spoiler :

1422 AD

Lyons is sacked and burnt to the ground. Citizens fleeing the rabid depredations of my army of conquest, form up guerrilla groups of maces in the surrounding country side.
Spoiler :

Losing only 1 Landsknecht @ 89.3%, on the very last battle, but I did pick up a bombard from Egypt in the bargain.

1425 AD

Frederick comes on by, and proposes the following deal
Spoiler :

A big change in one turn from the 4K+:gold: they all wanted, with nothing given up on their side.

I accept, receiving the following
Spoiler :

Looking for other trade deals for Mountaineering

A nice little earner.

I’ve only now just realised, I kept missing Rhetoric in my back research, and have to back track to research it NOW.

The army of conquest of the Holy Roman Pacifist Empire, moves north east, killing a Man at Arms, that withdrew from combat, and then lay’s siege to the city of Akhetaten.

1427 AD
Spoiler :

Seven Bombards reduce the defense of Akhetaten down to nothing, the remain siege all attack the city, further injuring the defenders.
Spoiler :

I take this opportunity to upgrade,
  1. All my Men at Arms to Dragoons, for $2,204:gold:
  2. All my crossbows to Dragoons, for $4,672:gold:
  3. All my longbows to Arquebusier’s, for $8,085:gold:, needing 0% research to achieve.
  4. Put all cities onto wealth production for 10 turns, to enable the promotion of ALL longbows to Arquebusier’s.
Four dragoons, seeing opportunity, race into the Egyptian lands and capture a 3rd Egyptian bombard.

As per my rules, I can research Scientific method for one turn to complete the technology.
Spoiler :

1445 AD

Spoiler :

I upgrade all my longbows to Arquebusier’s, for $7,895:gold: cost, leaving $2,397:gold: in the treasury.

The very next turn, I get the plague event in Pisa, and have to spend $300:gold: to stop the spread to other cities, losing 2 population.
Spoiler :

Sure enough, Carthage has gone and laid down a city on the vacated land of Paris. Looks like I’ll have to pay Dido a visit, and partake of some of that wine I traded her :drool:

I raise the city of Memphis, with the fleeing citizens, having more chutzpah then the Egyptian armed forces. But all they really are is experience farming for my Dragoons.

I move all my troops onto the lands of Egypt, then call a truce, having them all bounced out of Egypt. Saving me 3 turns of trudging through his lands.

Colonialism, having only 1 turn remaining, is researched 1st, then back to Rhetoric.
Spoiler :

Winter 1457 AD

With the research of Colonialism, I can settle my first 3 population city, of Heidelberg
Spoiler :

A fine grid city spot, keeping away those city spamming AI’s from my homelands.

1458 AD

Rhetoric has been fully researched,
Spoiler :

In celebration, all politicians held a rally, with numerous long winded speeches, about issues the general public couldn’t care less about.

As my army of conquest has moved back to the borders of Dido, and she has FOUR technologies on me, 2 workers and only one Arquebusier, defending the city, with a steamer. She is bottom of the score table, with 4 cities.
Spoiler :


One dragoon, crosses the border, and immediately captures two workers, standing dumbfounded in the fields.

In attacking the city, one dragoon, lost @ 63%, at a ratio of 2:1 on hits against. Leptis was immediately sacked, its people put to the sword and burnt to the ground.

From notes found in the ruins, I was able to divulge some of the secrets of chemistry.

Science slider has slipped up to 60%, with 20% Cultural rate slider.

Production is of work boats in coastal cities, to replace the fishing boats pillaged by the Egyptian privateer
Spoiler :

As I have no settlers to claim vacated land of the Egyptians, along the coast, I don’t declare war upon them. Two workers just isn’t worth, the worry.

Power wise, I’m 1.2:strength: of the civ's I have vision upon.

Technology wise, I’m far behind, as liberalism is long gone. Yet the AI flatly refuses to research Rhetoric or Mountaineering technologies. They ALL have;
  1. Physics.
  2. Chemistry.
  3. Mercantilism.
  4. Social contract.
On me as researchable technologies, Dido, is at war with 3 other civ's, and as on another continent, no threat.

My next target, will be Alexander and his city of Miletos, that has some Holy Roman culture on all tiles, so I will culturally claim that part of the coast. Guarded by three Dragoons, with one worker, diligently working the tiles. The city contains a Spice and an off shore Oil resource.
Spoiler :

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More reports on that Alternative start game.

Winter 941 AD
- I've completely removed the starting AI's from MY Continent.
- I'm losing 29:gold: per turn, 20%:culture:, 0%:science:
- I have 8 cities, all building a Manor house.
- Most of the AI's have at least 9 tech's on me.
- I didn't build the Great Wall, or Pyramids. Leaving my lands open to barbarian incursions.
- Treasury has 2K:gold:, as I just did some trading.
- I'm mid range in scores
- 8 cities v's 10 for top 3 city civ's
- Plan is to build cities along the coast to encompass in my culture, then fill inland.

Keep on playing to see what happens.
1460 AD Islam and its golden age

1460 AD

I resume the game, and as always I do a review of my builds. All core cities, where able, will have a Laboratory enabled as the 1st build, with a review next turn, as to the most urgent builds. Cities without a library, will continue along as they are.
Spoiler :

As can be seen, I have 11 ‘core’ cities, building the laboratory in under 30 turns, with 2 building @ 38 Turns or less.

The very next turn, the Sunlight returns to my world.
Spoiler :

I was building under duress, lack of food and hammers, no wonder the builds were so slow.

Just as well, some cities were starving, or stagnate. Now I have much greater production and growth in my cities. They should quickly regain their previous levels of population and production.

Some of those cities are growing at ridiculous rates of growth, I had one growing @ 20:food: per turn, till I moved it off food, and onto production. All while at 60%:science: and 20%:culture:

Summer 1476 AD

My army of conquest, arrives at Miletos. I first talk to Alexander, to see what trade deals I’m about to cancel. 6:gold: for stone, and 10:gold: for Sugar. I also hit up Ashurbanipal for 8:gold: in a trade deal for pearls.

I declare war upon Alexander, and capture Miletos that same turn. The city is immediately raised, with the remaining secrets of Chemistry found in the smouldering ruins of the city.
Spoiler :

Summer 1479 AD

Seeing FOUR Egyptian workers, building a fort, on my cultural borders, and having a landsknecht within 1 turn of movement, I declare war. Four workers is a full work group, why wouldn’t I. I’m also moving my army of conquest back to a position, where I’m building a fort to reserve a grid city location. Anyway, we only had a truce, and building a fort on a sheep tile, shows ‘Ram’esses is in need of a wife, errr I mean health or food from butchers.

I make peace with Alexander, I only wanted to destroy Miletos. I have no intention of invading his continent.

Ramesses on the other hand, I’m going to burn down his city of Heliopolis, to give some breathing room to the city of Lubeck.
Spoiler :

Summer 1484 AD

The battle for Heliopolis begins.
Spoiler :

From the battle, I learn so me of the secrets of Social contract. R & R begins immediately in the city of Heliopolis. Just another poorly defended city, nothing to recommend it.

