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High to Low Challenge

Discussion in 'Fall from Heaven Strategy & Tips' started by dmd175, Jan 26, 2017.

  1. dmd175

    dmd175 Chieftain

    Dec 15, 2010
    FFH2 High to Low Challenge

    Unrestricted leaders
    Wildlands, Living World
    Last Days
    (I'm actually not sure which version I'm running...I first downloaded in ~2012, but pretty sure I updated given the sons of asena/PZ bug)​

    First tier pretty easy, Orcs with land:
    Spoiler :

    The save is below (first file I had).

    The reason I post this game is my :cry: at the start of tier two. I thought others would like to take this challenge...starting unhealthy, size 2 cap, all jungle, good times:
    Spoiler :

    I gave this game up a year ago (in part b/c as soon as I made any progress Yersinia came to visit). It took a long time (it took sooo long to get tiles to be non-jungle and a settler, and yes that's Acheron blocking the entire South front).

    Spoiler Results of Tier 2+ :

    Doviello risen:
    Spoiler :

    Core (I was > 1000 points behind the orcs with limited room to expand and was using wonders to close the points gap)
    Spoiler :

    Spoiler :

    Revenge on the Orcs
    Spoiler :

    It got no better when going to tier 3, and that was despite me gifting all the tech I could: (any more and I would switch to Elohim, who are a two city vassal of the clan and pushed to a one tile wide strip of land.

    Spoiler :

    Seriously, this is your capital at turn > 500? And what's with the economy -150?
    Spoiler :


    Attached Files:

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