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Discussion in 'Strategy and tips' started by evmcmunn, Jul 28, 2020.

  1. evmcmunn

    evmcmunn Chieftain

    Dec 14, 2015
    I was curious if anyone could provide an answer to the formula for healers(medicine men, apothecaries, etc) cuz i did a calc and the % looked off. I am playing with size matters if that makes a difference I dont know.
  2. Thunderbrd

    Thunderbrd C2C War Dog

    Jan 2, 2010
    Las Vegas
    From the Player's Guide:

    Healing and Unit Health

    The first thing to clarify between Vanilla and C2C regarding unit health is one simple change that can have a huge impact. Originally, all units have 100 Health. This was a simple system intended to enable every measurement damage to just be a % of the total health. In C2C, units may have or obtain slight adjustments to maximum health amounts but where another value that relates to health is relating to the % of health, it will remain accurate to its purpose (such as the Combat Limit some units have.)

    A unit with greater maximum health won't be stronger than its maximum strength when fully healthy, but it may be able to last a little longer in a fight. It can also take a little longer to heal up to full health. Some promotions add maximum health to the unit.

    Just as in Vanilla, if a unit has 50% of its health left, it also is at 50% of its overall maximum strength. If the Vanilla Combat system option is in effect then when a unit enters battle, the round by round odds during that battle will not change until the fight is completed, but in the core C2C combat mechanism, units will weaken as they are damaged during battle, each round the odds being recalculated to reflect the current amount of damage the unit(s) have received.

    Originally, a unit that could help other units to heal would be able to help all other units in the same plot. This has changed in C2C in two ways:

    1) Healers usually only assist particular types of units.
    2) Healers are limited to being able to help a defined count of units in the stack before the rest must be helped by another healer unit or are left to heal on their own until the units under the healer's care have become fully healthy and they are freed to assist other units.

    Almost all units have one or more 'Heals As' Unit Combat Class categories assigned to them. Most healing units specify what types they help to Heal and how much they assist in healing those units under their care.

    If a unit has multiple types of Heals As categories, then its damage is held in multiple pools, each one capable of being healed at different rates. The pool that is most damaged represents the overall amount of effective damage the unit has in regards to further healing and combat readiness.

    What this means is that when a Mounted unit like a Horse Rider, that has both 'Heals As (Animals)' and 'Heals as (People)' categories takes 10 Hit Points of damage, for example, it actually takes 10 points of damage to the Animals Health Pool and 10 points of damage to the People health pool. Left on its own, both recover at the same speed.

    However, if there is a Healer on the tile that Heals People +5 Health per Round (and let's assume that the mounted unit in the example is the only unit on the plot) and the base healing rate is 5 Health per round, then in one round, with the Healer's assistance, the damaged Mounted unit has healed all of its damage to the People in the unit BUT still has 5 points of damage to the Animals in the unit. Therefore, the unit is considered to have 5 points of damage remaining overall. The next round, that 5 points will heal due to the base.

    If, however, there were a second healer on the plot that Heals Animals +5 health per round, both the People Healer and the Animal Healer would aid the damaged Mounted unit and that would leave the Mounted unit completely healthy after just one round of healing, as both types were assisted enough to complete healing 10 points of damage in both Animal and People damage pools on the unit.

    Thus, if you wish to have an effective healing force for all unit types, then you must cover healing needs for all types. Of course, if your stack contains only melee units, then purely people healers would be sufficient. But if your stack has some melee units but also has some chariots, which Heal as People, Animals, AND Mechanical, then you'll need some healers of all three types. If you only have People Healers in the stack, your chariots will heal rather slowly but your Melee will recover very quickly.

    As individual healing pools are cleared up in the units that have received assistance, the healers will be freed up to help other units that are damaged in ways they can help. Thus, even though a Mounted unit in the stack may have had all it's people healed and still be waiting for its animals to heal, the people healing units that helped the people in that unit to heal up faster than the animals can then focus their attention on the next unit that needs some help healing people.

    Healers respond with the most effective healers available to assist the most injured units in the stack first. And many buildings that can be constructed in cities will offer healing support to all units on the tile but usually for specified 'heals as' types as well. Nevertheless, a well grown city can offer a lot of healing support that can make it much faster to heal there than in the wild.

    There are many types of promotions to help healers develop. You can have your healers widen the scope of what they can help to heal and how many units they can heal in one round, and you can instead specialize them in healing particular types. There are numerous different unit types that have different healing specialties. You're probably going to want Siege Mechanics for your Mechanical unit healing needs, and Shepherds for your animals etc...

    However, just as it has always been, unless it has a special ability to heal on the go, a unit that has moved this round will not get any ability to heal during the end of turn processing, when healing takes place.

    Although it has not been implemented yet in v37, many naval units are soon to be very difficult to heal at sea at all, getting ONLY what assistance they can to heal and not having any ability to get a base amount of healing applying at all unless they are in a port. If you're staying updated on the SVN, this is coming some time soon.

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