Have You Ditched Civ VI and Returned to Civ V?

Have You Reverted to Playing Civ V Instead of Civ VI?

  • Yes.

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  • Nope. Still playing Civ VI

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Oct 26, 2022
Got VI for free on Epic. Enjoyed it lots but then I switched to Mac and Epic's Civ VI is not compatible for Mac.

So I bought Civ V on Steam on my Mac.

I guess I've ditched VI for now but gonna wait for the time I can pick up VI again.


The Village Idiot
May 24, 2012
Land of the Lost
So I thought I’d chime in here and explain why I play Civ5 over the other iterations. I remember when Civ4 came out and it was pretty epic. I still think it’s probably the best version. It introduced religion to the game and a 3D map. It was a huge improvement over Civ3. Civ4 has the best mods in my opinion.

I remember what a let down Civ5 was when it came out. Not only did it have less content than 4 but the game mechanics were more streamlined. It felt more like a board game with 1UPT. After BNW was released I found the game more satisfying. Still has the best art style IMO.

Civ6 checked off many boxes for me. I had a long wish list that modders were able to fulfill in 4 and 5. But 6 had most everything I ever wanted. The developers were obviously paying attention to what the community had been asking for over the years. But……

I feel less immersed when I play 6. The art style is a big irritation for me. Historical strategy games are supposed look and feel real to a certain degree. Civ6 looks so much like a mobile game that it takes me out. The graphics are pretty but unsatisfactory.

The game play gets stale despite all of the content that it possesses. Another immersion killer is how districts and wonders take up so much space on the map. The 3D graphics feel like a requirement for buildings added by modders. This limits what modders can do.

I also don’t like how disconnected the civics tree is from the tech tree. This makes
historical progression feel unrealistic. I find the Golden Ages feel forced. The diplomacy and espionage is silly and unrealistic. All of these things begin to stack up and I lose interest quickly. I really want to like this game.

What I like about 6 is the dynamic map with weather events and the loyalty mechanism. City state diplomacy is better than 5. Combat makes more sense than Civ5. I like the housing system. But these things aren’t enough in my opinion.

So why Civ5 you ask? Immersion. The art style looks more real world. Civ5 is easier to mod. Because of it’s more simplistic design it allows for more creativity for modders. The lack of districts makes cities look more realistic relative to the scale of the map. You can actually believe the cities are loaded with wonders and buildings without actually seeing them. Diplomacy isn’t over the top. Civ5 lacks much of the silliness that’s in Civ6 which is a good thing. Civics are tied to eras instead of the disjointed system in Civ6. I don’t get bored in the late game unlike in Civ6. I’m sure there is more but you get the point. Hopefully the developers surprise us with Civ7 and create something epic.


Aug 30, 2015
I would return to Civ V if it wasn't so blatantly unstable now. Civ VI is nice, but it doesn't have anywhere near the cool amount of mods as Civ V does. Except now tons of Civ V mods have been broken since they last got touched 5 years ago, and now the game will crash far more on better hardwares than the crappy PCs I used to play on 5-10 years ago.

So in short: the worst of both worlds. Was hyped for Civ VI, but likes mods, Civ VI doesn't deliver so much on fun mods, so now I tried to return to Civ V, except now tons of mods are unsupported, driver issues killed the game, etc. and now the game crashes a lot and I can't enjoy it like I used to on those beefy gaming rigs like I dreamed of when I was younger. Just fun.
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