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Health Overhaul [IMPLEMENTED]

..please can we have more yellow or orange in your highlights :lol:
Sure. :thumbsup:;)

To explain:

I was told my highlighting was "aggressive". :hmm:

Spoiler :
Who dares to call me !!!AGGGRESSSIVE!!! I am just communicating in friendly direct and open German way !!!
Just to state my point clearly ... so nobody may ever dare to object ... because I AM ALWAYS RIGHT !!!!:gripe:

Thus I am now highlighting it like I am on drugs ... :lol:
Hoping that the colours make it a bit more friendly.
While I constantly believed Health overhaul will be in 3.0 along with the (hopefully complete) new terrains/ features.
No, we already entered Test Phase for Release 3.0. (We will not add any new feature to it anymore.)
Health Overhaul and all the other new feature stuff will be Release 3.1


All the new features I am currently working on and creating prototypes for are way too big to be fully finished, balanced and tested within the next 2 months or even more.
I am just already showing you "secret treasures" out of my "modders vault" - just so you do not think we are lazy and not working on anything ... :mischief:

Half of that new stuff is still experimental "proofs of concept" or just functionality a Human could use but AI does not understand yet how to handle it.
Maps, MapScripts, texts, balancing, Pedia ... all not even started yet. (It is currently just pure functional capabilities - but not yet real quality features.)


Modding is effort and effort takes time. :dunno:
(We still have a private life and a real job as well.)
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Is the corresponding XML tags added to the terrains, features, bonus resources?

When terrain overhaul done I wish to use them for health balance (even if not get into WTP core mod).
Is the corresponding XML tags added to the terrains, features, bonus resources?
There are no XML tags and according logic yet implemented for this. (And even if, I would still need to teach AI.)
I still have to finish the basic "Terrain Overhaul", before I add the "Health Overhaul" on top of it.

Until now there is just a "gameplay concept" and a "technical concept" for it.
If I would have finished implementation and balancing already, I would have posted about it, do not worry

As a single modder who also has a real life this all simply takes its time ...
Please have some patience. :thumbsup:
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There are no XML tags and according logic yet implemented for this.

Would you add that please before start your year long break?
Terrains/ features/ bonus resources are basically done, so this can be build upon that - but for the logic needs a programmer.
Would you add that please before start your year long break?
I have already started my break
And I do not want to get sucked back into modding again.

There is always something to finish and always something to do in modding.
So this point in time is as good as any other to take a break.

Terrains/ features/ bonus resources are basically done, ...

As I said, it is not finished:
1. MapScripts (for all new Terrains / Terrain Features)
2. Maps (for all new Terrains / Terrain Features)
3. Writing all the Pedia texts (for Terrains / Terrain Features / Bonus Ressources)
4. Ensuring that all Bonus Ressources have proper animations (especially animals)
5. Taking care of the L-System (Improvements vs. Bonus Ressources)
6. Fine tuning of balancing (balancing has been ajusted already but it needs to be tested and fine tuned)
7. Maybe improving sounds for the new Terrain Features
8. Adding new Python Events for the new content
9. ...


Any other modder interested in this concept or something similar is of course free to implement it himself.
I absolutely would not mind if another modder uses one of my concepts as inspiration for his work - that is normal modding business.

Nothing in this concept is extremely difficult in itself. It is massive effort however - not to speak of the todos above.
All it needs is lots of motivation and time. And currently I have no motivation anymore.

I need a break and want to play games again myself.



Sorry, but motivation can not be forced.
This is way more effort than you probably imagine.

If somebody really wants to have it now he needs to create it.
Otherwise he needs to wait till myself or somebody else is motivated to create it.

Otherwise let us please stop such discussions. :thumbsup:
A mod is simply never finished and sometimes modders need a break.
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I have already started my break

Sorry for that - believed still some days left. :blush:

Any other modder interested in this concept or something similar is of course free to implement it himself.

Because I had long awaited the new terrains/ features/ bonuses, also the health overhaul (expected in 3.0) .
But that did not happen.

So at autumn/ winter when supposedly I will have more time plan to complete what I can
-> to get it (the feature properly) it is neccesary.
As I said, it is not finished:
2 (at least (RaR America Gigantic), 3, 6 -> I can do it (on a level).
So because of that for me considered basically done. ;)

In the same manner can do the health overhaul but only in case of buildings.
There this exist:
Not something like that for terrains/ features/ bonuses implemented.

Still if something is requires programming or graphic = will not come from me.
Ok guys, started working on the Health Overhaul. :)

To remind you guys again, the idea is that the Terrain itself influences how healthy a City Location is.
Thus already the decision "Which place do I settle on the Map?" will get more strategic.

These are first images of the "Bonus Ressource" part.
(It is not fully finished yet. Game logic is not fully implemented and AI does not understand it yet either.)



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So ok, the next small addition is done: Terrain Effects for Settlement Founding Spots
(Detailed XML balancing is not fixed yet - will also do it at the end.)

Important Comment:

I have opted to only consider Terrain itself for "Founding Plot" / "City Center Plot".
It is simply easy to explain, easy to visualize and still friendly to casual players.

Otherwise it would also have become too punishing to e.g. settle in South America.
So this is kind of a compromise between immersion and gameplay (which is more important).

So there are a few Terrain Types like e.g. Wetland, Marsh, Permafrost, Rock Steppes, Desert, ...
that are simply not suited to found your colony on.

If you found directly on such a plot your health will suffer.
If you found on a plot next to it though, nothing bad wil lhappen.

Marsh and Wetland can also be drained. (Old RaR feature.)
So it is not that bad if you found on them and then drain them.



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Hi guys,

the Health Overhaul is done. :)
The feature design I have chosen is still pretty casual.

I avoided anything complicated and tried to keep it as simpel as possible.
So do not worry about these changes killing gameplay. ;)

Unnecessary to tell, but all of this can be balanced in XML. :thumbsup:
(Civ4BonusInfox.xml and GlobalDefinesAlt.xml)


To simplify the changes / additions:

1. Location of your City matters (much more and are a bit more immersive now as well)
(Coastal is good, sweet water access is good, hills are good, ... some Terrains are bad.)

2. Specific Resources add Health if worked (e.g Apples, Salt, ...)
(Originally I thought I would just count the ones in City Radius but that was OP.)

3. Balancing is now more stringent (thresholds have been lowered)
(Gone are the days, where Health only mattered if you had more than 12 cities.)


Things I purposely left out:
  • Any effects of Features
  • Any effects of Improvements
Balancing I did not change:
  • Effects of Buildings

See an example how it looks like.

Be aware that this is an outrageously overpowered test example.
(Normally you are not going to found in such perfect conditions and are also not going to have both well and healer's house with 6 citizens already.)

More screenshots:



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For any new programmer interested to see the code and XML changes:
Here is the commit.

Since it just shows the diff, it is probably easier to read and understand though in Visual Studio.
Search for this comment in source code: // WTP, ray, Health Overhaul
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