Help! Desperate to play Civ 2


May 19, 2021
Hello All,

So I had an urge to play Civ 2 again and sad to say after 3 days I am hitting a city wall with coastal fortress and Sdi defence! I have Windows 10 and have managed to download good edition, I've used a patch which says is applied and good to go. Go to install and select yes. Error message, missing XDaemon.dll manage to get that added to the folder which has civ, double click it and wheel spins then nothing, not even the do you want to allow program message. If I run as administrator it gives me this message but same thing, wheel then nothing. Tried virtualbox but it's beyond my capabilities despite the YouTube guides. Had it working fine in my old Windows 7 laptop (rip) any help is appreciated. Had a look on here but nothing seems to work
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