Having Trouble with the Patch?

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Feb 2, 2003
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If you are having issues with the latest patch and have used mods in the past, the mods may be the problem. Please read the quotes below:

Someone in another thread was saying that his disabled mods were still interfering. Do you think this could be impacting a lot of us? I may remove all of mine and see if this makes any difference..

This could be somewhat true, possibly it is best to remove pre-patch mods completely. On the Steam discussion forum a moderator recommended this: Delete the content in the Mod folder, delete Mods.sqlite file one level up, unsubscribe from you mods in the Workshop and verify the game files.

After I did that, I had Sean Bean reading each and every quote... for a while, then he fell silent again. But he did read quite a few; with only my single mod disabled he usually fell silent just after the first quote, after loading a save.
My emphasis added. Thanks to these members for their suggestion.
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