Help with a mod(NewCiv&Scenario)


Aug 22, 2014

I´m working on a new mod scenario. It comes with three different Civs. And a scenario, but I would like some help from modders who like the idea and are ready to be part of this mod.

The year is somewhere around 2297AD. After the III World War instead of nuclear bombs, USA lunched a new heat bomb. The idea was that It would melt Siberia and the Russia would face with a massive water over flow. But instead of just melting the Siberia, the bomb was miss fired and landed in South pole. Melting it full, with the water raising the war stopped and nations were destroyed. After many years the earths atmosphere has risen and the earth has become cleaner than ever. Few now NEW NATIONS have risen. Two nations competing in a full war with finding the dryland. One side thinks it holds the key to win the war and the other thinks its the promiselands. And a new race has started. The race to find the dryland. But little do they know. The land they are seeking is all ready settled with a different civilization called the Peoples of Quan. They believe to be the natives and only owners of this land. And are ready to protect it from anyone.


*All Civs will be mashed together with different original civs. Because its a little easier and also realistic, as they are survivors of different nations come together and found a new one.

1. The Lion' [liːon]
The are really peaceful and religious nation. Believing that dryland is the promisedland they are looking for.
The icon art is ready:
Spoiler :

*Need help with the leader and the units*
*Also the traits and so on*
*Will use England and other Europe type civs*

2. The Droug´T (from the word drought)
They believe that the dryland is all dry and it holds the secrets of old civilizations that help them kill the Lion'. They are warlike nation that only wants to be bigger and better.
The icon art is ready:
Spoiler :

*Need help with the leader and the units*
*Also the traits and so on*
*Will use Russia and other civs with more hostile background*

3.The Peoples of Quan.
Peaceful and protective. Try to avoid battles and focus on protection.
They have been living on the dryland or as they call it Quan. Meaning The Fertile in their language.
The icon art is ready:
Spoiler :

**Need help with the leader and the units*
*Also the traits and so on*
*Only non playable civ in the game*
*Will use the Spanish type civilizations*

I know that there are only three civs. And thats the point. The map will be in only war mode and have one victory type. Kill all others. It will be on a large or a huge map. The land mass will not be that big. Perfect for three civs and most of the map will be ocean. The game will only have two eras, Renaissance and Industrial. There most be a way to make the ear really long, but still enjoyable. Still there will be a race to the dryland and a full on war.

Now here is where you come in :D With your suggestions and ideas. Also I do need people to help me with and all people who had their hands on coding or art or even music will be credited :D

*Need an artist... May be more than one*
*Someone good with creating custom civs( so we can work together. I know the basics and maybe even the advanced basics )
*And much more help* I´m not saying I can´t make it myself, I´m saying that it would take too long*

So for people with just ideas, leave them here :D And for people who want to be hands on just mail me: or add me on steam: puppysky911 (DUCKDERPLY) and from there we can work on more stuff. :D
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