Happiness question


Lord Skillz The Angry One
Apr 20, 2001
Louisville, KY, USA
Is there a way to set your town governor to keep your citizens happy rather then work them to the bone? I can't manage 100 cities, it is just too much.

I want to dictate what to build, but not arrange the populace.

Also do any of you use the new improve nearest city command ctrl+shift+i, since 1.17f? I just installed the patch but have not played yet. Just curious.

Also what is meant by "improved unit activation sequence", and "show wonder initiation"?

Right click on a city and choose "contact governor".
Set the "manage worker happiness" to "all cities".
Set "manage production" to "none".
Click on "set as default for new cities".


Improved unit activation sequence means your bombers and artillery will be activated before your tanks.
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