Guide to WTP 4.0 - Traits, goods, units and ship overview

This freakin' rules.

I see on here on the Milk entry that is goes into Chocolate

But the Chocolate entry only lists Cocoa and Sugar, which is also what the Pedia says
This freakin' rules.

I see on here on the Milk entry that is goes into Chocolate

But the Chocolate entry only lists Cocoa and Sugar, which is also what the Pedia says
Oops, need to fix that, no milk for chocolate...
Thanks for noticing, Guynemer.
The chocolate entry was right (cocoa and sugar), adding milk would only result in chocolate milk. Maybe if we include seasons one day... Happiness bonus +2 in winter. :lol:

I have corrected it in the files.
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Great update!
However, is it intentional that only ship, which can ship free citizens or indentured servants from Port Royal is Pirate Cutter?
In the big chart in the 2nd post, I think the Down row is missing Chickens in its Goods Required column and Upholstered Furniture in its Used In column.
Wild Birds Feathers (61) is not used to make Lined Goatskin Boots (78) which is made with Goatskins (45) and Wool (44).
I don't see Wild Birds Feathers used in anything at this time.

Thanks for your helpful guide.
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I don't see Wild Birds Feathers used in anything at this time.
@ArchdukeLiet wrote that he is already considering the balancing of upcoming WTP 4.0.3.
(And there Wild Bird Feathers are used as he wrote as 2nd Yield for Goatskin Boots.)
The "just" basically comes down to somebody having time and motivation for it. :)
Everybody can volunteer to support or start contributing to the mod - it does not always have to be the same people working.

Please trust us that we modders are not lazy - we work already a lot on this project in our spare time.
Especially in the last 3 weeks some team members spent 4+ hours of additional work after having already worked for 8 hours in their job.

So please be a bit careful about using words like "just" or "a bit" if the effort you are talking about is not your own. ;)
This small "just" may make the difference between a 12 hours work day and a 13 hours work day ...
How can I help? Happy to write some updates for Colopedia as while I'm fairly tech savvy, I'm not a coder really. Enjoying the mod and it's predecessor for many years now. Thanks to all for the work on this!
Hi Lord Drregron,
There is always something that you could do!
If you are looking to write things for the colopedia, the best you can probably do is to get in touch with Kendon (or Kendon with you). That can either be done through this forum or through Discord.
Even with the goods overview table, we noticed that there still is a need for a better overview on the productions chains. To be honest, I could even use it myself. :)
Please find below an organizational overview of all the production chains.

What I would like to emphasize is that the variety of goods give a lot of diversity to play the game. You don't need all goods or chains to win.
When you arrive in a different climate in a next game, you might end up focusing on different products.

WTP Production Chain Overview.png
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Sorry if my post is inappropriate, but I want to suggest some non-critical changes to the excel document regarding the naming. I fixed it for myself, because it is sometimes confusing in the game, so it may be relevant for everyone. Sorry if I'm wrong. In red - errors, in the pop-up note - the correct option (in my opinion).


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Very much appreciated, Alexdmn! :) I have corrected the items.
Indeed it helps to avoid confusion to stay exactly with the wording of the colopedia.

The pictures in the goods overview display it correctly now.
I'll update the downloadable excel file here on the forum soon, as I nearly have another overview finished as well.
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Also I want to offer my own little guide to addition the existing one. I did it in excel format, but I'm giving an example with a screenshot to understand whether it is necessary or not. Here is partly the same information, but from the other side.
1) settlement buildings with specialists and production processes;
By the way, it would be nice to make a tree (chain) of buildings, just like for resources
2) resources on the settlement territory with relevant specialists and resource bonuses.
Still I want to add column(s) with information about the type of relief and terrain features, but I haven't had time yet


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One request for an overview that was mentioned a number of times was about the civilization and leader traits.
I've created one and added it to the excel file at the first post of this thread.

Civilization and leader traits and unique national units
Everyone will select a certain nation (civilization) and leader when starting a game. Each civilization and leader has certain traits, creating a differentiated start and influences your strategy.
Additionally, from WTP 4.1 on (upcoming), each nation will also have a unique national unit. This unique unit replaces a specific expert in the game, being even more powerful or productive and contributes to distinguish all nations even further.

Here is the overview of Civilization traits, leader traits and unique units:

Traits 1.JPG
Traits 2.JPG
Traits 3.JPG
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I am posting my own appendix to the guide to the mod version 4.0.2 in excel format with two sheets:
1) settlement houses with specialists and production processes;
2) resources with relevant specialists and resource bonuses.
Also wanted to add a column(s) with information about the relief (mountains, hills, flatland, water), base terrain (desert, plain, taiga, tundra, etc) and terrain features (diff. forest, grasses, shrubs, etc), but there is toooooooo much data.
Note. This is non-developers guide based on my own playing experience and colopedia information, so there may be errors.
If necessary, I give permission to use it for an official guide.


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