Happy Birthday ERAN!

Happy birthday to you, Eran! It's nifty having you around.
Thanks, everyone.

I did most of my celebrating yesterday, went out with some friends for laser tag, where I did much better than the US Army paratrooper, then they showed me a DVD compilation of photos they had taken or had borrowed from my parents (even though my family is in NY and I live in VA, one of my friends knows my family from Rochester) which was somewhat embarrassing, but quite amusing.

And today I got a birthday card which reads just like one of my posts here - since (apparently) I talk in real life in the same style I post, so one of my friends, who talks the same way, wrote me a page-and-a-half long card about how the phrase "happy birthday" is problematic but that, and I quote, "I am going to simply acknowledge the fact that it is your birthday, and that I hope you spend it in whatever state of glee you prefer." Hilarious.
Happy B-day Eran! :)
Happy Birthday Eran!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy birthday Eran! :bday: [party] :dance: :banana: :splat:
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