It would seem I have to burn down the city of Elephantine to gain some breathing room for Lubeck, as its North of the Egyptian capital, and has another city to its North again, It won’t open up the coast to opportunistic settlement by the other AI’s.

I only have 1 turn of Social contract to research, so under my rules, I finish off that and resume Physics.
Spoiler :

With the researching of social contract, I now have Tax offices available. Revenue is revenue, so I mass build Tax offices over my empire.
Spoiler :

My Army of conquest, has reached the walls of Elephantine, and finds it poorly defended.
Spoiler :

One turn to align and sight the siege weapons, and it dies next turn.

Summer 1488

I take the city of Elephantine, and learn some of the secrets of Absolutism.
Spoiler :

Oh joy of Joys, I’ve uncovered a city in the fog of war, and its located on a grid position, Pi-ramesses, and its the Holy city of Islam.
Spoiler :

That will be my next target of acquisition, for the Holy Roman Pacifist Empire.

Winter 1496 AD

I’m at the walls of Pi-Ramesses, cultural defenses have been reduced to nothing, bombards are all set for opportunity firing, two garrisoning units are stationed on a hill, outside of Pi-Ramesses as well.

Then Mansa come on by, offering a trade deal for Physics.
Spoiler :

Of course I accept graciously

I exchange one Quest Man at Arms (Dragoon) for an Egyptian cannon, that was trying to inflict collateral damage upon my army of conquest. After one round of collateral damage, the assault on Pi-Ramesses begins.
Spoiler :

After taking Pi-Ramesses, I set science to zero, to gather the :gold: required to upgrade all my bombards to Cannons. @ 545:gold: per turn, it will take $3,504:gold: taking 10 turns, to give a gold reserve as well.

Winter 1504 AD

I decide to make peace with Ramesses, and I ask “what will make this deal work?”
Spoiler :

Heh heh heh, not a bad little earner, as I had NO INTENTION OF CONTINUING THE WAR.

Now I must decide if this is the time to launch my Golden age. I have;
  1. Two Great Artists available.
  2. One Great Engineer.
  3. One Great Spy, from the Espionage event.
I take out the Great Artist and the Great Engineer, and launch my 2nd Golden Age.
Spoiler :

With my launching a golden age, my science rate has hit 1,200+:science: per turn for the 1st time.

Summer 1507 AD

Lubeck is struck hard by the Plague, death carts roam the streets, the porters crying out “Bring out your dead, bring out your dead” If only we had knowledge of Medicine.
Spoiler :

Summer 1509 AD

I decide to do some role playing and make a drastic change of civics;
  1. Government, I change from Monarchy to Republic, I’ll change back to Monarchy.
  2. Rule, I change Bureaucracy to Autocracy.
  3. Economy, I change Tribute to coinage.
  4. Welfare, I change Private to Church, for the 20%+ Great People points.
  5. Foreign policy, I change Imperium to Protectionism.
I’ve had to drop the science slider down, that’s partly why I’ll change back, also because with my role playing, “I am the state”.

As well, having captured the Masjib Al-Haram, I’m building Islamic monasteries, where I’m able, to spam out Imam’s to spread the one true Religion word. I convert to Islam as well, off setting my ‘cheat’ with the Shinto holy city and religion.

Summer 1518 AD

I launch an attack upon Mycenian, partly to appease my citizens of unrest, and partly to clear out tiles in the North.
Spoiler :

I learn some of the secrets of Flintlock from the Barbarians, how far am I behind??

1520 AD

I have researched Flintlock.
Spoiler :

The accuracy of our weapons is now greatly improved. Mind you, I need $19,530:gold: to upgrade all my Arquebusier’s to Muskets. I also upgrade the one knight I have to a Cuirassier.
Spoiler :

To make matters worse, Deganawida has gone and settled a city on my land mass, 2 tiles away from a grid coastal city position. Garrisoned by only 1 Elephant Bombardier, ONE!!!! Would they do this on their own land masses???? I ask you, WOULD THEY???

I set my :science: rate to zero, :culture: @ 20%, and move my Army of Conquest southwards to the Iroquois city of Erie. Earnestly Eerie isn’t it, lucky for him its not Earls in Eire.

All cities go onto wealth production, except those with Islam, who produce Imam’s only.

Summer 1523

I take the city of Erie, eerie it ain’t, at least no Eire Earls.
Spoiler :

I learn some of the secrets of Liberalism, PAH!!! Liberalism, I’m an Intolerant, Autocratic, Protectionist, Maniacal, Monarchical ruler. I have no time for liberal idea’s, neither political or ethical.

In the place of Erie, I settle the grid city of Trier.
Spoiler :

Already growing @ 10:food: per turn, with production tiles available, this will be a fine coastal grid city.

Winter 1527 AD

Regensburg is settled, on the site of the previous Freeonch city of Paris hinterlands.
Spoiler :

this completes my lower shores cultural blockade, now I won’t have any offshore AI’s settling into my homelands.

I have Ramesses, culturally blockading the Western coast of my continent. To the North, in the Ice I have open area’s for conquest and settlement. City sites have been mapped out, but with no resources and being a financial drain, I’m in no rush to build them.

Once I build my settlement groups, I shall pay Ramesses a visit, and fully eliminate him from MY LANDS!!!!
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Winter 1559 AD - The sands of time.

Winter 1559 AD

As I always do, when resuming a game, I go through the city builds.
Spoiler :

Opera houses are the most urgent to be build over my empire, for the +3:), to remove the :mad: and boost the cities culture rating.

As can be seen, all ‘core’ cities are building an Opera house, only two aren’t. They have a one turn Caravan, or are building the Globe theatre national wonder, for no :mad: citizens.

I review my settlement plans for the continent,
Spoiler :

Looks like I’ll have to attack the Egyptian empire from BELOW, and drop cities as I free up the grid city locations. I don’t want other continental AI’s dropping cities on MY land mass.

Winter 1563 AD

Three cities build an Opera House this turn;
  1. Mainz
  2. Florence
  3. Pisa
They all immediately start on a caravan, to help the lessor cities, except for Florence, which has a one turn Imam to build, thence a caravan. Three cities are ten tuns or Greater in building an Opera House, these are the ones who’ll receive a caravan, if they have over 400:hammers: outstanding.

Summer 1565 AD

A source of Ancient relics is discovered between Nuremberg and Luxemburg. I outlayed 100:gold: for a dig site to be built upon this new discovery
Spoiler :

Winter 1570 AD

Ashurbanipal comes by, asking for an Embassy to be established, I accept, and offer open borders as well, which is accepted. I then proposed a trade deal as follows;
Spoiler :

I couldn’t get a deal done for Flintlock, but I have Muskets on him after that

Winter 1574 AD

Mansa, cancels our cow trade, so I renegotiate our trade deal for sheep
Spoiler :

It would seem he’s in desperate need of sheep, and all the benefits it provides.
I was also able to build the central bank in Pi-Ramesses,

the holy city of Islam, with the Masjib Al-Haram, making 27:gold:

Summer 1583 AD

A Great Scientist was born in Aachen, giving me 3 great people, or another golden age in hand, all are currently domiciled in Florence. I can’t gain a trade for Economics from Ashurbanipal for Flintlock. Either he has a lot of research into it, or I haven’t got enough into Economics.

