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Dec 7, 2001
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Kenneth MacAlpine sat uneasily upon his carved oaken throne. His advisors and councilors argued meaninglessly in small groups around the great hall of Edinburgh. He caught snippets of conversations and frowned. While he wrestled with the future of his people, the brightest minds in the land were jockeying for their own positions and meaningless personal advantage. He let the sound of their voices fall to a drone in the back of his mind as he lent his thoughts to Scotlands situation.

His grandfather had founded the city of Edinburgh, bringing together the Scottish clans and forming a true society out of the disparate celtic peoples. In his father's time a group of adventurous farmers and soldiers had spread the Scottish influence with the shining city of Sterling as the result. He himself had organized the settlers (and their escorts) to spread his power to the far coast. Glasgow had been the fruition of his dreams and goals as the leader of his people. It had been. Until the Danes burned it to the ground, slaughtering thousands of women and children to impress upon Kenneth just how serious they were about their plans for dominion.

The Danelaw and the Scots had never been friendly. Oh yes, in the beginning they had shared some basic knowledge and Scotland had even welcomed a group of itinerant Danish workers. The peaceful relationship had not lasted long though. Scotland was in the way of the Danish expansion. First came a request for a small gift, to help Canute show his people that the Scots were their friends. Then came a demand for a similar gift. When he later demanded not only tribute but the secrets of the Scottish sages as well, Kenneth had realized the truth in the saying "You may pay the Danegeld but you will never be rid of the Dane". Seeing there would be no end to these demands of tribute he had refused Canute's demands. The results were immediate. The Danelaw launched a full assault against the much smaller Scottish dynasty.

Things had gone well for Kenneth at first. His cities were well defended and much larger than the holdings of the Danes. Countless Danish warriors died at the ends of Scottish spears. The valiant defenders of Sterling, led by the MacAlpine himself, had defeated a force three times their size and sent the Danes running like a whipped dog. The men holding Glasgow had not been as fortunate. With a garrison half as large as Sterling's they mustered to defend against a force half again as great as the one Sterling had faced. They made the Danes pay in blood for every foot of battlefield, every farmhouse, every outpost and hill. They had been beaten back mercilessly to Glasgow itself. Even there in the streets the defenders had bloodied the Danes. While their homes burned about them, with the sounds of their families' screams in their ears, they harried the invaders. But the Danes were too many. Glasgow burned and its people died.

Kenneth was awakened from his reverie (or nightmare, if you prefer) by the sudden lack of noise about him. A courier had entered the hall and was approaching him. The young Dane bowed a shade too shallowly and held up his ceremonial staff, indicating he would be speaking with the words of another. Stifling an urge to wipe the smirk off of the boy's face with the back of his hand, he bade him speak his message.

"These are the words of Canute the Great, King, Lord and Emperor of The Danelaw: In our infinite compassion we will grant peace to the beleaguered people of Scotland. However, we must recoup our expenses. The original refusal to pay the Danegeld that was our rightful due has forced us to make many expenditures on troops and supplies. The price of peace will be the entire royal treasury of Edinburgh, 6 caravans of gold every spring and Scottish secrets of literature. These demands are not negotiable. If you refuse, Sterling and then Edinburgh will meet the fate of Glasgow and the Scots will be removed from the face of the world."

Kenneth was stunned. Surely Canute knew that these were impossible demands. The entire treasury and then the entire income of his people every year. Scotland would become a beggar nation overnight. War, with the possibility of the death of his people, or peace, at such a price that Scotland might never recover the loss. His advisors and councilors were uncharacteristically silent. The shock and amazement on their faces would have been humorous in other circumstances. He sent the courier to the kitchens (with a guard to keep the Dane alive) to fill his belly while Kenneth and his councilors debated the Danish demands.

By the time the courier had returned to the throne room the decision had been made. "Return these words to your lord and master" said Kenneth.

What does Kenneth say?
"The Scots will never rest until the Danish scourge is beaten back into the slimy depths from which they emerged. Our revenge for Glasgow will be Canute's head."

"Canute, we accept your terms for peace and will henceforth pay the Danegeld."

"We must refuse these ruinous terms. Perhaps later, after the Danish soldiery stack like cordwood upon our battlefields, Canute will tender a more reasonable demand."

