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Vandal Thorne

Mar 26, 2008
Hi forumites. I'm hoping to get some tech suggestions so that I can build my perfect gaming PC for my Civ 6 experience. For now I'm opting not to post to the Civ 6 forum because this post is more about assembling a computer than Civ 6 per se.

That said, for efficiency in game experience I like to play large hot seat games with 3~6 civs at the same time. I've been using a sad little lap top with insufficient resources causing most of the smaller game to fall over and die around about the late industrial period.

So I'm looking to build a game PC that can take a 6 Civ hotseat game from start to finish using the following list of mods below. Your suggestions are greatly appreciated. Right now I'm thinking that the PC needs 32~64 GB RAM and some kind of beefy graphics card. But specifically what graphics card is going to make this style of game play possible?

Mods Used:
RwF: Civics and Techs
Extended Techtree [GS]
Lyxeum - Early Science Building
Canals on Hills
Better Civilization Colours
Better Civlization Icons
R.E.D. Total War Modpack Unified
JNR's Climate Balance collection
Unique Improvement: Castrum (Rome)
Good Goody Huts
Truly Abundant Resources
Harvest Luxuries
Harvest Late Strategies
Harvest Early Strategies
[GS] A Mountain is Fine Too
Military Tactics before Stirrups
JNR's Urban Complexity collection
Civilizations Expanded
Warfare Expanded: Armored Assault
Earlier Embarking + Ocean Navigation
Religion Expanded
Extra Strategic Resources
CIVITAS City-States Expanded
Random Meteor Bonuses
Warfare Expanded: Reloaded
R.E.D. Total War: Warfare Expanded Reloaded
EpsTweak for Warrior Monks
EpsTweak for Civic Units
SM's Governor Rework
Take Your Time Ultimate - Slower Research Trees
Vegetation Variety (Standalone)
Latin American Resources
Better Honey Graphics
Mitchs Quickstart Mod (MiQS)
City Sprawl Graphics
Unique District Icons
Roads Don't Use Charges
Steady Relics [Cost Up]
Unearthed: Artifacts and Relics Expansion
Production from Population
No Barbarian XP Cap
Tomatekh's Historical Religions
[GS only] Realistic infantry
Castles - Better Forts
Mappa Mundi
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Dec 24, 2001
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Lemon Merchant

Not Quite Sonic
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Jun 27, 2008
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Good lord, that's a lot of mods. :)

I would suggest:

1. Ryzen 3800X CPU
2. X570 class AMD4 socket motherboard
3. 16 to 32 GB RAM (you don't really need more than 16 GB unless you are running a virtual machine at the same time.)
4. A minimum of a Radeon RX 580, or Nvidia 1660 class video card. A Radeon 6800 or Nvidia RTX 3070 is much better and will definitely help with other games. That is if you can find either of these two. They are in short supply right now.
5. At least a 500 GB SSD. An M.2 version would be supported by the mother board and is much faster than a standard SSD. A Samsung 870 series drive in either format will be fine.
6. At least a 750 Watt power supply. Seasonic or EVGA are good brands. Corsair makes a good bunch of them too. (try the TX series).

Any other questions, please ask. :)

Vandal Thorne

Mar 26, 2008
@Lemon_Merchant: Brilliant, thanks so much!

(And yeah, I love my mods. I honestly wish that there were more customization options out of the box for folks are playing Civ from a history sim point of view and want to edit the tech/civic trees and the stuff on them.)
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