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Sep 25, 2006
Mumbai, India
I am a peace loving person who has started waring lately. Its just my second game in BTS and im trying to get a domination victory on Warlord(I cant think of a war victory on Noble :cry: ).

Game Scenario:

I have taken all civs on my continent(Continent map) and arriving wih my fleet on another. But i found that the rivals are technologically advanced and have great miltary except for victoria. I thought of attacking caesar but he seems to be too powerful. I am very bad at war and have bought musketmen to conquer(realised how bad they are at attacking)

I ll be thankful if anybody can comment on my game and give some tips to salvage a victory. save game posted here.
I looked at the save and I'm not sure that this is the best time for you to be going to war. There's a lot that needs to be done to improve your continent.

You haven't settled much of the land you capture including the jungle belt even though cities there could be commercial powerhouses. Your workers are also wasting time building roads and unneeded improvements while some of your cities are working multiple unimproved tiles. You can improve your tech situation immediately by making some tech trades. However I would try to keep Astronomy for yourself for a while so that the AIs don't start sending settlers to your continent. If you focus on developing your continent for a while you'll easily pull ahead of the AIs in the tech race. You can then launch an invasion with a significant tech advantage.

OTOH Caesar just declared war on Vicky, so there might be some poorly defended cities available. The problem is that you'll have to defend any cities you capture. You don't really have much of a navy, so transporting reinforcements across to the other continent could be difficult.

I would recommend the peaceful route for now. Build several settlers and workers and focus on getting the entire continent settled and all the tiles improved.
You're in excellent shape to make a push for a domination victory. It really looks like a cakewalk. You probably won't even have to do much of an invasion of the other continent.

You've got at least five or six MAJOR cities to build in the interior of your continent, along with a couple more on the south end and one in the north before you even hit tundra. You can bring in bananas, sheep, deer, and silver for the dropping of a settler - and you don't have any of those resources.

You're wasting your workers right now - one of them is building a fort in the middle of the jungle! - and you've got a lot of unimproved flood plains being worked. You don't need roads on every square. Especially desert tiles that aren't in anyone's BFC anyway. Get to improving the tiles your cities are working now and chopping the jungle. Put together a dot map and fill up your side of the world. I wouldn't be surprised if you could win by simply dropping settlers everywhere. If not, you'll be able to crush your enemies with pure economic power by the time you're done.

And if you're automating your workers, don't do that.
Thanks for the tips. I have put the workers in auto mode :sad:
Whats are the "things to do for a cross continental invasion" after (not wrt to this game...but in general). Im really bad at it.
Whats are the "things to do for a cross continental invasion" after (not wrt to this game...but in general). Im really bad at it.

Pretty much what has been said in the other comments. Build up your home base first and get a tech lead then build the galleons and units needed to take on the other civs. First and foremost though is building a strong foundation. Grenadiers and Cannon against Maces and LB's is what you want to aim for at this level. :lol:
It's nice to have an engineer handy so that you can rush the FP in the other continent so you can keep a few cities to build units in. If you have mids, you can cash rush at the cost of a revolution or two.
A trick that can be worth trying is to land your armies on someone's territory you're not planning to invade initially. You can then build them up into organised stacks and pre-position them to take out your first target and then use that as the base for the rest of the invasion.
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