Help the newbie!


Mar 29, 2002
Cardiff, Wales, UK
Help! I had a strange idea that I could use the editor without mucking the game up, but no luck! I added four governments, changed paratropers to special forces and changed some characeristics for countries. But it all went horribly wrong - grey lines pointing everywhere on the science advisor and then I change choose what to research! I don't have any downlads from the net, the game is completely as I bought it. Any advice/abuse is welcome!
From what you have said I gather that you are running the original Civ3 without any patch (ver. 1.07). If that’s the case, your problem with the science screen is a common problem for 1.07. As long as you change something and save under a new name or load a scenario the science screen will get mess up in 1.07. Just download the patch (either 1.16f or the latest 1.17f) and this problem should be fixed. :)
Thanks Dark Sheer! I'll download the new patch... still can't see the point of putting an editor on the game that doesn't work though...
A develpoment... I have one computer with the net but can't play civ, and another computer with civ that can't go on the net. Is it possible to download the patch from the net onto disk to put it on the other computer? Ta!:confused:
Sure, I usually burn them to a CD since most patches won't fit on a floppy.
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