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Jul 31, 2017
Minnesota, USA
Sostratus submitted a new resource:

Hansa/Suguba Guide - Maximizing Hansa & Suguba Adjacency

See HansaLayout.png for what I'm referring to in this text.

Many players enjoy getting the most out of their districts. It is a wonderfully fun addition to empire building in Civ6. Several unique districts have special adjacency mechanics. However, among all unique districts, the German Hansa (Vanilla) and the Malinese Suguba (Gathering Storm expansion) both possess the same special attribute: they have (1) a major adjacency bonus (2) for a specific district (3) that stacks....

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Sostratus updated Hansa/Suguba Guide with a new update entry:

Aqueduct, Canal, and Dam Update

With the release of the June 2019 patch, the rules of adjacency for the Industrial Zone (IZ) were dramatically modified:
  • Mines and Lumbermills, and Districts provide a minor bonus (+0.5)
  • Quarries and Strategic Resources provide a standard bonus (+1)
  • Aqueducts, Canals, and Dams provide a major bonus (+2)
The last set of these changes, the major bonus from these three "green districts," was also carried over to the Hansa.
Thus, the Hansa now has the following rules:...

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Thanks for this! Just got GS and wanted to play Fred anyway. My start had 2 rivers flowing through it, so I was able to get an ideal 3 city setup going and it was quite powerful! Thanks again for taking the time to write this up!
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