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hm.. where's meh patch? :)

Discussion in 'Civ5 - General Discussions' started by mattpilot, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. mattpilot

    mattpilot Warlord

    Jan 29, 2004
    Overall very impressed with the game just a few issues i've found sofar that 'need to be' fixed:

    - Seems quite a few bugs with trade. Open boarder agreements sometimes pop up out of nowhere even though i never agreed to them. Can't cancel them because they haven't actually been made, but are obviously active becaues the trade-window tells me so (greyed out) and i can move units throught the other civ's boarder. First civ it happened to i was like 'meh'... second time it happened i paid closer attention to it and it was the result of me rejecting a Open boarder proposal THEY offered. Instead of outright saying no, i modified the agreement (took off the openboarder) and did some other trading. Seems it 'hitchhicked'?

    - Other trade bug i had was with GPT trades. In the economic view it would show the trade both as Income (which it actually was) and as expense. When the trade expired, i paid close attention to the economic screen. It disappeared from both sections and the net gold flow didn't change - so they infact did cancel each other out? Of course there is the possibility that the AI city managers somehow changed something that gave me the same net cashflow the next turn.

    - Unit maintenance cost. It seems the maintenance cost increases in 'steps' instead of with each unit. Say you have 30 units.. u pay 180 gold. Get 31 units, you pay 205 gold or something like that. Delete one, u pay 180 again.. then u gotta delete around ~4-5 more to get the next drop in maintenance cost. Why not just let it change with every single unit?? .. annoys the crap out of me...

    - Design flaw with massively unhappy civs? It seems when u get quite a bit of unhappiness in your civ you receive a -50% production modifier and i think gold. This does not translate to research. Since research is based mostly on your population numbers, the more you conquer, the more research you get, while at the same time amassing amazing number of unhappiness which crumbles the rest of your economy. One of my enemies conquered the other continent... within a short time he was a whole research era ahead of me (me in the middle of renaissance era while he just entered modern era). Yet the units he was running around with were also renaissance mostly. The demograhics screen also told me he wasn't producing as well as me. That tells me his economy was farked because of massive unhappiness, but he had no problem researching way ahead of everyone else thanks to his new found population boom (conquering the entire continetn).

    Seems like a design flaw to me? shouldn't research & culture & all that also be influenced by the -50% unhappiness hit?

    - last, but not least - where's my demolish building 'feature'? Plz? kthx :D

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