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Help!! Out of Synch Errors with 3.13


Aug 14, 2007
I have never had any out of synch errors before, but since I got the newest patch I get them every few turns or so in multiplayer. I have re-installed the patch to no avail and the error comes back even when I reconnect.

The odd thing is that I never really notice any problems with the game if I just continue playing. None of my other friends have this problem, however the big red rror message in the middle of the screen is driving us crazy. I'd love to prevent the error if possible, but in lue of that does anyone know how to get rid of the message?

Trust me, you'll notice problems if you continue playing the game out of sync, I've done it before. Everything may seem fine now, but when you start meeting other Civs, you'll realize their game isn't the same for you as it is for them. Their cities will be undeveloped and small, basically left as is from when the game went out of sync. The same with your cities for them.

Have the other people in your game re-installed it too? I bet one person is using a mod or an unofficial patch of some sort and it is their game that is causing the out of sync errors.

Even installing Bhruic's unofficial patch, I assume, will cause out of sync errors because your versions of the game will not be the same. Someone in your game is using a different version.
Not to fear, yes it is true that from the point you see the message onward your game will be different than your friends, but I found if everyone except the host exits to the main menu then re-joins, the messages go away and the game continues as normal
and after that you get the same oos message every 4 turns :(

really sucks, will try it without the events switched on.
Yeah I leave and rejoin and the rror repeatedly comes back after a few turns. I seem to be the only one having a problem. I have a group of 4 friends..they never have the problem with each other, but I have the problem whenever I am in the game with any of them. One of them does have a direct to drive copy, but since I have this problem even when he isn't in the game I can only assume the issue is with something in my setup.

Just wish I knew what that problem was. I love random events ... I really do not want to turn them off for something that shouldn't be happeneing anyways. I wish the darn error message could be displayed in a corner or something.
Does anyone happen to know what causes out of synch errors? Maybe by identifying potential causes I can figure out what settings on my computer may need to be changed.
Yes, I know what causes them, read my message from above. It happens when the games do not match with each other. I still bet that you're using some sort of mod that causes the OOS errors. Even the slightest change to your copy of the game could cause it.
Nope no mods here. Far as I know they don't have any mods either....other than the ones that came with the game. We're more casual players.
some people have shown that clearing the game cache of all players solves this problem (most likely also for those experiencing the random events problem). This does not seem to cure all OOS issues, but it is worth a try.
open the following directory:
C:\Documents and Settings\<User Name>\Local Settings\Application Data\My Games\Beyond the Sword\
in it you'll find a a directory called cache - delete or empty it (you can even delete the whole BtS directory - the game will just create a new one on the next startup). This has to be done by all players. Try a new MP game afterwards. Read more in this thread (especially from post #80 onwards).
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