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Hexette - 16x16 World Map

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Aug 25, 2001
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Inspired by SHard's 20x20 world map, I determined to make one even tinier. 16x16 is the smallest the editor is going to accept, so I naturally went for that. A screenshot follows in the next post.

It contains at least one of each resource. Some key ones - Iron, Coal, Rubber, Oil, Uranium and Furs - are found both in the Old World and the New one. Aluminium is only to be found in Australia! There's also a total of four fish.

Feel free to point out inaccuracies - there's not much to be done about it at this scale anyway. If it looks remotely like the real Earth I've achieved my goal.

There are two versions - "hexette.bi_" is simply the map, whereas "Hexette MiniMod.bi_" has five start locations placed (one in each in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South Ameria), max players set to five, road movement multiplier to two, and the OCN cut to nine, and the tech research factor lowered.

I love feedback - especially from anyone who has actually played the map!


Hexette is now available for Vanilla, PTW, and C3C. Chose your download:

Civ III Version
PTW Version
C3C Version

NB: The Civ III version has the map crammed into a corner of a Tiny map, since the Vanilla Editor won't accept custom map sizes. Gameplay-wise, this really only means that the Pacific is really big.

NB2: The C3C version has versions of the MiniMod; one that incorporates the changes to the 1.22 patch - the removal of Radio, for instance - and one that does not.
WHOA! That's puny! :eek:
I'm bored so I think I'll play it. I'll tell you what I think in a while.
WHoa!!! U made it.. I tried to make a map like that myself but I didnt manage to do so...
Finished the game (boy that seems quick). I'll describe the game, then tell you what I think of the map (most of the issues are unsolveable, however).

I set civs to random, difficulty to regent; ended up as England in SE Asia. Scout was nice, because I met almost everyone right away without having to build a unit for exploration. Meeting civs early makes for good trade/tech advancement. Game was progressing very nicely; I decided to build a bunch of archers for a potential storm of NE Asia. The civ there (Ottomans) demanded tribute from me, I refused, and went to war. He had too many spearmen for me to take the city, so I chilled in his land for a while, letting Persia (in Europe) attack the Ottomans to weaken their defenses. When I guessed the Ottomans had only one spearman in the city I attacked, was right and got the city. That very same turn Persia demanded tribute, I refused (should not have!), and went to war. He had way more military units than me, including the horse and iron resources (maybe you should separate those so different civs get them?). He captured the Ottoman city, then I took it back and razed it. From there on it was all downhill and he captured London within a few turns. I had barely made it to the Middle Ages.

Some things to say:
Australia - once the capital territories each expand, Australia is "owned" by the African and SE Asian civs. It will not be a race to the aluminum.
As with all small (16x16) maps, the display is quite awful. The cities don't show their names/population/building/turns left sign thingy. Most of the units are not shown. Why this is, I don't know; I would call it either a bug or an oversight. Very annoying. [Edit: can someone confirm this? Or is it (unlikely) just my computer?]
Uneven start positions. If you actually want to get to later eras (which I assume you do, because you put all the resources in), you should fix this. What I mean is Europe ends up with the Nile flood plains - extraordinary growth opportunity - while I am stuck with just one grassland (and one more once I clear jungle) and a bunch of desert and a mountain.
The continents you created bear a nice resemblance to the Earth.

All in all, this is quite a unique map, and has its ups and downs.
Thanks for the input, SolarFlare.:goodjob:

I too get those graphics glitches, altho' I haven't had any invisible units in my own playtests. Probably related to the absurdly small size, and only fixable by Firaxis.

I don't want to change any terrain (naturally), so what can be moved around is start locations and possibly resources. I could move the European start loc two tiles NE, which would mean that no-one get's the Nile Flood Plain, but then the European player would get both Iron and Horses immediately next to his/her capital. Perhaps if the Iron was moved to the mountaint square SE of the Horse?