Background and game stuff
Game is standard map, raging barbs, some specified civs (Brittany, Danes, Kent, Man, Wales) with the rest random. All map specs are random. Monarch difficulty level (had to leave a bit of room for error as I won't be following my own basic strategies).

Danegeld was the tribute paid to the Danes by the kingdoms of Brittain. Sort of ironic how that worked out here with the Danelaw demanding ever increasing tribute just like the Danes did in real history.

Edinburgh is in an amazingly fertile area, though it is never going to be an industry giant. Builds are slow but population growth is spectacular. Excellent resources are found in Scotland. For those unfamiliar with the British Isles mod, the resource south of Stirling is stone (required for walls, cathedral and colloseum). The resource next to Lindisfarme is hardwood (required for all wooden ships except galley).

So, what do we do now? Scotland is in a very picklish situation. It should be possible to hold out against the Danes for quite some time. They haven't attacked with anything except warriors and spearmen yet. They do have horseriding though and there's a horse resource between Scotland and The Danelaw. No way the Scots could prevent them from settling there and getting horsemen on line. They should also have bows but I haven't seen any yet. Brittany is to the south but have absolutely refused to get involved against the Danes. (Hard to blame them really.) They might come around if the Scots can turn the tide of battle a bit.

You decide the story! Let me know how the Scots should respond. I'll run the next chapter as closely to your responses as I can. If you have other ideas (besides the very crucial decision being made right now) spit those out too. I'll try to use as much as I can. I'm the actors here, you guys are the directors.

The map (as of 1425bc):
We need peace sire, and we need to rebuild Glasgow and get the Horses and build a mighty Army of great Scottish Horsemen!
MacKenneth: "We must refuse these ruinous terms. Perhaps later, after the Danish soldiery stack like cordwood upon our battlefields, Canute will tender a more reasonable demand! And no Dane will ever walk in ours lands expect for Danish Poodles!"

*starts playing on his bagpipe and raises his sword...*

This does not means ANYTHING good for the currier...

Also, I am not only the director, but also I am a narrator!

"Toon in for Chapter Two "Highlander Tales" next time, on Stories and Tales Forum! And find out:

What decision did the council took?
Will any Danish currier or King survive the next picture? And if not, will anyone take care of their children?"
Excellent thread Shaitan!:goodjob: ***** Five stars!
Love your modifications.

I have a question:
Can a game started as a modified scenario be passed like a succession game?
The modified .bic would tag along with the save file, right?
make peace, build a great army and stab them so hard in the back their mommas gonna bleed, and in the mean time, try to conspire against them anyway you can
Originally posted by joespaniel
Excellent thread Shaitan!:goodjob: ***** Five stars!
Love your modifications.

I have a question:
Can a game started as a modified scenario be passed like a succession game?
The modified .bic would tag along with the save file, right?
Thanks for the compliment :)

Yup, a mod game can be passed around for a succession game. In fact, we're doing that right now (see the link in my sig). The modified .bic doesn't go with the save. The mod itself has to be installed to play it. (Luckily, the British Isles mod has install and uninstall ;))

So far looks like 2 votes for peace, 1 for holding out to get a better settlement. I'll keep looking for feedback until I start playing the next chapter (tomorrow morning).
I've got an idea! How about putting the people who are voting here into your story? I will be General MacDas, already known in some stories as General Das...
Originally posted by das
I've got an idea! How about putting the people who are voting here into your story? I will be General MacDas, already known in some stories as General Das...
Like Sealman is doing in Death of an Empire? Sure, I can do that.
General Das was very young-the youngest General in history. But he started his great speech to people of Scotland:

"Scotsmen! Do you want peace? I know that you do! But do you want to work with no income? Do you want hyperinflation? Well that is what is going to happen, if we will have peace on enemy conditions!

People! Today, you all will hav e the rights to vote on the matter! Do you want peace on enemy conditions, right now? Or do you want a fair peace on our conditions, later?

