Grid game - Charlemagne of Holy Rome

Final report

I’ve had to concede defeat with this game.

I set out rules and civics that I must run, and its made the game unwinnable.

I’ve played a few more turns, and my whole empire revolts against me;
  1. I have no troops left to reconcur my cities.
  2. All my core production cities for troops are revolting or taken over.
  3. Troops I have in the field are insufficient to combat one revolutionary, let alone 5.
  4. All my cities just keep growing in unrest and disquiet.
  5. My ‘core’ tenants for my civics are unsustainable.
It was an attempt at a role playing, single continent. Even if I’d taken over the whole of one of a two continent map, the unrest would have built up to a point the home continent starts to revolts anyway.

My win in the High to low game of Elizabeth, as my 3rd civ, won a scientific victory, but would have ended up in open revolt on the home continent. Taking the 2nd continent via force of arms, was a long and arduous process, that I wasn’t interested in.

So this was a loss, and I omitted to post the final update.

P.S. No crucifixion of my mounted cavalry units in Calvary (hill of site of deed) anymore ;)
or not attach to the city, but attack the city
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