Hall of Fame Challenge Series I Update


Fly Fly Away
Hall of Fame Staff
Apr 5, 2006
Sydney, Australia
We are now one month (of four in total) into the first Hall of Fame Challenge Series. Eighteen brave souls have been brave enough to play at least one of the ten games on offer.

Currently no-one has completed all ten games but all games have been successfully completed by at least one person.

The progressive standings after one month are:

1. Shulec 69 (9 games completed)
2. Fluroscent 55 (6 games completed)
3. playshogi 39.5 (6 games completed)
4. TheMeInTeam 39.5 (7 games completed)
5. Ozbenno 36 (5 games completed)

Well done to all and good luck to those taking part over the next three months. :goodjob:
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