Decide, oh people of Scotland! It is not so important what the council decides, as what will decide the Scottish People!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Peopleguys! I've just got an idea! How about trying to ally with Brittany, if the Peacemakerguys will win on the polls?
We hope that this turns out well...
Author’s Notes
I apologize for the tardiness of this chapter. It turned into quite a bigger story than I had planned. The style I use here is a disjoint and may be a bit confusing at first. It jumps around from different locations and times. The times are all consecutive but the amount of time between breaks is not constant. It’s my first attempt at writing a disjointed story so I’d appreciate any feedback.

On with the story!

"Canute, we accept your terms for peace and will henceforth pay the Danegeld."

"Now," he said directly to the courier "get out of my sight. The presence of a Dane in my hall sickens me."

When the courier had been escorted from the hall the young chief of the MacIniss clan walked up to Kenneth and laid his hand on the king's shoulder. "They will pay for thier cruelty, their arrogance and their affront to you my king. This will not be the end of the Dane for us. They will be back and bloody Scotch swords will do then what you forbid me to do now. Scotland is at peace but my clan at least sees the need to prepare again for war. I will be ready when you need me my king and I will lead the Scots to victory or my name is not Das MacIniss!"

[Fields of Aberdeen]

"Das! Das!" the young boy, legs flying, ran at top speed to his chief's side. "They've got 'em! They've got the horses! Perrin and Meyk lit a fire and the horses ran and then the soldiers beat on their shields and it was a terrible racket and they scared the horses right into the corral except for a couple that got out along the edges and one that jumped right over the corral wall but Perrin said that one was too wild to be broken anyway and then "

Das calmly clipped the lad on his nose. The shock knocked the boy silent for a brief moment and Das took advantage of it to get a few words in edgewise. "Quiet now laddy. Breath. Good, now breath again. I see you're a tad excited so I'm going to" at this point the boy's mouth opened again and was followed instantly by another rap on the nose from Das. "No talking now lad. You're too excited to put two words together so as a man could understand them. Just answer my questions with a nod or a shake. Understand?" The boy nodded but looked like he would be physically ill, so great was his effort not to start speaking again.

"Excellent lad. Now, did Perrin and Meyk catch the herd we spotted last week?" A nod.
"And they've got the lot of them, excepting mayhap a few?" Another nod.
"And they're safely put away in the hinter woods where those bastard Dane spys won't see them?" A vigorous nod.

"Most fine, lad, most fine." Das' thoughts drifted as he absently turned away from the boy. Horses were the key. He knew they would be the difference when Scot met Dane across the field again. He had uprooted his entire clan from their well established lives in Edinburgh to found Aberdeen. Aberdeen had little to love about it. It lay on a flat, featureless plain. It would be almost impossible to defend using the normal Scot infantry tactics. It even carried a foul odor of fish and other flotsam. It did have one thing that make it the apple of Das' eye though. Horses. Hundreds of wild horses begging for the bit.

Das smiled and spoke under his breath "As I promised, my king. We'll be ready and Das MacIniss will lead the horsemen of Scotland down the throats of the Dane."

[The ruins of Glasgow]

Things were not going well for Knas MacCorbin today. Things hadn't been going well for the MacCorbins in general for quite some time. The MacCorbin clan had been split when half took after the MacAlpine to found Glasgow. Knas had told them it was a fool's journey and that they would be back to Stirling in a season. But they hadn't come back. They'd done well for themselves and their settlement had grown. Then the Danes had fallen on them and those brave, adventurous MacCorbins would never come back at all. Knas now led the remainder of the clan to refound the city. They would rebuild on the site of their clan's valiant stand and be blessed by the virtuous blood of the fallen. The "fool's journey" had become a holy one for Knas MacCorbin and his people.

And now this. Stinking Danes living on his clan's ashes. A bloody Danelaw settlement put right on top of the ruins of Glasgow. And Knas MacCorbin, bound by his own vows to his Ard Ri, Kenneth MacAlpine, was bound to keep the King's peace and pass them by unmolested. His fury barely checked, he moved his troops and families around the settlement to the northeast. There was good hill country up there and Glasgow would be resettled in sight of the original.

And in striking distance of it.

