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Jan 7, 2018
I've been trying to get some more play in the earlier eras by increasing tech costs and game speeds turns without increasing construction costs (I made gold focus available from mining just to not have to spam and delete units). I had to increase <GrowthPercent> to prevent cities from spiraling out of control, and I think the settler is connected to <GrowthPercent>. This makes early expansion really slow since the settlers take too long to train.

I've been looking for a possible workaround.
Could it be possible to add something like <Cost>75</Cost> to make it dependent on this rather than growth speed?

Spoiler Settler :

Alternatively, is there another way to slow down the growth rate of cities than increasing <GrowthPercent>?
Apart from going into buildings and decreasing all food yields, that one is going to be hard to balance and I don't know how much of an effect it would have.

I guess another alternate solution would be how to make everyone start with 2-3 settlers.


Jan 7, 2018

I guess this one can be used... Will try to attach it to agriculture.

EDIT1: That led to ctd on startup, guess I will try to attach it to all the starting policies instead.

EDIT2: That works, but I don't really want every policy you start to multiply the bonus, have to think of something else.

EDIT3: I tried changing it to <SettlerProductionModifier>100</SettlerProductionModifier> and adding it to the palace in buildings, caused a ctd just like adding it to techs.

EDIT4: I found something in gamedefines
Spoiler Growth :


Maybe some of these values could be tweaked to make cities grow at about half the usual rate and then lower growthpercent in gamespeeds to be able to make settlers faster. The only problem is I don't understand the 3 first ones here.
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