Hall of Fame transfer to new Switch

Feb 11, 2019

Is it possible to transfer the Hall of Fame file from one Switch to another new Switch?

I currently don’t own Civ but am planning to get it for my Switch.

In the future I will upgrade to the OLED. And then I’d like to transfer the Hall of Fame. Like I do currently on my computer.

Also, I read the Hall of Fame data gets reset or finished games don’t get registered properly. Has this been fixed? Apparently happens both on Switch as on PS4.

thanks a lot
Last time I checked, about 6.months ago, the HoF was still bugged and would only record 5 or so matches.

As for transferring it...I don't know. If you save the game (a few turns before finishing), you can save it to cloud, transfer it to the new Switch, finish the game and get the HoF. I'm not saying that's the only way, but it is a way.
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