Other wise;
  1. I’m building forts on Grid city sites.
  2. Building Settlers to create those cities.
  3. Building the garrison troops required to garrison those cities I plan to build.
My workers are all building improvements where possible and I had a garrison Musket eliminate a barbarian Musket, that was located on a mountain, outside of my borders.

The Alhambra, the wonder building for Islam, is going to be constructed in Pi-Ramesses, to try claim more tiles culturally from Ramesses II himself.

As I always do, I review my city builds, and I decide that I need to build Jails in all my cities. Next turn, I’ll put in front the urgent short builds.
Spoiler :

Winter 1592 AD

Worms is founded
Spoiler :

No Imperial Diet of worms, just good ole wholesome :food:, of the Holy Roman Kingdom.

Winter 1594 AD

Economics technology has been researched. No longer shall our economy be subject to the invisible hands of the market, I shall control all and determine what and how much needs to be produced.
Spoiler :

With the Economics tech, the hotel building has been opened up, and as ever, I do a spam of the available building, going through and moving the most urgent to the front, or deleting it from new cities, who don’t have the production.
Spoiler :

Winter 1608 AD

I’ve invaded Ramesses for the last time, now I’ll settle cities on the vacated grid city sites and completely wipe Ramesses out. 6:gold:/turn appeasement payment is not enough to forestall war with the Holy Roman Kingdom.

Summer 1608 AD

The Alhambra has been constructed, with a constant stream of Caravans.
Spoiler :

The city will be one of culture and shall enable the spread of Islam over all the lands.

Summer 1609 AD

The Egyptian city of Alexandria has been captured, and will be raised, as is not a grid city, for the greater glory of the Holy Roman Kingdom.
Spoiler :

The only prizes form this city are;

  1. Two treasures located in the city.
  2. Freeing up of a Coastal grid city location.
  3. Freeing of more land to be worked for the Holy Roman Kingdom.
The city has nothing else of great note, very little resistance was encountered, with two Dragoons withdrawing from battle, the cowards, only to be destroyed at the storming of the city.
With the cities destruction, a specialist was relocated to Prague, to help with that cities production and prosperity.

Winter 1612 AD - The battle of Thebes

Holy Roman Kingdom troops are at the walls of Thebes;
  1. With one volley of the massed cannons of the Holy Roman Kingdom army of conquest, the cultural defenses of the city are destroyed.
  2. This was immediately followed up by collateral damage to the defenders.
    Storming the city in one wave;
  3. Aachen’s regiment, 1st Squad, 1st company of of Warriors (Musketman) spears the assault on the city and soundly defeated the Dragoon defender.
  4. Aachen’s regiment, 8th Squad, 1st company of Swordsman (Musketman) easily disposing of the opposing Dragoon squad.
  5. Prague regiment, 3rd Squad, Alpha company of Swordsman (Musketman), defeating the wounded Dragoon squad.
  6. 1st Spear of Nuremberg, (Musketman), seeing opportunity engages a Heavy Egyptian sword, easily winning the battle.
  7. Mainz regiment, 1st Squad Alpha company, of Lancers, seeking further glory, rides on ahead alone and is ambushed by a Dragoon squad, cowering in the darkness, and is defeated.
  8. Nuremberg regiment, 1st Squad, Alpha company of Lancers, following up the Mainz regiment, encounters another squad of Dragoons, cowering in the darkness, this must be the cities 1st aide station. They massacre the opposing squad, avenging the honour of Mainz.
  9. Mainz regiment, 3rd Squad, Alpha company of Lancers, riding though the same wall breach, straight into the cities 1st Aide station, encounters a third squad of Dragoons, wounded from the battles, giving no mercy, remembering the fate of the Mainz 1st Squad of Lancers, puts all of the Dragoons to the lance, capturing the city for the Holy Roman Kingdom.
Spoiler :

Thebes is a capital city, but a non grid city with;
  1. Two settled great generals.
  2. A wonder in the Karnak Temple complex.
  3. Two National wonders in a potter and glass-smith.
  4. Numerous other buildings.
A city to be raised to the ground, the earth salted, its peoples enslaved and only ruins left behind.
R & R begins immediately upon the city. Four squads of Quest Men at Arms, ride out to into the hinterland and pillage a village to dust.

The fleeing citizens, quickly raised a Militia force to oppose my forces, but were soundly beaten, except of for one unit, which managed to defeat a squad of Cuirassier’s by feigning surrender and weakness.
Spoiler :

Directly below Thebes, The coastal grid city of Constance is settled.
Spoiler :

Continuing my cultural coastal blockade of the continent, keeping out the settlement spamming other continent AI’s. The start of my cultural march northwards up the Western shores of this continent.

Winter 1614 AD

The coastal grid city of Basel is founded
Spoiler :

Directly below the destroyed city of Thebes, continuing my march northwards of coastal settlement.

Summer 1617 AD

The Coastal grid city of Zurich is settled.
Spoiler :

This city was enabled; by claiming the tiles its located upon, from Ramesses, then building a city there. It was only default Egyptian culture upon the tile.

This same turn, the assault upon the Northern Egyptian city of Numidian begins.
Spoiler :

The only prize of the city was two further treasures located within its treasury. R & R was commenced upon the city Immediately.

Fleeing Militia, were quickly surrounded and eliminated, with only the ones located upon the hills surviving the day’s carnage.

Yet in the face of the fleeing Militia, the city of Salzburg was still founded, directly one tiles south of the ruins of Numidian.
Spoiler :

Continuing my cultural march, northwards along my continent.

With only two Egyptian cities remaining, both located in the harsh snowy northern reaches, my stack of doom, takes pause to reflect on the destruction of the Egyptian empire.

Winter 1618 AD

That year certainly wasn’t a winter of discontent, both;
Spoiler :

  1. Naval tactics was researched.
  2. Nationalism was also researched, with no input,

Only two turns remains on Replaceable parts, with nothing found of interest from the capture of Numidian.
Spoiler :

Summer 1620 AD

My army of conquest begins the final campaign to Eliminate the Egyptian empire. Trudging through the icy snow covered wastes of the north, they have a journey of 3 cycles to reach the walls of Bactrian and Byblos.
Spoiler :

Summer 1623 AD

The end of Bactrian is nigh.
  1. Sentry cannons, having gained opportunity fire upon the defenders of Bactrian, launch a volley of collateral damage.
    Then conjointly;
  2. Aachen’s regiment, 1st Squad, Alpha Company of warriors (Musketman) takes on the prime defender of Bactrian, and wins, clearing the way for;
  3. Aachen’s regiment, 7th Squad, Alpha company of swordsmen (Musketman) to attack the right flank.
  4. Aachen’s regiment, 8th Squad, Alpha company of swordsmen (Musketman) to attack the left flank.
  5. Prague’s regiment, 3rd Squad, Alpha company of swordsmen, (Musketman) to push through to the lines of defenders, and attack the wounded in the rear.
Now only having wounded troops as defense, three other squads rush forward for the kill.

