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Hawk03-5CC Persian Astronauts

Dec 8, 2004
Iowa, USA
This is a strict 5CC Space Race game.
Low Barbs
Wet conditions
Warm climate
4 billion years old
Here is start # 1:


  • Hawk03_StartI_4000 BC.SAV
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  • Hawk03_Start II_4000 BC.SAV
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Hmm, mountains and no river. Might be a challenging area to build 5 super cities that need to be powerful for a long time. Maybe its just a few mountains. The 3 BG's and 2 furs are nice. My fog gazing is a bit suspect, but I think I see jungle. At Monarch it's doable, but a challenge. Do you mind if I roll a few starts?
By 1.21, you mean 1.27, right? ;)

And yeah, roll up some starts. Usually 5 are rolled up.


  • Hawk03_Start III_4000 BC.SAV
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Choxorn- you're right, it's 1.27f


  • Hawk03_Start IV_4000 BC.SAV
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  • Hawk03_Start V_4000 BC.SAV
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Here are 4 I generated, figured on shields and commerce. I have each saved. will upload my save if it is chosen. Here they are:

I like B. best, but A. is very good also. Of Hawk's 5, I think #3 is best.
My vote goes to Overseer's A start.
Of Hawk's, only 3 looks strong.

I like overseer's C. It's got river, many BGs, and we can move 1 NE or 1 SE for the wheat too. I'll vote for that one, with a secondary vote for Overseer's B.
My vote is for my #3, #5, & Overseer's A starts.
Normally an SG can be played 1 to 2 levels above a player's comfort zone, so a Regent-level player should do fine, since there is a whole team to help with decision making and you only play 10 turns at a time. It's up to Chief to accept new players, but I think you will be welcome to join us, we need some fresh blood in this series.
@sk8board bob. Welcome. To refresh the rules, we can only have up to 5 cities, we are going for Space Race, and it is in PTW. To see how one is played, check out any of the current SG's or Hawk02, which is what we just finished.

I like Overseer's A &C starts. On C, if we move NE, we can get a coastal high production city on the coast SW.
C. requires a move anyway, to get off of the wheat. A. could be built in place or moved, a move SW grabs the wheat and would make it coastal, which could get us the Colossus and on a river which will mean no need for an aqueduct. We'll want high shields, fast growth, and a big commerce output to boost our science with only 5 cities. A city with Colossus, Copernicus, and Newton's would possibly crank out 100+ beakers by the end of the MA and twice that with other science builds. By the way, Sk8, this will be played as PTW, not Conquests, so hope you remember how to play old school Civ3:lol:
I see what you mean Overseer. I'm just a bit worried about the river ending at the mtn in start A. No doubt our capital will be great, but what about the other cities? If there are no other rivers, it will take our cities a while to get fully developed.

Start A also would give us a 4 turn settler factory (If we chop the Game), which would be useful except for the fact that we're only building 5 cities. :lol:
Sk8boardbob- You're in. Welcome! I only play on Warlord level, but can handle Monarch on a Succession Game.
Does everyone think that Overseer's A start is the best? If we are in agreement, then I'll set up a roster.
I'm good with my A pick, we move 1 west and settle there, build 2 warriors, a settler and then begin the Colossus. The extra food should make for a wealthy fast growing capital. The settler can then make a city which can make the other 3. I will post the save for start A. We can start any time that Hawk is ready. Here is the save:
Turn 1 (4000 BC)-move settler west
move worker SW on deer
Turn 2 (3950 BC)-settler Persepolis, start warrior
-crop deer
-start Alphabet at 100% (34 turns)
Turn 3 (3900 BC)-zzzz
Turn 4 (3850 BC)-zzzz
Turn 5 (3800 BC)-zzzz
Turn 6 (3750 BC)- Persepolis- Warrior<Warrior (4 turns)
Turn 7 (3700 BC)- Persepolis- Warrior<Settler (30 turns)
Turn 8 (3650 BC)- warrior movement
Turn 9 (3600 BC)- same as before
Turn 10 (3550 BC)- same as before
Turn 11 (3500 BC)- same as before
- move worker onto wheat
Turn 12 (3450 BC)- warrior movement
Turn 13 (3400 BC)- irrigate wheat
Turn 14 (3350 BC)- zzzz
Turn 15 (3300 BC)- zzzz
Turn 16 (3250 BC)- Persepolis riots, increase lux to 50%, Alpha in 23 turns
Turn 17 (3200 BC)- contact Germany, trade Masonry for Warrior Code & 7 gold
Turn 18 (3150 BC)-zzzz
Turn 19 (3100 BC)-zzzz
Turn 20 (3050 BC)- Persepolis- Settler<Warrior (5 turns)


  • Hawk03_3000 BC.SAV
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