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Grouping the Mods

Discussion in 'Civ4Col - Creation & Customization' started by Colfanatic, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. Colfanatic

    Colfanatic Chieftain

    Oct 30, 2008
    Hi there all,

    I am a Col fanatic. I have been playing (the original) Colonization for 10 years. I just discovered that Firaxis issued a sequel/remake of Col and (immediately) obtained Civ4:Col. The effort is great and as I searched the internet I found there is a huge active community here on civfanatics behind Civ4Col which aims to mod the hell out of it. :)

    Now I want to open a suggestion/discussion with our modders:
    As I browsed the forum I discovered Mods can essentially fall into 3 broad categories:
    1) Bug fixing mods
    2) New Feature-adding Mods that overhaul Col
    3) Originality Mods (or any mod that tries to return the usability/functionality of Col1) - [I will be mainly looking out for these ;)]

    Now (given the game cannot run except one Mod at a time) do you think that there should be efforts to merge respective Mods into their respective groups.. so that the end result is one large bug-fixing mod to be merged (for example) with a specific feature mod (like the Portugal mod) or with the Origins mod for better experience.

    For example, The Dale/Snoop bug-fixing mod should be updated with new released small bug-fixing mods released by other modders (with the consent of the authors of course) or will this create more confusion?

    Another example will be merging several Mods which provide interfaces of Col1 with the "Origins" mod to provide a more comprehensive mod which aims to restore the old game functionality.

    I am pretty new to this so I do not know which is best approach to collecting many mods and playing it into one.

    And if this idea is not feasible, then how do you guys manage many modules at the same time?

    Advice and opinion appreciated.

    [PS. What is the difference between Mod and ModComp?]
  2. Dale

    Dale Deity

    Mar 14, 2002
    All bugs should be covered by this mod already. From looking through the bug and tech forums there's only two bugs outstanding:
    1. WB crash placing rivers on map edge (bug in exe, can't fix)
    2. Can't select transports when you have lots of trade routes

    What other bug-fixes are there, and what mods do you mean? :)
  3. Colfanatic

    Colfanatic Chieftain

    Oct 30, 2008
    Hi Dale, thank you for your enormous modding efforts. :)

    I was not issuing a direct example but more of a hypothetical situation.

    What if many Mods (next to the PatchMod) get released and each one has a certain patch for a certain bug? This will be cumbersome for the end-gamers since bugs probably will be better dealed at a central patch/mod.

    Another thing is for example if you take someone like me who would be interested in collecting Mods that return some of the functionality of the old Col .. what if many of these features get distributed along many modules, this will give me a lot of confusion I assume.

    So what do you think?
  4. ercolesptr

    ercolesptr Chieftain

    Jul 17, 2010

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