Higher Difficulties Seem Easier Compared to Civ 5

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Is Immortal/Deity easier in Civ 6 compared to Civ 5?

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  1. toastmaster7727

    toastmaster7727 Chieftain

    Aug 16, 2013
    I have around ~750 hours played on Civ 5, but I would still struggle to win consistently on Immortal (~50% win rate). Deity difficulty would be almost impossible unless I could get very lucky situations (only ~5% winrate).
    Now I'm only 50 hours into Civ 6 and I can already reach 100% win rate on Immortal, meaning the difficulties are extremely easy compared to the previous game.

    The difference for me seems to be the ability to "streamline" your desired win condition while ignoring other aspects that don't contribute. For example, you can just spam Holy Site districts for a religious victory or Campus/Production districts for science victory.

    The splitting of the Science and Civics tree also means you can focus towards only one and not the other. For example you can spam Science for a Domination or Science victory while completely ignoring culture and Civics.

    The Science and Civics trees themselves are also designed to have less interconnectivity compared to Civ 5. For example, you can be researching into the Atomic Era while still missing large chunks of research from as far back as the Classical Era. This allows you to unlock only what's needed for your victory sooner. Many strategies I've read seem to overvalue the usage of the boosting mechanic. As long as you unlock what you need sooner, it shouldn't be worth your time to invest into random objectives that don't help your victory condition.

    Is anyone else finding Civ 6 a little too easy at these difficulties? Some things like barbarians are a lot more difficult to handle, but overall I'm finding the game too easy.
  2. thejayq

    thejayq Chieftain

    May 6, 2013
    So I played one time on deity and won the game, first time of asking and no do-overs. In all fairness I played as Scythia, being the best militaristic civ. I won the game with a Science victory, but could have won with Domination, but that would have taken we a little more time and I was kind of fed up with the game at that point :)

    How I see it is that I should not have won this game. I played on a pangea standard size map (standard/default speed), where Rome was bossing it in terms of size (partly through conquering) and was well ahead in tech for a long time. They were also way ahead in the space race as a result. The way I won is by nuking them, always the best solution :)
    What I noticed though was the long time it took for the AI to finish space projects and even more so to start the next one, even though they had many space districts. This gave me plenty of time to build nukes and ruin Rome, who were busy on with the Mars mission at this point, so I have to say it was quite close.

    In the beginning, one AI declared war on me and later another when I just peaced out. I suppose I was quite lucky that there was no DoW by two civs at the same time. However, how the AI handled their military was bad. Even though they vastly outnumbered my military they were kind of passive and not attacking in a smart way. What I liked is that I had almost no space to settle and that the AI were rapidly expanding, this is Deity!

    In terms of the other victories. No one was really leading in culture and I think one religion got spread to half of the civs at its peak.

    What was nice for me, but I suppose kind of disappointing was the peace deal. At some point AI's would give me almost anything for peace. In one peace deal I got almost 300 gold per turn and there was even much more on the table! This should not happen on deity, should be more Gorgo like. I suppose I know why, the amenities, but AI's should suffer less from this on higher difficulties I think.

    Indeed barbarians are more tough. I got a horseman invasion right away, but on deity you need to be militaristic anyway, so this was not much of a problem.
    This was my experience on deity, hope other share their stories ;-)

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