Happiness Requirements


Apr 17, 2021
I recently tried creating a civ ability that grants a flat yield bonus to happy or ecstatic cities. However, I couldn't find any indication that it's possible to create a requirement based on a city's happiness level. My original thought was that I could find something like 'REQUIREMENT_CITY_HAS_AMENITIES_BETWEEN', but nothing of that sort seems to exist (does it?). When looking at modifiers, meanwhile, the only ones I could find related to happiness benefits were the following:
  • Adjust the percent yield bonus from amenities (e.g. Ibn Khaldun, Scottish Enlightenment)
  • Add great person points based on happiness level (e.g. Scottish Enlightenment)

So unless there's a modifier or requirement I'm not aware of, or a way to create the modifier I need, approaching the problem from these angles doesn't appear to be an option. So my question is: Am I missing something, or is there no way (at least with SQL/XML) to have happiness level as a requirement or as part of a modifier? Otherwise, there's the question of if what I'm looking for is possible with Lua, which admittedly wouldn't be ideal since I have no experience with it.
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