The 3rd, 5th and 8th Quest Men at Arms (Dragoons) all rush into the rear of the lines of the Egyptians, and ride down the fleeing and the wounded, killing two squads of Arquebusier's and one of Heavy Swordsmen.
The city of Bactrian, being a NON GRID CITY is scheduled for destruction. R & R is immediately commenced upon the city.
Spoiler :

Ramesses, having lost his capital of Bactrian, of his two city empire, immediately flees along with his courtiers and other sycophants, to the city of Byblos and reestablishes his despotic rule over his false god worshipping citizens.
The victorious Holy Roman Kingdom troops, enter the city to heal, rest and recover.
With the total raising of Bactrian to the ground, a specialist was relocated to the city of Nuremberg.

Summer 1625 AD

Mansa comes on by and proposes a trade deal to me.
Spoiler :

Totally unexpected, I gain access to;
  • Pioneers
  • Levee’s
  • Steamers with coal
  • Coal, though none appeared on a mined tile
  • Cannery for an average of 9:food: per city
Levee’s and a Cannery are immediately begun in all cities, with only the most urgent or nearly complete buildings taking preference. Newly settled or developing cities, omit this build sequence.

Summer 1626 AD

The final assault upon Byblos begins.
Spoiler :

With the city captured, Ramesses beseeched his sycophants courtiers to aid in his fleeing the city, and continuing the resistance from under ground in the future. Loyal to the end, blindly obeying their god Emperor, they gave their lives to enable his freedom.

Although many were put to the sword, enslaved and tortured, none would give up the secret of Ramesses and his location to the Holy Roman Kingdom army of conquest. Five work gangs of Proletariat's workers was formed from the captured citizens, sent to labour for the Holy Roman kingdom.

With the end of the Egyptian empire, so ended the war weariness being endured in the cities of the Holy Roman Kingdom. Great rejoicing was help over the Kingdom, for Holy Rome had conquered the Continent, and all were citizens of the Holy Roman Kingdom. The once mighty Egyptian Empire had been replaced, as easily as a part of a machine.

Reflecting on the early day’s of the Holy Roman Empire, I muse the perceived early weakness, the strength of the Egyptian and Freeonch empires. Long term strategy wins out over early rushing. Four 'great' empires has fallen by the way;
  1. The Aztec empire, arisen like a phoenix, from the ashes of the Mayan discord.
  2. The Mayan empire, that really never got going, having spawned the Aztec’s.
  3. The Freeonch empire, who vassalled and consumed the remains of the Mayan empire.
  4. The Egyptian empire, who’s great wonders, simply crumbed into the dust and sand.
Time to build, heal, develop and construct cities for the Holy Roman Kingdom, a golden age may be most suitable now.
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Summer 1627 - Continental settlement

Summer 1627 AD

As ever, when I resume a game, I go through the builds, the empire, its aims and needs;
Spoiler :

What do we really gauge a cities maturity upon??;

From the city list, out of 27 cities, I have 16/27 that have over 100:hammers: in builds, with another sitting on 90, but building a levy, that should push it into the ‘mature’ level.

20 cities have a population of greater then 10, with Luxemburg, being the exception of having over 100:hammers: but under 10 Population, stagnated in the tundra north.

:science: is a bug bear, set at 30% and losing money per turn, I only have 12 ABOVE 50:science:

:food:, I have 15 in the ‘green’ so to speak, but ALL cities, bar those newly settled, have a cannery and a levy, where a river exists, in the build queue.

Or use the ability or having build a City council as a sign of maturity, 14/27 then.

I gauge a cities maturity, by its ability to have the infrastructure builds in the city. Science buildings, Hammer buildings, and commerce. The ability to immediately build the latest and greatest builds, but still have the other base builds covered and constructed.

Using this measurement, I have 9 or 10 cities out of 27 that I would deem to be mature. These are the cities that are supporting my empire. Of the remaining cities;
  1. 1, Byblos, is scheduled for destruction.
  2. 6 would be newly settled, infant cities.
  3. 10 or 11, would be developing cities, with enough production to build the latest builds, but still needing infrastructure buildings to be completed.
Militarily, I have only 3 cities;
Mainz, with 6 land promotion points.
Nuremberg, with 8 land promotion points.
Aachen, with 8 land promotion points.

The Air capacity, is same as land.

Naval cities are;
Aachen, with 8 Naval promotions, and access to the sea.
Mutal, with 2 Naval promotions, and access to the sea.
Uxmal, with 2 Naval promotions, and access to the sea.

Quality of troops, V's Quantity. I believe Quality troops, well distributed amongst my various forces, will out preform, a quantity stack from an AI.

Having fully conquered the continent, I have no opponents to face off against. I have a cultural blockade on all the land mass, bar the Icy north, with little or no resources freely available. I have 9 Pioneers awaiting settlement groups to found cities.

Running a deficit, I can’t afford any more cities, and now must organically grow my economy, and restore the treasury balances. Numerous cities have exceeded the happy cap, and are currently stagnated as to growth. Trade and new technologies are the only way forward from here.

1645 AD

Base research has hit over 1K:science: per turn, making a 6:gold: loss. 1st time base research has breached 1K. Science is set at 30%:science: as well, with 20%:culture:

Settled the new city of Innsbruck
Spoiler :

I’ve also built the national mint in Florence, which has now gone onto wealth production, putting my economy into the green @ 30% :science: and 20% :culture:

Winter 1650 AD

Archaeology has been researched.
Spoiler :

I’d hoped to build the Rosetta stone, but it went some turns before to Dido, of all people. I’ve six more city sites to settle, then I’ll launch a golden age, to boost their initial production and growth.

Summer 1650 AD

A source of Ancient relics is discovered near Constance,
Spoiler :

And I pay 100:gold: to have a dig site built.

I finally realise, that I can also mass build Museums, for +1 :) and a small amount of culture and gold.

Running :science: at 0%, I have a base rate of 690:science:, I had to use up my treasury to bribe some cities who wanted me to adopt Secular religious civic, but I AM THE STATE and the church for that matter as well.

I want to build it up to over 6 or 7K:gold:, at 450:gold: per turn, while building, it will take up to 15 turns or more.

Winter 1662 AD

Having reset science to 30% @ 1,344:science: per turn, from 0% and 930:science: per turn, science is finally going where I expect it too, and should only accelerate from now on.

I was able to bribe 5 or 6 cities, who wanted to adopt Liberalism, much cheaper then a single bribe, and it put all my cities back into line.
Spoiler :

Winter 1670 AD

The Grid city of Trent is settled
Spoiler :

A fine filler city, 2nd from the coast, but a fine city all the same. Plenty of :food:, as its growing at 12:food: per turn, at 4 population. One mountain, to use, 2 forested hills to be mined, for quick :hammers:, lots of room to grow.

Summer 1672 AD

The next grid city of Genoa is settled, upon a mountain top.
Spoiler :

A full grid city, with only 1 tile overlap. Growing at 14:food: per turn, with 5 mined mountain tops in its 1st two rings, it will be a production powerhouse. 55:food: production v’s 20:hammers: deficit, giving 35 surplus food for 12 population growth. I now have only 5 marginal cities, located in the Tundra and ice of the North to settle, to launch a golden age.

