Help with Unhappiness in Warlord level - bizzare scenario?!


Feb 15, 2011
Im at about 1940AD on warlord on small contients maps in quick mode

Prior to researching Combined Arms my happiness = +5
Once Combined Arms complete happiness goes to -15
Then if I continue on to research computers it goes to -53 then all my cities start revolting and flipping to other Civs?!?!

WTF - how am I supposed to deal with this?

I've not even gone to war with anyone and am trying to do a space victory yet I cant get the techs I need for space victory without triggering this mass unhappiness scenario ?!

I already have pretty much every happiness improvement I can build

Please help
Here is a screen shot of my unhappiness info when at 1942 - next turn it goes to - 35

Sorry about the poor quality

A sharp drop in Happiness is usually associated with cultural/ideology pressure. If a Civ with a large number of wonders and a lot of tourism adopts a different ideology from yours, you can easily see a catastrophic drop in Happiness from one turn to the next. In my games on Deity this usually happens much earlier (I don't know what the timings would be like on lower levels).

Prevention is necessary, which means keeping an eye on Civs that have a lot of culture, and either attacking them or bribing others to attack them. Alternatively, just switch your Ideology to the preferred one. Or if you are late in choosing an Ideology, go for the one that is exerting the most pressure (you can find this out by looking at the Tourism/Cultural Victory menu). I see from the screenshot that you only have 12 Tourism, which is not much to resist pressure.

PS: it has nothing to do with the techs you are researching.
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