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Jun 23, 2001
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Has anyone ever noticed that the Hanging Gardens does not work quite right?

In this GOTM I have built the Hanging Gardens. Now, I normally skip this wonder, but I have found it helps greatly in the early stages of the game. We all know that the HG adds one happy citizen to each city (and 3 to the city its built in), fine. But, what is odd is that if the city has, say 2 angry (not just unhappy) citizens, the HG changes one of them to happy, which then counters the angry person, so the city is ok. Now, if you build a temple in that city, it makes the two angry people now just unhappy. Then the HG makes one of those unhappy, just content. So now you have one content and one unhappy. So, the city is not happy, bad.

So, it is best to actually not build the temple in the city, because then the city actually becomes unhappy, rather than staying content.:confused:
yes it is true.It is the effect of the riot factor.Guess what?....moving a unit out of size 2 city will change it from 1 content and 1 unhappy to 1 happy and 1 unhappy.It seems counter intuitive but it works.
I guess I shouldn't really complain because it makes the cities that don't have temples better off then those that do. So, to not waste the production that already went into the temples, I swicthed all my cities that were building temples to building marketplaces. :)

In a few turns I'll have Mich's Chapel done so we'll see how that effects it all. I may have to switch those marketplaces back to temples. ;)
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