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The Brick and The Rose
May 20, 2001
Ok, so all of a sudden I have to bee an expert on the Russo-Chechen conflict and the Bosnia-Serbian one by Thursday. I have a very good handle on the chechen one, although a few more articles never hurt, but almost no knowledge of the Bosnia-Serbian one, so if someone could enlighten me, give me some articles, etc. that would be so nice. And the focus I have to take is terrorism with the Chechen one and Genocide with the Serbian one, so if we could focus on that that would be wonderful. Thanks guys.
Heh, Kosovo conflict is "funnly" in a way, like a stamp scenario. At first albanians come to serbs' land and build some mosques. And a graveyard with mosque as always. After a while - "Aur fazers buried ere. Dis iz aur land, we will die for allah defending AUR LAND!" so now NATO promoted lots of albanians to police who openly shout that they are going to police to kill unfaithful Serbs. Whyle Slobodan Milošević are still forbidden to defend himself against Gaag "tribunal" with pohibiting of defence actions(Gaag "tribunal" is sponsored by "Soros fond"). So in a way it's true that there are genocide - muslims have been unleashed upon Serbs to rape and plunder.
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