[Throne room, Edinburgh]
"And so, in conclusion, we demand both Right of Passage through Scotland and your continued vow of peace. The Danelaw has found better fields than the poor lands you call home and we will turn our growth to those areas instead of yours if these conditions are met." The courier lowered his staff and backed off the dias. Kenneth MacAlpine felt a familiar desire to smash the smirk off the man's face. It could even be the same courier who had delivered Canute's demands 20 years ago. It was so hard to tell one bloody Dane from another.

Kenneth paused and stared at the Dane. His steely gaze bore down on the foreigner and the absolute silence of the hall remained until the smirk finally fell from the courier's face. The man stammered "And..er..what missive should I return to the Great Canute, Lord Alpine?"

Kenneth stood and approached the courier until the man nervously stepped backwards. His bravado had melted in the face of the Scot's barely checked fury. "Tell Canute that he can have his peace and no more. Scotland will not pay the Danegeld and any Dane found in Scotland will be returned to The Danelaw in pieces. These are my terms and they are not negotiable." The room erupted in yells and hurrah's as the assembled chiefs and Ri's voiced their loud support of the Ard Ri's statement. The courier made a hasty exit.

Kenneth turned to his own couriers. "Send word to Aberdeen and Glasgow. Tell Das and Knas to mobilize their men and prepare to strike. Mobilize the Sterling horse and put them under The MacCorbin's command. I will travel to Perth and bring their bows to MacIniss myself. The next Danish sword found in Scotland is to be considered an act of war. It won't be long."

The cheers were so loud they threatened to bring down the cieling. Outside the palace, word spread before the criers had even been sent out to the people. Only one thing could cause such joyous calamity in the throne room, so soon after a Dane courier was there. Scotland was throwing off the yoke of The Danelaw.

[Woodlands south of Inverness]
The column of spearmen cut and stomped their way through the heavy undergrowth. They had been traveling north for weeks through this tropical mess and were exhausted and miserable. Just a few more hours would find them in Inverness though and their spirits were high. Nothing like a bit of sport with the Scotty gals to liven a man's heart. And the coward Scots too locked in fear of the Danes to so much as protest the liberties they would take.

The first man died with thoughts of ale and a buxom wench in his mind. The second died a fraction of a second after he saw his shieldmate erupt in a pincushion of arrows. The third and fourth had time to raise their shields but arrows from the other side made short work of them. The rest died to a man as the Scottish bows unloaded on the column and Scottish spearmen erupted from the side of the trail to engage them in melee.

The chief of clan MacErc looked over the bloody battle site. No battle plan ever survived contact with the enemy but this one had done fairly well. The ambush had been perfectly laid and excecuted and he had lost only a handful of men. That was fairly well expected though. You didn't get called the "Grey Fox" without exibiting a bit of a sneaky streak.

Grey Fox called out to his men who were busy searching the dead and dragging them off the trail. "Pieces lads. The MacAlpine said to send them back in pieces."

[The Danish town of Hylr (former site of the original Glasgow settlement)]
Knas MacCorbin walked through the streets of Hylr, his face glowing from reflected firelight. His men were busy fighting the fires that the Danes themselves had set. He had been tempted, oh so tempted, to let the town burn to the ground as Glasgow had before it. But he was a Scot, not a bloody Dane to be meting his fury upon women and children. Hylr would live, built on the ashes of Glasgow and Glasgow would forever watch over them.

"As soon as these fires are under control, set the horse and double march to Keswick. We attack at dawn." Forced marching to Keswick after battling all day at Hylr was a suicidal strategy, one no Dane would ever even comsider. Knas was counting on that. No Danish force could have gone from Hylr to Keswick in under three days. The Scots would be there in one. His men would be tired and the horses exhausted but he knew he would reach Keswick before their reinforcements. One charge was all he would need.

"Fall back! Bloody idiots, fall back!" Das' bull throated roar crossed the battlefield and Scot horses began to break away. Foul luck it was that found a Danish fleet at Skipton on the morning of Das' attack. Fouler luck was the cargo that ship carried. Siege engines and a group of settlers and artisans bound for Hlothverstoft across the Scottish Sea. The foulest luck of all was the double garrison of Danes that was to accompany the settlers.