Winter 1675 AD

Democracy has been researched, but we’re already a democratic monarchy now. I listen to my people, and do what I want anyway.
Spoiler :

Being an avowed Monarchist, and not an Anarchist, I can’t adopt either democracy or President civics. Next turn, a great Engineer is born in Florence, making three great people I can use for a golden age;
  1. A Great Engineer.
  2. A Great Artist.
  3. A Great Scientist.
  4. Keeping the Great spy in reserve, for the 4th Golden age.
I also go through all my cities, and delete the melee units with under 10 points of experience, the others I promote to Muskets. I end up making about 700:gold: after all is done, saving over 50:gold: per turn in expenses.

Winter 1680 AD

The FINAL grassland grid city of Lucca, is settled.
Spoiler :

This puts my economy over 250:gold: into the red, due to city maintenance costings. The tundra cities, will never amount to much, as no real resources available. Good as time as any to launch a golden age.
Spoiler :

Doing so, drags my economy back to 27:gold: in the green. I now have 64 turns to exploit this.

Checking my civics;
  1. Monarchy.
  2. Autocracy.
  3. Slavery.
  4. Coinage.
  5. Fealty.
  6. State church.
  7. Church.
  8. Protectionism.
To sum up, I’m a Monarchist Autocrat, Enslaving the population, putting my image on the coin of the realm, demanding fealty, from all. I AM THE STATE AND CHURCH all rolled into one, and very protective of my domain.

Winter 1682

Another season, another demand, to adopt Liberalism. A swathe of cities, came up with the idea of having a more liberal government, a bribe of 1,106:gold: soon sent the scurrying for the doors. Dragging my economy back into the green by 19:gold: per turn.
Next season, in Summer of 1662, the dock workers in Prague go on strike, I give them a boost to the union pension fund, and all’s fine.
Spoiler :

No sea port inland, so I can’t replace them with cranes, as I’d like too.

Winter 1686 AD

I do some wheeling and dealing
Spoiler :

I was able to increase my gold per turn by nearly 30, the one big deal I did miss, was 17:gold: per turn from Sitting Bull. He only ended up putting 2 on the table.

Summer 1689 AD

The Coastal grid city of Sienna is settled.
Spoiler :

I no sooner drag my economy to 196:gold: in the green, then I drag it back into the red with another city settlement.

I also have a stack of doom, heading to the icy fort site of a city, to assault the barbarian city, two tiles away from this site. They have Grenadiers available, so they have tech on me, time to steal some tech from conquest.

Looking at the F1 screen, I have 23 cities that meet my criteria of mature cities, of over 100:hammers: and population of greater than 10. Granted I’m in a golden age, and that skewers the statistics, but 23 out of an empire of 31 is about 74% ratio.

Winter 1691 AD

Militarily tradition is in
Spoiler :

The civic, “Junta” is now available, but it precludes the use of the Throne room, and a Monarch needs a Throne room, so it ain’t to be.

I decide to build, West Point, in Mutal. Its an Ex capital city site, it has a Naval academy already, and an Islamic Mosque. It has the production, population, and coast to build shipping, giving me, two cities to produce naval vessels from, of six and ten experience.

Winter 1693 AD

Polynesian, has ceased to be a thorn in my Northern icy flanks.
Spoiler :

With its capture, 2 more grid city locations are opened up for settlement. From the ruins of the city, I was able to discover some of the secrets of Assembly line. R & R was commenced upon the city, with the healing of troops and the cities destruction, upon is dawning of coming out of revolt.

Winter 1696 AD

The grid city of Arles is settled. A coastal, filler grid city. Dragging my economy back into the red.
Spoiler :

This was chosen, as it stopped a coastal tile from being available for the offshore AI’s to settle upon, it has watermills, along a river, and is placed upon a stone resource. Best of a bad lot remaining to be settled.

Leaving me with 4 Grid city locations to be filled in, two are coastal, and two are inland.

Summer 1700 AD

The grid filler city of Besancon is settled.
Spoiler :

The only thing to recommend this city, is a mined mountain top, possible farms by the rivers and two existing farms and a camped fur tile. Dragging my economy into +300:gold: deficit. Next turn, a great Scientist is born in Aachen, making 2/4 for my 4th golden age.

Winter 1703 AD

The final barbarian city of Illinois has been captured.
Spoiler :

A non grid city, doomed to its fate. I did learn some of Railroad, and captured one worker for my troubles. Of course, taking this city, drags my economy 564:gold: into the red. I can’t afford anymore cities.

Summer 1705 AD

Grand war is finally researched in full.
Spoiler :

Both Mobilization and Naval supremacy, forbid the construction of Manor houses, and a regent, must have their manor house in the country side, to retire to for a break from affairs of state.

Summer 1711 AD

I’ve 1 turn remaining on my golden age, I’ve dragged the economy back to a loss of 91:gold: per turn, I have 2 setting groups sitting in forts I have built on the grid sites. One more city site is yet to be fortified, but as its contained by Innsbruck’s culture, its fine. The main worry is the free coast I have along the Northern arctic boundary, though no AI has tried to settle there as yet.

Upon resuming for a 2nd time, with 1 turn remaining upon my golden age, I go through the cities, and adjust the builds. Realising that I should build wealth instead of science in all my cities, I drag the treasury slider back from 91:gold: in the red, to over 200:gold: in the green. Coming out of this golden age, is going to hurt, but not as bad as I was looking at previously.

I have to drop the :science: slider down to 15% @ 1,198:science:, for a 10:gold: loss. I did pick up about 200:science:, with the emphasising of science in all the cities. Nuremberg has qualified for a Metropolitan administration, and has begun construction upon such as well.

Looking at the F1 screen,
Spoiler :

I have 22/33 cities, over 66% ratio. With Ulm falling just below the hammers, due to being a coastal filler city, and Florence, my capital, suffering a slave revolt. Or you could use the ability to build the city council, as a sign of maturity, then I have 19/33 Mature cities. 57.5’7’%

I’ve also managed to sneak the science slider to 20%, @ 80 Gold profit in Winter 1716 AD.

Winter 1718 AD

I finally got that 16:gold: per turn off of Sitting Bull. I cancelled a deal for 2:gold: for sugar, and sold him lemons for 16:gold:

Winter 1721 AD

Militarily science has been researched.
Spoiler :

As I can’t trust my generals, without fealty, I won’t allow a volunteer army. The landed gentry should be in command, and they owe their positions to me. Besides, banning manor houses, is just no cricket ole chap.

Summer 1724 AD

Jayavarman II, comes on by and offers me a deal for Railroad, its the 2nd time he’s done this.
Spoiler :

Giving up a couple of units I wasn’t using, saving me gold/turn and gaining

Win/Win for me

With gaining Railroad, I spam railroads all over my empire, linking up my cities, and help trade and commerce expand. All cities have a Railroad station as the top build, with changes next turn for low build turns.
Spoiler :

Of course, I had to drop the science slider to 0% to stay in profit. The very next turn I have a great Artist born, Ibn Muqlah, 3 out of 4 for my next golden age.

