Here's my idea for a Americas second leader

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  1. dragon653

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    Apr 26, 2016
    So i this idea started in the second leader thread and halfway through writing it i realized it would be better served in its own thread. Here it is i combined Americas history of being a economic and production powerhouse into one leader ability and that leader is FDR

    Arsenal of Democracy ( all of these ability's stack with each other)
    Franklin gets an extra trade route at foreign trade. +1 :c5production: and :c5gold: when trading with other civs. +2:c5production: :c5gold: and +1 :c5culture: when trading with declared friends, and city states you are suzerain of. Declared friends get +1:c5food: and :c5production: when trading with american city's. when trading with a civ at war both city's get +2:c5food: :c5gold: and :c5production:. sea trade routes get +3 :c5production: and +4:c5gold:. when trading with an ally double all yields. gains access to the Essex Class unique unit after researching combined arms technology.

    Essex class:Replaces aircraft carrier 70 melee strength instead of 65 and can carry 3 air units (plus promotions).

    I think this accurately represents Americas trading with the Ally's during world war two.

    Now a few concerns that i think will come up so all answer those now.
    1. you don't have a agenda: which i don't. I do not know enough about Franklin to give an accurate agenda so if someone who knows more can tell me all add it in.
    2.We already have teddy we don't need two Roosevelt's: also true i can't think of another president that would have these ability's so i chose FDR if some can tell me of a different pres that fits all change it.
    3.the uss enterprise was a single ship: changed because of a suggestion.
    4.It looks like you could get way to much production from trade routes: I think it evens out since you have to be peaceful to get the vast majority of the bonuses so it helps a lot with science (building the science projects) and culture (building theater squares) but locks you out of domination or warmongering.
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  2. AJ22PIZZA

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    Jun 3, 2014
    Instead of the unique aircraft carrier being the Enterprise, couldn't you just call it Essex Class, as those were the most widely produced aircraft carriers of WW2?
  3. Turrdy

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    Nov 30, 2016
    i think it's totally OP. compare it to cleopatra's unique ability: just +4 gold for every trade route.
    FDR: sea trade route with a declared friend who is at war with someone else: +7production, +8gold, +2citizens(not food?) and +1 culture. and that's just standard bonus, you'd have to add the normal trade-route-stats and all the policy-cards to that and you'll end up with more than +10 production and insane amounts of money.

    just two words: multiplayer teams.
  4. historix69

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    Sep 30, 2008
    "Arsenal of Democracy" usually means that US industry produces weapons/military units which are lent/given to other civs with same government (e.g. (colonial empire / monarchy /) democracy) for war against civs with other government (e.g. first faschism, then communism). This allows to lead a proxy war against other government types without sending own troops and without own human casualties.
    It is hardly a source of income or resources since war is expensive and allies seldom pay their depths ... but it avoids war weariness and damages on own assets at home when done right.

    In a game, the trade routes of FDR would provide no income to FDR but would give a huge bonus like +100% to unit production when sent to a civ with same government type which is in war with a civ with another government type.
    Peacetime trade routes may give huge benefit to USA (independant of partner government type) if the home city has a Coca Cola factory or Hollywood.
  5. dragon653

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    Apr 26, 2016
    Thank you i will update the main post.

    I fixed the citizens typo. And yhe the numbers themselvs probboy need to be turned down a lot, last thing i will admit that i frogot team games were a thing.:lol:

    this is a good idea and probably more accurate with the name 'arsenal of democracy" but I will say that the us profited a lot fro the 2 world wars.

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