The Scottish horses had still carried the day and had pushed the battle to the outskirts of Skipton itself. Thousands of Danish dead littered the battle field, along with hundreds of Scots. He smiled grimly as a memory came through his head of an argument with his Ard Ri almost 25 years ago. "Stacked like cordwood, indeed" he laughed. "But they're Danish fields, not Scotch ones, Kenneth". He laughed again, out loud this time. "Send the wounded to the chirudgeons and break out the mess. Feed the horses and the men, set a double watch and put anybody on report who gets out of his blankets for other than a piss. I want these lads rested. Tomorrow we take Skipton!"

"So long as our wounded aren't half as wounded as I fear. Or those bows get here from Perth" he thought to himself.

"How could they be here so fast? That's just not possible! Our own scouts saw them leave Glasgow for Hylr! They CAN'T be here before our reinforcements! It's all been timed." The last sentence was more a plea than anything else as the skald of Keswick looked about the long hall. "Can we defend against them?!" He was met by silence and furtive glances. "Do any of you have a constructive work to say?!" Again silence.

"Very well. On your silent tongues let it lie. Man the walls with our garrison troops. Send the artisans and the women north under guard of the hunters. Their bows won't amount to a difference here but may get the group to Lindisfarme before the Scots catch them. We will buy them as much time as we can. I fear it won't be much."

He was quite correct.

"Das, we can't press the attack any longer. We've struck them down to almost nothing but our own troops are in like condition. All we can hope for is to fall back and keep harrying pressure until relief arives." The lad bore little resemblance to the coltish boy he had been a half score of years ago. He sat a horse and threw a spear better than any of Das' other chiefs. Plus, he'd learned to control that runaway tongue. What's worse, his advice was sound.

MacIniss was about to give the order to reform for withdrawal when a clamor spread across the field. The Danes were falling back into Skipton proper, abandoning their earthworks! Das quickly gave orders to reform his battered troops into a single wedge and led them himself over the earthen ramparts. With battle yells and whoops of fury the Scots bore down on and through Skipton. Resistance was cut down or crushed beneath the hooves of their horses. Das and a handful of men cornered the skald of Skipton and his bodyguard in the profane Danish temple and fought them through the building. The skald tried to barricade himself in the bell tower but the flimsy door sundered under the Scots' boots. The skald was dispatched and Das looked out of the belltower at a beautiful sight. He saw now why the Danes had left the field. Coming over the low hills towards Skipton were hundreds of Scottish bowmen, flanked and protected by fresh spear troops. The MacAlpine had arrived and Das would soon hand him a victory over the Danes, as he had vowed decades before.

(Continued, next post)
[South of Lindisfarme, Kenneth MacAlpine's command tent]
"Bad news on Kilmarnock, my lord. They defended successfully against the southern Danes but were then taken in their weakened state by Dumnoii savages. The coffers were breached and a good amount of the treasury was still there from the inaugural ceremonies. I'm afraid all of it was lost. They did finally beat the barbarians back at great cost in lives. I took the initiative to reinforce them from Edinburgh." The councilor stepped down to let the next of his companions up to the pulpit.

"My king, I bring greetings and fair tidings from the Grey Wolf. The MacErc has destroyed 2 more Danish patrols and successfully defended against a major assault. The Danish presence around Inverness is now negligible." He also stepped down to make room for the last of the three.

"Greetings m'lord. I have returned from overseas with bountiful tidings. We have found our lost cousins the Irish and the Picts. Oddly enough, they still hold the true governance of the Ard Ri as we do though they dispute that you are the Ard Ri. We agreed to disagree on that point. Regardless, Brehon Law strong across the continents. We have negotiated treaties and rights of passage with our cousins and their immediate neighbors. We were well received by all. The Danes have made their mark upon these peoples and it was similar to what we experienced. The Danelaw will find no help from any of these nations."

Kenneth nodded to the three and spoke "Thank you for your excellent news. Gentlemen, you have heard the same words I have. Our forces have successfully disrupted Canute's iron supply and destroyed the infrastructure of The Danelaw. However, he still has many of these 'Vikings' in Jovik and Djurby as well as in his assault fleets. Our coastal cities' garrisons have been stripped to help prosecute the war and cannot defend against a seaborne assault. Our forces within The Danelaw are on their last leg. Two full on assaults by Das and Knas have been repelled at Lindisfarme. It will be some time before fresh horse troops can be sent to them."