Summer 1726 AD

I make peace with both Ashurbanipal and Alexander, as I accidentally declared war when the Alt key was stuck on, and I was looking for a trade deal.
Spoiler :

they both whimped out, Giving me 15:gold: per turn, and lump sums to end the war.

Heh, Greece was technically winning, as he pillaged two fishing boats, for the cost of 1 Iron frigate, my sentry cannons hit, I think, but was never seen again, so yes.

Summer 1727 AD

I receive the Immigration random event, that’s what I’m calling it anyway. Three choices;
Spoiler :

+1:mad: that’s temporary.

Lose 1 Population in each city above 4 pop, and gain one new settlement on a new continents??

Lose 2 Population in each city above size 9, and 1 in each above size 4, again, what available land is there????

I do
Spoiler :

I’m hitting 30 pics again, time to end this report.
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I reloaded the last turn, and tried the "3 settlement" option.

All 3 cities, ended up on MY CONTINENT, not a new continent, as it say's.

Really, it should CREATE a new land mass, but can't do that with Python, need world builder, so best choice available.

That Alternative game, I've gotten up to 1058 AD and have researched guilds. I'm effectively isolated, as I don't have Mercantilism, for overseas's trading, so I can't get any trade routes, as no one else has it either. I killed off ALL the other AI's on my land mass.

I can't afford any more cities, struggling with research, etc, but hopefully it'll turn around, the real game is 700+ years in front.


1727 AD
As per my ‘modus operandi’ I go through the builds and check the F1 screen, to make sure I’m building what I really need.
Spoiler :

One turn or greater hammer producing buildings are brought to the front of the queue. Only 4 cities aren’t building a railway stations;
  1. Aachen – Building a 1 turn Artist guild, Railroad, then a Gallery for +2 :)
  2. Constance – Building a Foundry, greater hammer bonuses.
  3. Aries – Building a spy, a minimum requirement.
  4. Besancon – Building a butcher, for food, the quickest way to growth and production.
All other cities, are building railway stations, for the production, with the shortest build times, having a caravan, next to aid in the newer cities development.
As well, previously, I had the Immigration event. I chose to do nothing, and this has caused 60 turns of upset for 1 citizen in each city.
@ 0% :science: and 20% :culture: I have 1,169 research, making 69:gold: holding 33 cities and being top of the score board.

Winter 1729

I receive the “Gold rush” random event in Sienna.
Spoiler :

I have 2 choices;

  1. Receive 1 population from the event.
  2. Pay 20:gold:, and receive +3 population, in Sienna.
Spoiler :

After considering the city, I decide, that I can’t feed the extra +3 population, as it’d put the city into -8:food:, and I can’t rush enough caravans to build the Mill, +4:food:, and the Cannery +11:food: in time and not lose them all anyway.

I only have 46/128:food: in the stores, losing 6:food: per turn, it would only take 8 turns and I’m losing the population. One caravan, would have to stock it with food, while the next 2, would rush buildings (mill +4:food:, 3 Caravans ) and the Cannery (+11:food: and 8 Caravans). I just can’t do it.

Best to rush food stocks with caravans to boost population if I’m that concerned.

Summer 1740

Having achieved a base gold balance of 10K, I decide to raise the science slider to 35%, @ a 90:gold: loss per turn. :science: is now 2.02K per turn. I now have a steady production of Caravans coming out of my cities, that would otherwise build gold. Those caravans, are being used to rush infrastructure buildings in newer cities, that lack the basic :hammers: bonus buildings, and food buildings to grow.

Now I have a bunch of cities asking for me to adopt Secular, so they can practice the one ‘true faith’ of Buddhism. As I am the state, and the church for that matter, it ain’t happening.

Summer 1744

I’ve just had a revolt in 3 of my ‘core’ cities, who wanted to gain independence and set up a new empire to worship Buddhism. Of course I rejected the request, and now I have to suffer the revolts. They revolted as the Zulu’s, and are just suiciding on my Garrison III Muskets.
Spoiler :

Four of them got through my defenders, I had to clean up the remaining attackers after the turn. One attacker ended up being the ‘Elephant bombardier from Hell’ I had 3 Dragoons withdraw from combat with that unit, before a 4th was finally able to destroy it. The others, 2 of the 3 caused some damage, but one did nothing at all.

Winter 1746

Photography has been discovered.
Spoiler :

With this technology, I mass build Photographers studio all over my empire, they allow the Art Gallery building for +2:), as well as +2:gold: and +2:culture:

Winter 1748

I have three more cities rebel against me, as they want to worship their own religion.
Spoiler :

Not much of an offence by the Ottomans, but I wiped out every last man jack of them.

Summer 1748

Anti Monarchists, start acting up and demanding I release some powers.
Spoiler :

I don’t think so,

Winter 1749

Corporation technology has been fully researched.
Spoiler :

An ingenious method of developing wealth, at no personal risk.

Winter 1751

After realising I can build Villa’s,
Spoiler :

After looking at the "king is state" event, Ahh, that's why I didn't build the Villa's till later.

and they produce :gold: and +1:), I mass produce Villa’s across my empire. Its all part of the role playing, and a regent needs their Villa in the country side.
Spoiler :

DOH!!! I’ve had this building every since I researched Monarchy, what was I thinking??? fixed now. As well, I’m building wall street national wonder ( 50%:gold:) in Pi-Ramesses, as its my best :gold: producing city I have in my empire.

Summer 1751

The dock workers go on strike in Pisa AGAIN!!!!
Spoiler :

Winter 1752

Jayavarman II comes on by and offers me a trade for Telegraph V's Photography and +5K:gold:, I change it to Assembly line instead.
Spoiler :

As I always do, I mass produce factories all over my empire.
Spoiler :

A bit of dealing later, I’ve picked up an extra 23:gold: per turn, by renegotiating some trade deals.

Summer 1752

I try to make another trade deal for Photography, and manage this with Mansa Musa
Spoiler :

I mass build Telegraph offices over my empire, as its a -15% maintenance costing, quicker and no ill health.

Frederick wouldn’t deal for steel, and Ashurbanipal wanted all my resources for rifling.

Summer 1754

Revolution is brewing in 3 of my core cities
Spoiler :

Of course, I reject the proposal, I AM THE HEAD OF STATE AND CHURCH.

Thapsus, Prague and Aachen are revolting, I upgrade the spies to agents, move 2 cannon to Prague, and await the out come.

Chetshwayo is back
Spoiler :

Same rebel, same result. My defenders are promoted in the field and his offenders are killed.

Only 2 musket units survived the retribution, one located upon a peak, and another domiciled in an Olive grove outside of Aachen. By the next cycle, the Olive grove rebel, had been destroyed by the opportunity firing cannons in Aachen. The other, foolishly moved off the peak, to a hill to attack the city of Vienna, which didn’t even participate in the revolt.

Summer 1756

The final rebel is defeated, having vacillated between the Peak and the hill, constantly losing health.

Now Seven more cities are revolting
Spoiler :

The threaten to rise up as Mother Russia, Ivan IVth

Here we go again. As a result, I promote all spies to Agents in all cities. Sum total of the attack was the loss of 4 Defenders, 1 Camp and 1 Lumber mill. All revolutionaries were destroyed, with some losses to the Loyalist troops, nothing that can’t be replaced.

