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Hey, this is Justin

Yeah exactly it wasn't spam. I recently posted a move for Genghis in a chess game but I did still use my account because Genghis could not login (He can now).
Pellaken, the first post was made from your account, right? This mean that YOU could delete it! Just edit your post and choose "delete" at the top of the screen.

At least the text below the option states that deleting your own post will delete the whole thread, if it is the first one. Oh, and this delete option must be a new one, I can not recall seeing it before.
TF disabled it. You cant delet your own post snice.

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Uh, OK. Thanks. :)
The Leader of Internal Affiars takes care of Expansion, and internal Trade (Tax rate...where caravans go, etc...), and acts as the CP. But only if a goveror is absent....or there is no defined province...then the Internal leader could polll on new city locations.

Essentally it merges Expansion and CP, and half of Trade. But CP is greatly reduced due to increased governor powers.
Spycatcher34 how did you get that real bow playing that music in youre post ,and why????

Or is this something strange????

Check out how this thread looks like on my comp:
(no kidding ,and it play's music to)
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