Happiness from future tech won't be another "Oh Yeah!" will it?


Nov 8, 2005
Hutchinson, KS
I remember in Civ 4, whenever I got around to having Future Tech, there was a happiness stats window (that shared the health stats, IIRC) and the reason stated for happiness from future tech was simply, "OH YEAH!"

That didn't seem too inspired. Will there be a more creative catchphrase/"reason" on V?
If Gen Y in Oz have anything to do with it, the new catchphrase will be "Fully Sick Bro."
Well we don't know what benefits Future Tech gives, but hopefully it will be more specific when it is shown. (and also more significant.... I'd hope for a choice between a Free Social Policy, +X influence to all city-states, +X experience to all military units, or a Free Space Ship Part)
In a capitalist society the mother of invention is sales. Sales is driven by need and desire. A future technology, or any technology, really, is developed to fulfill a real or perceived need or desire.

"We want cheaper fabric"
"We need a cure for cancer"
"We want a way to communicate instantly over long distances"
"We need to attack potential enemies before they can attack us"
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