HELP: Adding custom player colours to the game

Dec 11, 2022
So I've managed to get multiple city-states into the game, but I am still facing issues adding custom colours for those city-states. I've tested for the issue these past two days, but it's left me with bizarre results that I don't know what to make of. To differentiate between colours (which simply define the RGB values for a single colour) and player colours (which are combinations of colours to make up standard 'uniforms' for the civ factions) I will be using the term 'jerseys' for the latter.
Firstly, the custom city-states were not showing up when I added my own custom colours and jerseys. I removed the custom colours and jerseys, booted up a new game, city-states showed up, no problem. Then I went back to ModBuddy, added colours and jerseys, built solution, went back to Main Menu, enabled the mod again, city-states still there but no change in colours.
Then I went back to ModBuddy, and experimented with adding only pre-defined colours to custom jerseys. Weird stuff happened, so I tried from scratch again.
This time, I designated default city-state jerseys to some city-states, and custom jerseys to others. Note that those custom jerseys only contained default colours already defined in the base game. Game loaded up just fine, and both default-jersey and custom-jersey city-states appeared. I changed the colour for a CJ (custom-jersey) CS (Gangtok), and hey presto! the chnage actually effected in the game. I could weep with joy, this was the first time I had been successful in adding a custom colour to the game. But mark the sequel. When I changed the jersey for a DJ CS (Lankaran), the changes would not take effect in the game. I then changed the colour for Lankaran's jersey to Gangtok's, but still no change.
I determined this may have something to with changing jerseys mid-game. I went back to ModBuddy, changed most of the CS' jerseys to Gangtok's, left some as they were, and started a new game. This time I encountered Tamralipta, a CJ CS with defualt colours. But then I encountered Derbent, a CJ CS with custom (Gangtok's) colours...

So I have no idea what to make of this all. I am attaching the mod in the same state as shown in the screenshot.


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And changing the XML/SQL database mid-game rarely gives predictable results. You change the mod, you need to start a new game, or you'll introducing unknowns into the system
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