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Help:How to link your unit onthe bottom of your thread/post?


Mar 15, 2002
Roselle, (CHICAGO) U.S.A.
Just a little question:
How do you link your unit created on the bottom of your post thread?
I tried but I still cannot figure it out:(
Anyone please?
Originally posted by Ed O'War
I had to ask that question to. Here's an example based on my mod (thanks to pesoloco for helping me figure this out too):

Check out the [U R L = [ u r l ] h t t p://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=19622[/url]]Escape from Zombie Island[/URL] mod and blow away cannibalistic zombies for fun and profit!

I had to spaced out 'http:', otherwise it would really post the link. Just follow this as a model, replacing the relevant parts with your own information.

Thanks Ed-O -War :) !
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