Handicap XML tag help, plus other questions


Dec 17, 2004
Delaware, USA
Just started playing around with AoD2. I like most of the changes, I'm not fond of how many seemingly huge bonuses the AI gets, even on lower difficulties like Explorer, which is supposed to be the one where you and the AI are playing the same game. Particularly, the two tags that affect immigration appear to be the worst offenders, but what exactly do they do? Numbers listed are for Pilgrim --> Explorer --> Revolutionary.

<iAIImmigration>0 --> 20 --> 100
Is this a % bonus to cross generation? A flat bonus of +x crosses per turn?

<iNumAIImmigrants>0 --> 1 --> 3
Sounds like a bonus of free immigrants, but are we talking per turn? At the start of the game? Every time the AI gets an immigrant they get (a) bonus one(s)?

<iAIMoneyTree>0 --> 10 --> 30
looks to me like free gold added to the AI per turn. This doesn't really explain how the AI manages to get so many soldiers so quickly (not veteran soldiers, which come armed and could be luck of the draw, but armed colonists, where they have to buy guns at the inflated rates inherent in this mod), or does it? 10 gpt means by turn 100 they would only have 1k free gold, or enough to buy 65 guns or so, outfitting 1 extra soldier, not the 4-6 they seem to have beyond what I can muster by that point.

Or do I just suck at playing the differences in this mod, relative to vanilla Col? Anyone have any strategy tips to get started?

On a side note: what's the point of cannon? Without their vanilla settlement attack bonus they strike me as particularly useless. Is there a functionality I'm missing? And why the big nerf to the Dutch and Portugese? That -1 movement on their starting ship relative to everyone else strikes me as a killer, with +1 cargo hold doing little to alleviate it. I recognize that starting with a merchantman over a caravel was huge, but still....
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