Jan 26, 2022
hello, are there mods which can do some of this 3 things?

Hide nations?
If you load a game, you see the enemy nations on the loading screen, even if you don´t discovered them ingame. Can you hide this information?

Hidden Infos?
Ingame, you can see a lot of info about the other nations, only by using the option: "Show Yields in HUD Ribbon". It would be quite more fun, if you don´t have this cheap information. It´s o.k, to see, if some nation needs 2 points for diplomacy victory etc. but the information in the Yields HUD Ribbon isn´t needed. With this mod, you can hide the information. But the world ranking isn´t shown with this mod, too:
And it would be useful to have the information, if some nation is near f.e. a diplomacy-victory. Any mod wich doesn´t kill this information? Or can you edit the mod anyhow?
( this mod isn´t working at all: )

I tried to negate the World-Rankings-Screen elemination by this mod:
But simply the World-Rakings-Button isn´t still shown at all ingame :(

Hide end-screen-tables?
Is it possible to hide the end-screen tables for multiplayer-games? So all players don´t have the end-screen-infos? Often it ends us in trash-talking or tactic-stalking for the next match an maybe the enemy rushing etc. Any chance to hide some infos like when the players builld their first cities or killed units, build their first wonder, etc.
I only found quite the opposite:

thank you!
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