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Oct 28, 2015
I'd like to say I've been playing Civ6 for years now. I keep returning to it every year and I had not tried any of the mods, the hero mods, corp mods, or any of them. I finally tried a combo of Corp, secret society, and hero and I am thrilled. It really breathed new life into the game for me. I always looked at Heros and imagined capes, flying about and something modern-day. It would be nice to see Heroes change up with eras. Like Hercules only available in the classical era and the Industrial era have a steampunk Hero..ya know? Switch it up. Anyways just wanted to say to whoever created those mods..well done!!. I'm about to try Zombie here in a bit.

P.S. one thing I have always wondered why they didn't do..was make it so if you kept a "green" Civ and shied away from coal and oil that resources would naturally crop up in response to your "greenness"(sorta like what Maui does but only within the borders.)..only makes sense.
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Dec 9, 2021
Those are my game settings for the last 10+ games. My favourite heroes are Maui (can create luxury or bonus resources out of borders, so use him in tiles you can purchase), Hippolyta (heals between turns), Hunahpu & Xbalanque (when they kill a unit it turns to your side) and Sinbad (very good for exploring and taking out barbs while making some hard cash).

I always go for the vampire society, free almost unkillable units (1 per era) and the castles get all their adjacent yields for you capital, so good!

I think the corp mode should be fixed to allow creating products at least an era sooner, this mechanic comes too late in the game for me!

About the civ, there should be bonuses for civs that forego burning coal or oil...then having ai agendas for eco friendly civs. I miss the original Civ pollution tiles!
Be careful with zombie mode, it tends to cripple the AI a lot, the last game I played it go to the point that 2 civs spammed zombie defenses on all their their terrain and thus there were no farms, no mines, etc.
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