Or if I removed one of the Asian start locs, and had the other at the Coal hill, while the European stayed in place? Then the Iron and Horses would be exactly between the European and Asian start, and they'd have to fight for them. And the Asian civ would get a decent start with two grassland and a wheat resource. To top it off, the African civ would be moved one tile NW, to contest one of the Flood Plains and leave Australia unclaimed till someone gets 1000 culture.

I'll have to playtest those ideas. I think I like the five-civ idea better.
I'm not going to tell you what to do since it's your map, but this is how I think the positions and resources should be aligned. Each start position should have 1 or 2 lux resources, depending on whether they also have one of iron or horses. Also food should be balanced so that each area has approximately similar growth. Finally, if you go with the 5-civ idea, design it so that the Middle East is a battleground.
Just did a playtest with a five-player version, and the European start loc is probably still too strong. I'll probably have to move that game. Perhaps to North America, since the there civ (the Aztecs) spent almost the whole game besieged by the South American civ (the Greeks). Hm, definitively to North America, since they're the only ones without a food resource.

The Asia civ failed to use a forest to build a warrior ASAP, which means that if the Europeans do so - which they invariably will given that game - can simply march in and take over.

Noteworthily, I achieved a Conquest win in 940 AD (mid-Medieval Era), and got remembered as "Xerxes the Worthless"! That's some tough standards to live up to ... :D
I ought to have triggered a Domination one a few turns before - can't tell why that didn't happen.

Oh, and the game working the way it does, that of the two Eurasian civs that goes first will get the Horse, and humans always go before AIs. But I don't think there's any better solution since I want the resource placements to be vaguely realistic - the Horse should be in central or west-central Eurasia.

Should the game by some miracle continue into the modern age, the Asians will have an extremely strong position with Uranium, Coal, Rubber and Oil within the city radius of their capital. I might have to address that - probably switching the Oil and Incense.
No New Zealand? The SE edge of the Aluminium hill represents it!

I made another test version of the MiniMod, in which, essentially, the Europeans get the Horses and the Asians get the Eurasiatic Iron resource. I also shifted the SEAsian Rubber to Africa and moved a couple of start locs a bit in an effort to provide a bit more level playing field. If SolarFlare or anyone else feels like testing it, they can download it here.
Great map, that's hilarious, I'm going to play it tonight.

One thing I might add if you want some feedback. Sorry, make that 2 things. Post more screenshots...so we can see the changes you are talking about, or have made. Second point, I think there should be horses on the America's, perhaps beside the cow in South America, that way if you take over the continent, you have access to knights. Currently if you took over Europe/Asia, you would have iron and horses = knights. I just think it might balance it out a little more, but that's just my dumb opinion. :)

Good work :)
The screenie above is accurate for the "standard" version downloadable in the top post. Since you ask for it, below's an Editor screenie of the test version linked to in post #13.

No Horses in the Americas is a "realism" issue - there won't be any mounted units in the New World unless the Old Worldies brings them there. Less realistically, and equaly unfairly, there's no Saltpeter in the Old World ...

Edit: You're, of course, free to modify your own copy of the map to include an extra Horses resource in the Americas, and whatever else you think improves balance.
Looks a bit better now, especially with that iron moved; unfortunately I don't have time today to try it out :(.
On that new screenshot, where is the saltpeter? Did our source of saltpeter become exhausted? Please tell me oh great advisor last conformist, that we have found a new source of saltpeter.

BTW I don't understand SolarFlare's sigline about it not being for eggs, perhaps someone can explain that to me?
The saltpeter is in western South America, it's kinda split between the far left edge and the far right edge of the image.

As for my sig, all too often people call it saltpepper, because they are idiots. I intend to alert people of their idiocy via my sig, as a public service. ;)
This is like a rocking cool map... I played as the charts and started in south america... I then killed of france in north america and did a boring rule of america to the modern ages.. Then I made LOADS of marines in transports and won the game :)

I need to play this again now... its so cool..

BTW: U should send this to firaxis... Maby theyll add it to the C3C cd or something.... such a awsome map is a must.. altough they might want to fix that city name thingys first....
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