Hiring Civ 6 modders for a project


Aug 18, 2022
Hello, I'm riku_te_seduse, a multiple-content streamer who sometimes plays civ 6.
I'm trying to organize a event for me and my community making a modded game inspired on my city, Vigo.
the only thing is that i don't have the knowledge to mod civ 6 properly or even making the models for my project.

I'm searching for people with the next knowledges to help me making the project, I'm paying for the work.

The knowledges i'm looking for are:
- "modding custom civs, with their units, leaders, icons, abilities, agendas, buildings, etc."
- "modding custom wonders and natural wonders"
- "making custom 3d models for the wonders and natural wonders".

any interested person can talk me at here or at my discord: Riku_te_seduse#8629
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