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Happy Birthday North King!

That was fast. :p

Chúc mừng sinh nhật! [party]
So now that you've done my typical wish, and I've done the Vietnamese version, it's up to Panda to post in English. :p
Ravihi janmadinam aacharati.


Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday man! Much success in RL as well as in NESing.
Happy Birthday man
Happy Birthday to the King!
Meh. I would not bother, but that would be inconsiderate of me.

Yet another happy birthday, North King. :goodjob:
With ritual burnings and flaming brands
A group has gathered on the sands,
Where painted land and dark blue sea
Touch in double-bordered symmetry;
Moderator, mapmaker, NESer extraordinaire—
Maps, Kings and nations, created from thin air;
With rousing chorus all hail North King,
And loudly now his praises sing.

I love this guy! :cry:

Happy BIRTHDAAAY :bday:
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