Hardest opponent combo for peaceful diplomatic victory(Deity)


Oct 10, 2021
I was wondering what opponents would make this challenge hardest?

1. Alexander for obvious reasons I think and because you can't select as your civ if he is opponent.

2 and 3. Venice and Austria will make diplo harder in general by removing City States from game "completely".

4. Mongolia also sometimes eats one or two city states as breakfast.

5. Siam?

Not sure what other 2-3 should be and if 4-5 I said should all be on list.

Should the remaining 3 be hard opponents like Zulu or should all of them be easy like Byzanthium?

IF Zulu is in game they have potential to eliminate city state eater or multiple from the game and hence making game easier etc.

And by peaceful I mean no declaring war on major civs and with city states "no quitters " MP rules should be used aka you are allowed to steal one worker and then peace out with CS. Worker steal from city-state can also be forbidden if majority wants so.

If somebody declares war on you, you can naturally defend and even take cities to a point(not sure how much so it can be labeled as peaceful)


Yeah and map type Pangea or Continents. All standard settings
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Sep 27, 2010
I would say Carthage. Dido is always going to attack you and that means the likelyhood of capturing your CS allies. This just happened to me in the Venice Edge game. I was all set to win a nice, totally peaceful (not a single war all game) Diplo Victory on the first WL vote. But Dido takes out one of the AI opponents so I couldn't win on the first vote. Then she and another AI joint DoW me, taking a few CS, so my victory was delayed until the third vote.
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