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HOF Civ VI Seriously nothing?


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Jun 21, 2007
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Is there nothing going on? Am I the only one giving a darn? Or is there a new gane/expansion that is taking over... and if so, where do I find that community?
I've been away for quite a while. VI had too many bugs for me on release. But I check here from time to time, waiting for the HOF MOD to be available, and for the HOF to get started. It's really too bad. Been playing the game recently and most of the bugs seem to be fixed. I miss not having a HOF to submit to.
I think the lack of HOF is a contributing factor to the reduced number of hours I have played Civ6. I am enjoying some of the new features in R&F at the moment, but after almost two years, I have less than 500 hours played according to Steam (more than 2K hours invested into Civ5...and Civ4 did not track my hours since it was not on Steam, although I think it is probably higher than Civ5).

The lack of depth in the scenarios is also a contributor. I miss Smoky Skies and New World scenarios from Civ5. None of the Civ6 scenarios have been very interesting to play more than once or twice.
Any chance that the Gathering Storm version will get a HoF? There at least is an in-game HoF now... is anybody looking into it?
Did the new update change anything? Can we finally have a HOF for Civ VI now?
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