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Jan 22, 2002
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The Second Hexart FfH Poster Contest starts now!

I decided to do something a little different. I'm now asking the fanbase to do something in order to win. No freebies...you gotta work for it.

All Entrants have to create a haiku about Fall From Heaven. For those who do not know what that is, it's a Japanese non-rhyming poem that has three lines of text.

Line 1 has seven syllables
Line 2 has five syllables
Line 3 has seven syllables

Time for the tables to turn. You got to pick out the favorite poster in the last contest, so I will pick out the haiku I like the best for this contest. Welcome to my world.

The winner will get to pick out the poster he wants from the attached jpg on this post. I will also take all of the other entries who have written a haiku, and randomly pick out a winner who will get the other poster.

Winners from the first contest are not eligible. Sorry, you got yours already. :lol:

Deadline for all entries will be Friday, September 28 at Noon, CST. Two weeks from today. I will officially post the contest closed at that time (see following for the exception). There is one other stipulation. There has to be at least 5 entries. (It's my contest, so my rules... )

Winners will be posted on this thread, and they will have to PM me their address by Friday, October 5th, Noon CST to get their prize. If unclaimed, I will pick out another haiku, who will still get the first choice of poster, until I get an address.

Feel free to publicly gripe about my choice too when the contest is over. It's all subjective...

And I will mail the posters to the winners, free of charge too. All you have to do is hang them up on a wall.


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Getting an error trying to view that attachment. I'll have to have a think about this one :)

Oh, and you might want to remove that bit about there needing to be five entries for each poster - doesn't make sense this time :)
You should also mention that it needs to be in English :lol: It would be easier for me to write it on Croatian :p
About Fall from Heaven... Note to self: I suppose it would be better that it is related to lore somehow than actually on mod.
First post fixed (...had it in CMYK instead of RGB)

...and it has to be in English.
the momus dances in blood
"art imitates life"
cries the laughing jack of tears

eh haiku's are tough. Have fun choosing teh winner Hex
Dunno. In Croatian one vowel one syllable, a,e,i,o,u, and if none present then r as well.
English has those 2 letter voices though.
From Danalin's Dreams
spring forth terror and sorrow
of Forgotten people

(this is fromwhat i remember of one of Kael's posts... the back story to the OO. Danalin is the god of water (a good god) and his people were destroyed and forgotten... he sleeps guarded by his archangel (i think she betrayed him.) his dreams are the basis of the Octopus Overlords religions, giving the preistesses visions, creating hema, and the like...)
Thomas--i think you got confused with the lines. Haikus are:

but you have

And btw I'm pretty sure blood is one syllable.
strike fast the Sleeping Dragon
flank now hill and stone
heed the whispers, plunder bold

great contest hex, can't wait to see what everyone comes up with
I don't want a poster, although they look cool, but I do want to try my hand at this haiku stuff.

The new spring grows forth new man
To create the world
How many innocent will kill?
Thomas--i think you got confused with the lines. Haikus are:

but you have

And btw I'm pretty sure blood is one syllable.

here's my attempt

blind sepulchre I descend
darkness faith forges
seeking goddess in Gal-Dur

there are other types of haiku, including a 5-7-5 type.

good luck everybody!

:blush: i learned 5-7-5 in school... i'll change mine soon :crazyeye:
i should have read the first post moer carefully...

Edit: unless, of course Hex says don't have too ;)
I learned 5-7-5 in school too so that's how mine will be.

Born from Kilmorph's Earth
Tamed by magic and tools
Serving for evermore.
Traditionally it is 5-7-5, but also requires a "Kigo" word (a word relating to seasons or the weather). Contemporary Haiku tend to be more "relaxed" in their restrictions - I've seen 7-5-7 used frequently.

Seeing as I missed out on the first one (completely my own fault) - I'll take a stab at this one :D


From the age of ice,
Until armageddon come,
Wait! Just one more turn.

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