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hmm..so who's the Monty fan at Firaxis?

Discussion in 'Civ4 - General Discussions' started by KaytieKat, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. KaytieKat

    KaytieKat King

    Jul 29, 2007

    I just been looking at some of the new map types in BtS. Just generating em and then using wordbuilder to see what they look like. And sheeeeesh Monty either has a fan club at firaxis, offered the development team bribes of gold and first pick of the virgins before they go off to the sacrifice altars, or got incriminating pictures of them with farm animals or SOMETHING hehe.

    I mean first he get the new woodsman 3 promotion for his Jags which is so powerful it good enough that if the exact same promotion required a great general I dont think anyone would say it unjustified. (I think Brennus and BootyCall should go on strike until Guerilla 3 gets the exact same medic bonus to just to be fair to their Celtic warriors)

    But THEN in custom game there are THREE mapscripts that seem MADE for woodsman units. Rain Forest is like 90% jungle, Arborial is like 90% forest and then there is Boreal which not only is like 80-90% forst but the land is pretty much all tundra and ice so resorces on that map seem to be three choices-- Deer, LOTS of deer, and Hey!! enough with the @$$%$&^%* deer already!!. Finding any other type of resource like trying to find a democrat in Arizona. Which means it would be kind of like heaven for a unit that A) got easy access to the woodsman promotion line and B) didnt need any metal to make. Hmmm wonder if that sounds like any unit we know? :p

    Boreal map seems to be a little buggy according to bug report forums but still seems interesting to try along with other two maps if you want to play Monty and have a map where his units have chance to REALLY shine.

    I kinda feel for sorry for the poor Celts. All they got out of it was a new leader who is proof breast implants were invented by the Roman period and "Global Highlands" which just seems like regualr highlands map but with oceans so the land area is LOTS smaller. They really should give guerilla 3 the same medic mod just for fairness and symetry sake I think.

  2. RockTheCazbah87

    RockTheCazbah87 Pacal's pal

    May 28, 2007
    Manhattan, NY
    Ha ha ha... I've never thought of the whole map issue like that.

    Probably 'cos I'm a Hemispheres guy. :D
  3. Mehmed II

    Mehmed II Ottoman Empire

    Mar 14, 2007
    Boreal is annoying Deery, it's possible to get 6 Deers inside fatcross.
  4. CyberTyrant

    CyberTyrant Emperor

    Jun 19, 2002
    Wisconsin, USA

    Mmmm, I sense a game soon as Monty on a Rainforest or Arborial map.
  5. SlipperyJim

    SlipperyJim Prince

    Jan 10, 2006
    Northern Virginia, USA
    Your thread inspired me. My current game is Noble difficulty (which is still a bit of a challenge for me) on a Rainforest map ... playing as Monty. Other settings are: Raging Barbs and No Tech Brokering.

    Yeah, a Jag rush is so good on this map that it's practically unfair. I overran the English with flowery death in a big hurry, and then my economy stalled because I kept too many cities. Actually, the hardest part of this game has been avoiding bankruptcy. :D Fortunately, I was able to hang on long enough to spam some serious cottages and finish my beeline for Code of Laws (at 10% Science!). Now every city has a lovely Sacrificial Altar, and my GNP is #1. Total dominance is now a foregone conclusion -- unless I do something really stupid -- and I'm just biding my time until my next opportunity to strike. I think I'll kill Izzy next....

    Maybe it's just my game, but I've noticed something else. Tech progress in this game has been really slow. For example, my 10% Science run on Code of Laws actually managed to found Confucianism! :eek: It's probably some combination of Raging Barbs + huge expanses of Jungle ... the AIs just can't cope with it. Hatty was actually killed by the barbs while I was stomping all over poor Lizzy!

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