Now you may very well ask, “why do I consent to revolution/revolts?”

The reason is, its the only current way, I can exploit the Great Wall, and gain 100% Great General points. I’ve generated 3 of them so far. Just from the revolts, which don’t have any hope of taking a city, as;
  1. They won’t concentrate the forces on one city.
  2. Siege isn’t used, or if spawned, not used at all.
  3. Throw away the top units 1st
  4. I have city garrison III, defenders x 3 in most cities.
  5. I now have 2 Naval cities producing units of Level 4 (10 Experience +)
  6. I have 3 Land unit cities, producing units of Level 4 (10 Experience +)
Now the city of Worms is revolting, under the Ottomans, and I’ve just moved my stack of doom into the city. No hope what so ever.
Attacking across a river, into my city garrison III Muskets, no hope. Splitting up troops and attacking multiple cities.

Only 1 unit got through, @ 14.8% odds, defeating the 1st Spear of Worms. Most of the attacking armed forces of the Ottomans, remained encamped outside of the city of Worms, across a river. So I just sit back, heal up in the city and await the offense, if any.
7 Mounted units,
  1. 5 Cuirassier's
  2. 1 Light Cavalry
  3. 1 Dragoon.
All travelled down south to Regensburg, to assail that city, but were all ambushed and outflanked, with 3 units trying to escape the massacre ridden down. A cowardly Janissary unit, found cowering in the woods in terror, was destroyed by the Aachen Regiment, 1st Squad Alpha company of Warriors (Musketman). Putting an end to the rebellion.

A note on the trading, I’ve conducted.
  1. Telegraphs give -15% Maintenance costs, worth over 300 :gold:
  2. I traded the same Technology and :gold:, for Assembly line.
  3. Its all about the :hammers: and :gold:
  4. I couldn’t get a deal done on Rifling, they all withdrew it from the trade table.

Summer 1771

Rifling is now in
Spoiler :

Now I can do 3 things;
  • Upgrade all Muskets to Rifles
    Spoiler :

  • Upgrade all Elephant bombardier’s to Elephant Cavalry
    Spoiler :

  • Upgrade all Cuirassier’s to Cavalry units.
    Spoiler :

What I do is,
  1. $5,553:gold: Upgrade all Elephant Bombardiers to Elephant Cavalry.
  2. $5,590:gold: Upgrade all Cuirassier’s to Cavalry.
  3. $13,266:gold:, Upgrade the 1st and 2nd Defense of all cities to a Rifleman.
  4. $6,133:gold:, Upgrade the remain city defender musketeers as the cash is saved.
  5. $14,720:gold:, Upgrade Dragoons to mounted rifles as the cash comes in.
  6. $7,634:gold: Upgrade all remaining Muskets to Rifles.
Spoiler :

:science: is set to zero, :culture: is set to 20%, making over 1.6K:gold: per turn. Leaving $4,199:gold: in the treasury

My armed forces comprise of;
  1. 66 Rifles.
  2. 68 Musketmen. (Upgrade to Rifles)
  3. 26 Dragoons (upgrades to Mounted Rifles)
  4. 23 Light Cavalry.
  5. 17 Cavalry.
  6. 16 Elephant Cavalry.
  7. 5 Cannons.
  8. 1 Ship of the line.
  9. 2 Frigates.
  10. 1 Steamer.
  11. 32 Agents, (one city is missing one??), it was Genoa.
30 Pictures, good a time as any to leave this report.
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Summer -1771 AD The growing unrest of the Holy Roman lands

Summer 1771

As I do, I cycle through my cities, to make sure they are building the correct builds, are growing in good order and are healthy and happy.
Spoiler :

Winter 1772

The very next turn, I get a revolt brewing warning in eight of my cities.
Spoiler :

The ingrates, after all I’ve done to build up and have a prosperous empire.
I settle the last two remaining grid cities of;

Spoiler :


Spoiler :

All of the eight cities, get the 3rd Defence upgraded to a rifle, to offset any sudden revolutions that they may encounter. My stack of doom is positioned to the South of Trent, North West of Regensburg and Trier, close to Worms. The other 4 cities are in the North East of my empire, and are sufficiently garrisoned.

The settling of Metz, caused the city to go into starvation mode, of -8:food:, but I’ve moved 5 treasures to that city, to rush a cannery, if available, or a Butcher with a caravan or a mill with a treasure. Its a city surrounded by Ice, will never amount to much, just a full grid city filler.

Winter 1773

A group of 17 cities, bands together, and DEMANDS of me to adopt secular
Spoiler :

And just whom is the HEAD OF CHURCH AND STATE

With the secular demands, I had to cycle through the cities, to make sure I stagnated the upset cities, one was at -6:mad: Nothing else I can do. :dunno:

Of the 5 Treasures I sent to Metz, Three were rushed into the production of the Cannery for +11:food:, 2 others were put into expanding the cultural borders of the city to the 3rd level, to gain access to a tundra river tile and farms or watermills. hammers or food which wins out??

The city will starve to 1 population, even if I fully rushed the cannery, so no real point. Let it build out the last 16 turns.

Winter 1783

Gautama Buddha, a Great Profit, is born in Florence
Spoiler :

I now have 4 Great people for a golden age now.

As well, I have experience a general revolt, I’ve lost one city, Thapsus, in the Frozen north to the Zulu insurrection. Most of my core cities are undergoing 12 turns of revolt, with 3 remaining, and I’m losing 300+ :gold: per turn with 3.56K in the treasury. I shall have to reconquest Thapsus, eliminate the Zulu upstarts, and rebuild my defenders for all my cities. I have to set a minimum of 4 per city now.

I have 13 cities, from Madleburg to Salzburg, in open revolt at the moment.
Spoiler :

How did this happen???
  1. First a group of cities DEMANDED OF ME!!! that I adopt Secular.
  2. Next turn, another group, say’s “let us go worship Buddhism, as a separate state.
  3. Bang, I have cities in open revolt as the Zulu’s. I’ve lost the city of Thapsus.
Now I have to reconquest Thapsus, put down rebellions in my main production cities, and rebuild defences that were decimated by the rebellions. Those Elephant Cavalry, are deadly, 32:strength: v’s a 24:strength: city garrison III, rifleman, and they just swarming the cities. I’ve lost most of my city defenders, and lost my main production cities to rebellions. Fortunately, most of my ‘core’ cities, only have 2 turns of rebellion to go.

With the Barbarian rebellion, the 1st rebellion, they have been expelled by the great wall, and are now domiciled in the frozen north. I just don’t have the troops to spare to pick them off, and I am quite happy to let them freeze to death.

The Zulu’s, are a different matter, as they can enter my lands, I have to fight them. The one’s that spawned around the other cities, have mostly been eliminated. Some did make it to Thapsus, through the frozen wastes, some were picked off, with one rifleman, stuck in a logic loop. Trying moving from a wooded grassland to mined hill. Eventually sentry cannons reduced it enough I could pick it off with the units I had in Nuremberg.

