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Hippoville 3.1

What to build?

  • Finish Pikeman

    Votes: 1 10.0%
  • Build a Crusader instead

    Votes: 1 10.0%
  • Build a city improvement (specify)

    Votes: 7 70.0%
  • Other

    Votes: 1 10.0%

  • Total voters


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Dec 5, 2000
Hippoville is another city that is currently building a pikeman and has population 5 so an aqueduct is not needed yet. Hippoville could be used to build crusaders to attack the enemy.
I forgot that this was Civ 2 and not Civ 3 where you lose shields for changing options so on all my polls pretend it says build another pikeman rather than finish the pikeman...So these polls are now for the next build option and all the cities will have to finish building their Pikeman.

Btw I vote that we build an improvement: Library.
I see that Hippoville has been producing lots of units - and it is a great city to do so.

There's no penalty to switch from the pikemen to crusaders, and that would be great if possible. I'd then take the two crusaders (with perhaps one or two others from somewhere) and pummel an enemy if I can!

As for after, I'd like to see a barracks. If Olympia does the same, Hippoville and Olympia can churn out vet units nice and quickly to take a few cities from those civs silly enough to cross us :slay:

What are the sleeping caravans? If one of them is the undleivered beads caravan let's deliver it!!!
This city needs improvements, it already has built a Crusader!

Knowledge is key, there is too much talk of war!
No enemy is in our homeland, and Corn is far to worried over a minor threat, the current crusaders and pikemen could destroy ANY invader (which will be 2 units, tops), another pikeman will just lower production.

I vote Library.

PS: The Caravan is a food caravan, to be used ONLY for rush building a wonder, not wasted on military units, as was already done once. :(
Originally posted by Alcibiaties of Athenae

PS: The Caravan is a food caravan, to be used ONLY for rush building a wonder, not wasted on military units, as was already done once. :(

Zoikes! Did that happen? I thought the prodcution choice was merely changed.

I was thinking to build units here and in Olympia for purposes of invasions rather than defense. I thought that getting a foothold on Roman soil would be cool. We can then home them at captured cities.

Most of the other cities are doing the "improvement" things. I was hoping to have a city or two where we could build barracks and have some units to smack some people.

More cities taken means more beakers eventually and more science. I think there should be more of a mix with units and improvements.
finish pikeman for defence and than start a library
Finish the pikeman and then start a library. We should dispand that outdated phalanx so it doesn't take up a support cost and also so it would add shields to the library production.

And disbanding the phalanx is a must. If we need more defensive units, pikemen are cheap to build so there is really no idéa having a worthless phalanx using up shields.
An update:

Hmm at the moment it seems that opinion is quite equal at the moment but it seems people want to finsih the pikeman and then build a library.
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