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Helping the AI in Accuracy Mode

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Road to War' started by zol, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. zol

    zol Chieftain

    Jun 26, 2004
    For the past two nights I tried out RtW and have enjoyed playing the accuracy mode as Germany in 1936 on Immortal (second from highest difficulty). I haven't played a lower difficulty, but I found that I couldn't carelessly blitz through anything past Poland; the combination of France/England/Norway/Low Countries definitely slowed me down, but ultimately the AI is just an AI and it wasn't too terribly difficult--they never once bombed Germany, even with a substandard fighter defense.

    I didn't mind this, as I wanted to play as historically accurate as possible, hoping that Russia (which outpaced me most of the game, especially in techs--they had hordes of Heavy Tanks long before I even researched it) would eventually be able to push me back as I stretched out my three-pronged Barbarosa-attack through the winter. After their initial push into my territory, however, they just collapsed, and I knew there was no way the allies, even with the US, which I doubt would be effective under the guidance of the normal AI, could stop me. I highly doubt stepping up the difficulty one more notch will make much of a difference since once the AI is the AI.

    What could really make the scenario more accurate and challenging would be to generate units or other advantages to the AI to simulate the tipping tide of the war. In the case of England, the US could produce a stream of units prior to entering the war and "gift" them along the lines of Lend-Lease. After they join, a large force could spawn in North Africa/Britain in preparation for invading Sicily/Italy/Normandy. For Russia, the effect of winter should probably be strengthened with many waves of defensive units spawning around specific cities, such as Leningrad, Moscow, Stalingrad, etc., enough to really push back an offense. For the Axis, units could spawn with each event to help them blitz through. Maybe these benefits could even scale with the difficulty setting. I am not that experienced with scenario creation, so I don't know how feasible these examples are, but they seem like relatively simple ways to make the accurate mode come out with an accurate outcome. Or maybe I'm just strange for wanting to lose; I guess I'll just play Russia and simulate Barbarosa from the other side oO.

    Also, I briefly tried playing the US. I'm assuming the pollution effects tied to nearly every improvement is meant to stabilize population growth, but I think this really puts the US at a disadvantage compared to the large European civs. I don't think the US really has much to offer in the scenario; to really make their late contribution to the war felt, large cities on the east coast could really help push forward Allied gold/research/reinforcements. Or perhaps their last Industry civic could provide a greater advantage than it currently does.
  2. Dale

    Dale Deity

    Mar 14, 2002
    I'm working on a few things to help the AI.

    Already now (in the unreleased beta3 I'm working on) the AI builds more fighters. Now to make the allies want to liberate Europe, and Germany want Norway. :)
  3. Zeviz

    Zeviz Prince

    Nov 3, 2005
    Here are a couple more suggestions for AI, if you can make changes to it:

    Is there a way to affect what units AI builds? For example, Marines should almost never be built as a defensive unit. (There might be times when countries with weak infantry are better off training marines, but there is no excuse for countries with strength 20 infantry to be building strength 15 marines to garrison their cities.)

    AI also never seems to use its paratroopers for anything other than garrison duty. (I saw German paratroopers garrisoning cities, and Russian paratroopers garrisoning forts, but never saw a single paradrop mission.) For a human-run Germany, it's trivial to use paradrops to bypass Maginot line and even invade England in 1940. But AI seems to have trouble dealing with this both on defense and offense.

    I also noticed that BtS limits on number of planes per city have been turned off for this mod. Adding some limit might make things more challenging for human players.
  4. Tboy

    Tboy Future world ruler

    Aug 5, 2004
    At my Computer, somewhere in the UK
    That's irritating - it was claimed that with BTS, the AI would know how to use paratroopers. Maybe something in the RtW code accidentally interfered with that - or maybe Firaxis lied to us (they better not have...:mad:)
  5. Jagordon

    Jagordon Chieftain

    Aug 30, 2007
    The AI needs to be more aggressive and be able to combine artillery, bombing and ground attack into one fluid motion.

    I was able to hold off Germany and Italy with no help from the UK or France as the Low Countries in Europe only losing Luxembourg for a while and eventually ended with me and Russia dividing Germany and me taking Italy for myself. I did this by simply moving my many artillery (that I had made during the years leading up with my 0% research and skilled labor civic) out of Brussels and bombarding the Italian and German armies in Essen and Luxembourg where they would sit and try to heal only to be bombarded more. At one point Italy tried to invade with a new army moving it one space out of Luxembourg only to be bombarded and sent back to Luxembourg to heal, this happened 3 times. France sent no troops to help. Germany had better tanks compared to my 1 light tank, better infantry, and lots of bombers that it never used in mass on me with my 0 air defense (my one anti-air gun i built got shot down the turn after it was built). Germany and Italy only used their air forces against my two pillaging cruisers and occasionally against my units in brussels. Even when Germany had been able to lower my 6 artillery's health in Brussels and my 6 improved infantry in Amsterdam (never healed b/c they just kept bombarding their units never were able to fully heal ever) all it would have taken was 5 improved infantry or a couple of tanks to finish me off, it ended up with me and Russia dividing Germany and me taking Italy when France finally decided to help.

    The AI never fully was able to grasp offensive tactics only sending a few units at Brussels, which would be defeated and the remaining bombarded to death.

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