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Guatemala Civilization by CyanCloud


Dec 14, 2022

Leader: Juan José Arévalo

Trait: Socialismo Espiritual. You start the game with Pottery and Writing technologies.

UB: Escuela Tipo Federación: +1 Science for every 2 citizens in this City. In addition to giving additional science and culture points. City must have a University.

First UNW: The Biblioteca Nacional de Guatemala (National Library of Guatemala) replaces the National College. It provides +8 of science and +8 of culture. Increases science production by 100%. A library is needed in every city.

Second UNW: The IGSS National Wonder provides 1 free technology and +5 culture, +5 science and 5+ food and population growth in all cities increased by 15%. The civilization must have a university in all cities before it can construct the IGSS.

I tried to upload the mod via Steam but it wouldn't let me for some reason, so I'm uploading it here.

This is my first mod, any bug that appears or constructive criticism is welcome. Thank you!

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