Hi guys, i´m a brazilian newbie, i´ve created an civ3 forum in portuguese!!!!!!

If anybody speaks portuguese, put an mensage in port. here, just to know hom many users can speak portuguese...
please guys, visit, and, register there, i am brazilian, i´m writting in english, because my messages in portuguese were deleted... so, if you are brazilian, or, portuguese, take a look in my civ3 forum, ok??
There are few of us (who speak portuguese) in here. So, don't expect many answers. I took a look at your forums. They seem nice. I'll be registering there soon. If you now of somebodyelse who speaks portuguese, try PMing them.
Also, check your PM box.
Well, I am one of the few around here that can speak Portuguese. Indeed, you won't find many of us here. Maybe in Apolyton?

Anyway, I'll check your forum. It might be interesting to discuss Civ3 in Portuguese, for a change...

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