He continued, "I believe we have three choices. Canute has made overtures of peace so that is our first option. Our second would be to consolidate the MacIniss and MacCorbin forces. In a concerted effort they would have an even chance of taking Jorvik. That would give us a supply of iron to fashion an answer to their Vikings. The Highlander clans seem particularly favorable of this option. Our third is to consolidate forces to defend our cities and regroup to send the Danes into the sea. What say you?"

"There is a fourth choice, Ard Ri." This came from the third councilor they had heard from this morning. "We are not alone in our hatred for the Dane. Brittany refused to war against them but there are other peoples we can call on now. Kingdoms with a backbone the Brethons lack. If we can enlist the help of a continental ally, surely that would mitigate the threat of Danish attacks on our coastal cities?"

"An excellent point, ser" replied Kenneth. "I will leave you men to discuss these points. With that, he stood up and walked from the throne room. There were some mutters of surprise. Why would The MacAlpinee leave now, of all times? Always before he had joined in the speculation and lively debate of the council, as was his right as titular head of it. No one could even remember the last time Kenneth had absented himself.

Kenneth MacAlpine had left for a very good reason. He was dying and he knew it. The pains in his chest had started again during the second councilor's speech. They were worse than they had ever been. When he had stood up to thank the men, pains had shot down his side and his sword arm. It was a supreme act of will that had kept the shock and pain from his face. He made it to his own tent with only an occasional stumble and laid upon his cot. He knew that Scotland was safe now. He had beaten back the Dane. The Ard Ri could sleep now. The Ris of the council would take care of things.

Kenneth MacAlpine laid back his head and closed his eyes for the last time.

Scotland is a Brehon Law government now. This was the traditional government of the Q-Celts (Ireland and Scotland). In Brehon Law, the High King (or Ard Ri) takes fealty of the Kings of the people (a king is called a Ri). The Ard Ri was elected by a quorum of the council of Ris. Kinghood was often hereditary but the High Kinghood was not.

The horsemen left in The Danelaw are in sad shape. There is one elite with a single point of damage and 3 vets at about half strength. There is also a bowman with 1 health left. There are 3 spearmen in Lindisfarme. They are all heavily damaged from the last assault but will be fully healed next turn.

Where do we go from here? Prosecute our war until the Danes are no more? Take peace and put the Danelaw in the position Scotland was in before? Get help?

Let me know how I should play chapter 3 ;)
Shaitan, Excellent thread!!

When the Danes asked for Peace and RoP, I thought you might let them pass through your lands, let them attack Britton, and THEN, join Britton in an aliance. The Danes supply line would be cut, they would be surrounded and in a two-front war, and you would have a new ally and help. (As long as the Danes didn't cripple the Britons within the 20 turns of the agreement. It wouldn't be worth blackening your reputation for)

EDIT- somehow I missed your last post - I would wipe the Danes off the face of the earth, but that's just me :D
Actually, I would wipe them off our 'continent', and if they wanted to beg, grovel, and give me all sorts of stuff, I would let them live 20 more turns!

One comment, apart from the story itself...

joespaniel asked...

Can a game started as a modified scenario be passed like a succession game?

You answered what you did, but not the right answer to his question. A *full* mod, with civopedia changes, lots of new units and art, big changes to wonders, etc, should be done as a modpack, "installed" and then swapped in/out to play the game using those changed rules.

However the answer to Joe's question is... "yes." You can make up a bic with modified rules, replaced civs and new units or altered stats, start the game as a "scenario" and then play a succession game passing ONLY the save file. If you add or rename units or buildings, all you have to do is copy the folder with the graphics and sounds you're using for the new or altered unit, rename the folder to the new name of the unit, and in that folder rename oldunitname.ini to newunitname.ini
We're doing this in rbd13-Cretans, with rbd8-vikings and with one I'm about to release. The best thing about this approach is that the player does NOT have to install/reinstall the mod every time he wants to play that game.

What is the status of our forces along the battle lines? Any hope of reinforcements from Edinburg??

I am assumig that Das and Knas' men are getting close to the breaking point. If another clan can not come to their aid, we may have to accept peace, for a while.

Personally, I would love to see the Dane's pushed out to sea.

regarding the story line in general

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