HELP, getting different ".tmp" error each launch!


Jul 18, 2005
Auckland, New Zealand

I have just recently tried to install Civ 3 on my older computer, after playing it on my newer one. It works fine on the newer one.

After installation on my older computer, i restart then go to lauch when it says for example "nec1.tmp has encountered an error and must shut down. We are sorry for the inconvenience" (yeah right) and the game won't load. The ".tmp" file has changed almost every time i try it and one time i got a ".dll" error.:mad:

I have tried reinstalling about 5 times, with the same problem. I even scanned and repaired ALL bugs in my registry.

I run windows xp professional on my older computer (and believe it or not it runs faster than windows 98 cause of all the crap hewlett packard jammed onto it), with these specs:

300MHz Intel Celeron
64Mb Ram
4gb HDD

PLEASE HELP ME! :confused:
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