Summer 1784

My ‘core’ cities are out of revolt now, Nuremberg has just built its 2nd defender, after surviving on only one. The treasury is going up from a nadir of 2K:gold: by 1,466:gold: per turn now. I wish to hold a minimum balance of 10K, then I can do more upgrades or raise science.

All of my main troop production cities, are building Riflemen, to replace the lost defenders, and to give a 4th defender for each city. As well, I’ll implement a scheme of building a mounted unit to be an anti-revolt unit, with patrol II, and a 3rd promotion available. I have my Naval forces, 1 Frigate, bombarding the city of Thapsus, getting it prepared for the eventual assault of my land forces.

Summer 1785

Seeing an opportunity to combat weakened barbarians, I take out the defenders of both Luxemburg and Sienna. Madleburg and Besancon, in eight turns of revolt and attacking the barbarian stacks, stuck in no mans land of ice.

Thapsus, continues to strain under the heavy hand of the Zulu occupiers. Patiently waiting their relief by the Great Holy Roman Kingdom.
Spoiler :

Winter 1788

I have 5 cities band together and demand to leave the empire so they can worship Buddhism;
  1. Trier.
  2. Regensburg.
  3. Worms.
  4. Genoa.
  5. Strassburg.
Oh, why oh why, must you leave the true faith, to worship some heathen religion.
Spoiler :

I still haven’t been able to conquer Thapsus back, as I’m concentrating on building replacement defenders.

The Ottomans rise up and contest the cities.
Spoiler :

The city of Worms, got the worst of the assaults. It was taken by Suleiman, with only one loss on his part. :rolleyes: A great general was immediately born into the city.

At once, having my turn, I was able to recapture Worms immediately, with my stack of mounted units. Encamped on a fort upon a Peak, to the North of Worms. Due to sustained losses and attacking other units in the field, I was only able to garrison a few mounted units.

Defenders came from the city of Constance, comprising of the 3rd Defence and the Anti-revolt of that city, a Musketman, who was immediately promoted to Rifle squad status. Needing 5,226:gold: to upgrade all of my Musketman, to rifles, I take the opportunity to do so. I still have many Ottoman forces in my lands to eliminate.

I manoeuvre my troops South West to combat the Ottoman threat, as its the greatest challenge to my domination. . The Ottomans, in taking the city of Worms, have garnered support for their rebellion. I resolve to eliminate them completely from my lands.

The Zulu’s are stuck in the frozen North, and are boxed in

Summer 1789

I have one group of Ottomans attacking the South Western city or Regensburg, I move one defender to the city, and wipe out an attacking group of three units, that survived in the south of the city. Only two groups of attacking Ottoman troops remained, after my cleaning up around the city of Worms with my Elephant cavalry. Only one Janissary remained around the city of Worms, who was able to defend at 20% odds, but was destroyed by a mounted rifle unit.

Regensburg had the most, with 5 survivors, who eliminated two of the defenders of that same said city. The city of Regensburg, having supporting units swarming into the city to defend it, was able to fend off the final Ottoman push and eliminating the final Ottoman unit, crushed the rebellion.

Spoiler :

Much healing must be done to repair the lands and heal the wounds opened up with this rebellion. Caravans are needed to rush to the city of Worms, which having a settled great General by the Ottomans, generated from the war, will be another land Military city. The great general, generated from crushing the Ottoman rebellion, will be merged into that city.
Spoiler :

Now to
Spoiler :

Summer 1790

Rebellion is brewing in the North West of my Empire now!!! Will these malcontents and dissidents ever be brought in to the bosom of the Holy Roman Caliphate.
Spoiler :

I no sooner crush one rebellion, then another raises its head. Most of my defenders, have been wounded or Killed in the previous rebellion. I’ve moved the majority of my mounted forces to the centre of the empire, so they may rapidly respond to events.

Further I have an attacking force, building in the Norther Eastern city of Vienna, to assault and recapture the Northern city of Thapsus. Current plan of attack, is to recapture Thapsus, then move the army back to the North West, to recapture the lost cities.

The Mounted forces, coming out of Pisa, to the East, will just have to deal with enemy units found in the fields. The cities will have to try to stand and defend, based upon the forces they have available now. I’ve yet to fully garrison the cities from the earlier rebellion in the South West around Worms.

Winter 1791

:think:, no rebellion eventuated. No enemy troops, only barbarians, who were expelled by the great wall, after conducting pillaging of the tiles they spawned upon.

Another group of cities, also came on by, ”DEMANDING” I adopt Liberalism. I paid them 830:gold: and they bowed and left.

Summer 1791

The assault upon Thapsus begins;
  1. Spearheaded by the Aachen’s regiment, 1st Squad, Alpha company of Warriors (Rifleman).
  2. Aachen’s regiment, 7th Squad, Alpha company of Swordsmen (Rifleman) follows up through the gap created, but is defeated by being flanked on two sides and the resilience of the defenders.
  3. Aachen’s regiment, 7th Squad, Alpha company of Macemen (Rifleman), attacks on the right flank, winning through.
  4. Aachen’s regiment, 8th Squad, Alpha company of Swordsmen (Rifleman), attacks along the left flank, encountering heavy defences, but wins through.
  5. Aachen’s regiment, 2nd Squad, Alpha company of Macemen (Rifleman), follows in the 2nd wave of attackers, attacking the reserve Zulu rifles, winning an easy victory.
Having run out of offensive rifles, I hold off the final assault. Three riflemen remain holed up I the city, and another couple rounds of bombardment are in order to soften them up more, and heal my troops fully.

Winter 1792

Thapsus has been retaken.
Spoiler :

The Zulu usurper has been eliminated.

Winter 1794

Finding the barbarian rebels, encamped upon the Tundra to the North East of Besancon, the Holy Roman Caliphate Mounted rifles rode out and attacked the encampment. With flanking units of Cavalry and light cavalry, the barbarian menace was completely wiped out.
Spoiler :

Summer 1796

The rebellious cities of; Lubeck, Pi-Ramesses, Arles and Saltzburg, come out of anarchy. Driving my economy to 461:gold: in the green @ 20% :science:, time to raise the slider higher. All rebellions have been squashed, dissidents have been rounded up and jailed, the grievances of the populace has been addressed.

Winter 1797

I institute a program of Star fort building all over my empire, as well, I launch a golden age, and switch out of Slavery, and into Feudalism. Much better for the role playing. Civics are;

  1. Monarchy – What else, I’m a god king.
  2. Autocracy – What else with Monarchy, and a god king.
  3. Feudalism – Keep the peasants in the fields.
  4. Coinage – I am the coin of the realm.
  5. Fealty – My nobles owe their position to ME!!!!
  6. State church – I am the State and Church. (Thanks to King Henry VIIIth of 16th Century England.)
  7. Church – Opiate to Placate the masses.
  8. Imperium – Its an Empire I run.

Summer 1797

I have another rebellion on my hands, this time is a twelve city rebellion
Spoiler :

They demand to be let go to worship Shintoism. As if !!!!!
That’s my CORE EMPIRE!!!! ungrateful ingrates.

Pacal II, rears his head again, “give my people Shintoism or give them death…”

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