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Hexarchy: A deck-building civ-like game (now on Kickstarter)


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Oct 22, 2008

We continue our series about potentially interesting games for Civ-fans, and this time it's about Hexarchy. Hexarchy is a civ-like game, it plays on a hex-grid, turn-based, and you build cities, units and wonders. The main difference to Civ is that it is a deck-builder: You have each round a certain amount of cards (units, buildings, technologies, etc), which you can use, if you have enough production and resources. Non-used cards you may discard or keep for the next round, whereas used cards vanish and will be replenished from the card stack.
It is set up for a lot shorter games than Civ though, most should be over in one hour.

You can find a demo on Steam right now: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1356810/Hexarchy/
There are also a lot of videos on the dev channel, and Civ-streamer Sassy Gamer Lady has also played the game in one of her videos.

The latest development is that you can also support this game on Kickstarter, where you can also find a lot more information, and you can also ask the developers on Twitter.

(please note that backing a game on Kickstarter does not guarantee that a game succeeds, and in case of failure the money could be lost)
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